Chapter 15.2

She had shed the hat and mask she once wore, learning to embrace and love herself. But the transformation wasn’t merely superficial. Yi-soo began reaching out to others, initiating conversations she would have avoided before. She discarded her negative attitudes one by one, letting go of emotional baggage and leaving her heart lighter.

Over the years, Seo Yi-soo had made a promise to herself—to become a slightly better version of herself each day compared to the previous day. And she had kept that promise, steadily growing into a better person.

“I remember. I didn’t know that person was you,” Hyun-seong said.

Yi-soo nodded, feeling grateful for the opportunity to express her gratitude, even if it was belated. “Well, even though it’s late, I wanted to say thank you. I don’t know what Lawyer Yoon’s intention was when he said those words, but it had quite a positive impact on me.”

Her past memories might have played a role in why she didn’t hesitate much about getting engaged to Hyun-seong. Understanding the truth was the main reason, but perhaps Yoon Hyun-seong didn’t seem entirely bad to her.

“Anyway, it’s late now, and there’s a guest room next to the bathroom, so you can sleep there,” Hyun-seong offered.

“I don’t really need to… I can just take a taxi,” Yi-soo replied, hesitant to impose.

“Don’t make me say it twice. You look exhausted,” he insisted.

As always, Hyun-seong was straightforward and got up from the sofa, patting his stiff lower back. His low voice filled the room as he repeated, “You have a guest room next to the bathroom, so you can sleep there.”

“I don’t really need to… I can just take a taxi,” Yi-soo reiterated, but he wasn’t having it.

“Don’t make me say it twice. You look exhausted,” he said firmly before heading to his room, rubbing his sore lower back.

What’s going on? A disbelieving, exasperated laughter escaped Yi-soo’s lips as she observed Hyun-seong’s familiar behavior. He never seemed to change. Yet, a fleeting thought of a new impression crossed her mind. Yi-soo glanced towards the guest room, sensing that it would be a long night.


Standing before the Terra Building, Yi-soo looked up at its towering presence, feeling her neck stiffen. It was her first visit to Yoon & Kang since becoming a prosecutor. The only previous time she had been here was to congratulate a senior who had joined the firm after law school. The building exuded an undeniable aura of being one of the top law firms in South Korea.

Quietly, she pressed the button for the 25th floor in the elevator, where Hyun-seong’s office was located. While she hadn’t been officially invited, she reasoned that as his prospective fiancée, it wouldn’t be too odd for her to come and see him.

Although the pretext of visiting Hyun-seong was there, her real purpose was to uncover the truth. Yi-soo couldn’t wait indefinitely, hoping for the right moment to present itself. To get to the bottom of things, she needed to venture into enemy territory first.

Her hand slipped into her jacket pocket, feeling the small, hard USB drive. Uncertain about the next steps, she had decided to insert the portable disk into Hyun-seong’s computer. In a rush, she had given up her lunch break and hurriedly made her way to Yoon & Kang.

“Oh, he’s in a meeting…?” Yi-soo inquired.

“Yes,” replied Secretary Kang, “It’s with an important client, so the meeting might be long. How about I convey your message? But if you want to meet, you’ll have to wait for about two hours. Unfortunately, you seem to have picked the wrong day.”

Yi-soo’s plan was foiled by an unexpected variable. The secretary recognized her and greeted her with a courteous smile but couldn’t provide the answer she wanted.

“I came out for a short time… Yes. I guess I’ll just go back today,” Yi-soo said with a hint of disappointment.

“When the meeting is over, I’ll let Lawyer Yoon know that you visited,” Secretary Kang offered.

“No, Secretary Kang. It wasn’t anything important, so there’s no need to pass the message along. Thank you. See you again,” Yi-soo declined politely.

Feeling frustrated, she couldn’t just barge into Hyun-seong’s office with Secretary Kang firmly standing at the door. Yi-soo lightly brushed her forehead with her fingertip and let out a sigh. Maybe she should come back on a weekend when there’s no work?

As she was about to press the elevator button to go down, her phone, which she had put in her pocket, vibrated strongly.

“Who could it be…?” she wondered aloud, taking out her phone to check the caller ID. In that moment, her eyes widened in astonishment.

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