Chapter 18.1

In front of the Yeoksam-dong Terra Building, right on the bustling main road, a screech cut through the air as a flashy, bright red Mercedes-Benz came to a halt, drawing everyone’s eyes. It was an attention-grabbing sight, and two high school students passing by couldn’t help but comment on its unique color.

“Wow, look at that! The color is insane,” one of them said in awe.

“Who wraps their car in such a crazy color?” the other wondered aloud.

“But it’s definitely a Benz. The owner must be a show-off. I wonder who it is. Let’s see who steps out,” they whispered, their curiosity piqued.

As if in response to their musings, a middle-aged man emerged from the driver’s seat. The students were unsure if he was the owner, but before they could speculate further, he courteously opened the rear passenger door. The scorching heat outside made him curse a bit as he got out, appearing to be in his late 20s or early 30s. His platinum hair, the luxury logos on his sleeveless shirt, and the sunglasses he wore screamed extravagance and a desire for attention.

Surveying the area, he made a clicking sound with his tongue and confidently strode into the Yoon & Kang building. The assumption that he was loaded with money was further reinforced by the refreshing blast of air conditioning that greeted him inside.

“Must be loaded with money. The air conditioning inside is blasting,” he mused.

Passing through the revolving door, the cool air brushed against his cheek, but he seemed unfazed, even sporting a subtle smile. His presence didn’t go unnoticed; clients and lawyers at the law firm couldn’t help but turn their heads in his direction.

Amidst a sea of suited individuals, he stood out with his more casual attire. Yet, he didn’t seem bothered by the attention he garnered; in fact, his lips curled into a hint of a smile as he made his way towards the elevator.

“Which floor was it again? Those damn bastards didn’t come to pick me up,” he grumbled to himself.

Just then, a woman caught his eye. She was dressed in a suit, her long hair cascading down to her waist. A gold badge on her lapel revealed her profession as a lawyer. She seemed visibly frustrated, as if things hadn’t been going well for her.

With a sly expression, the man approached her and asked, “Something not going well?”

“Who are you?” the woman, Ji-hyun, replied, her irritation evident.

“Don’t you know me? I’m quite famous on YouTube,” he boasted.

“Why would I know someone like you… Besides, we’re not even acquainted, are we?” Ji-hyun retorted, trying to brush him off.

Ignoring her discomfort, the man continued with a smirk, “Well, you’ll get to know me now. Are you a lawyer here, noona? I’m here to meet a lawyer too. I hope you’ll take my case. I’m not interested in minor assault charges.”

“Uh, I’m sorry, but…” Ji-hyun attempted to respond.

“If you’re not interested, just give me your number. Let’s go out for coffee. There’s this place that sprinkles gold dust. It’s super trendy, perfect for posting on Instagram…” he continued, being pushy.

“Excuse me, please stop,” Ji-hyun said, trying to distance herself from him. But he persisted and suddenly grabbed her arm with force, causing her to frown with discomfort.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ji-hyun protested.

The man, undeterred, responded with a mix of frustration and arrogance, “Come on, it’s not that difficult to give me your number. And seriously, wipe that displeased look off your face; it’s not attractive.”

“Let go of me!” Ji-hyun insisted, growing more agitated as the man’s grip tightened on her arm.

The commotion drew the attention of the people waiting for the elevator. Just as someone was about to intervene, a commanding voice echoed through the hall. The voice was short and clear, yet it carried an undeniable authority that silenced the room. The man holding Ji-hyun’s arm turned his head, visibly surprised and somewhat irritated.

“Who do you think you are…!” he retorted.

“I’m Attorney Yoon Hyun-seong, the one who will be taking on Mr. Seo Jae-yeong’s case. Please behave and come upstairs,” Attorney Yoon stated firmly.

“No, I don’t care who you are. Let go of me!” Jae-yeong resisted.

“Attorney Park, please go upstairs.”

The low voice resounded in the lobby. The man, caught off guard by the forcefulness, eventually released Ji-hyun’s arm and turned his head.

“Now, come upstairs, Mr. Seo Jae-yeong,” Attorney Yoon calmly urged.

With a nod from Hyun-seong, Ji-hyun excused herself and left their sight. Jae-yeong, still seething, muttered curses under his breath and furrowed his eyebrows.

A momentary silence ensued before he challenged Attorney Yoon, “Are you going to let go now? I’m your client. You shouldn’t mess with your client.”

Hyun-seong maintained his composure, raising one eyebrow slightly in response to the profanity but choosing not to react further. He couldn’t afford to show an amateurish lack of emotional control in front of a client.

With an indifferent gaze, Hyun-seong boarded the elevator. Each time he took a step, a soft woody scent lingered in the air.



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