Chapter 2.2

“Yoon & Kang… Could it be that my sister was somehow involved with the law firm?” Yi-soo’s expression shifted from curiosity to solemnity. A glimpse of concern flickered in her eyes, capturing Ji-hyuk’s attention. He sighed softly, clicking his tongue in response, his index fingernail tapping the USB with a touch of apprehension.

“As I mentioned, accessing these files is an arduous task, limited to those at an executive level within Yoon & Kang. We must uncover the truth, Seo Yi-soo,” Ji-hyuk asserted with determination.

Yi-soo nodded, her resolve firm. “Yes, we have to find out.”

“I’ll do everything I can. For now, let’s call it a day,” Ji-hyuk suggested.

“Thank you, Han Ji-hyuk. Your support means everything to me.” 

Yi-soo massaged her temples, a telltale sign of weariness, before delicately tucking the USB inside her wallet. Her sister, the one who had shouldered the burdens of their absentee parents and cared for Yi-soo with unwavering devotion, now found herself entangled in something connected to the law firm.

Even after their adoption, Su-jeong had cherished and loved Yi-soo as if she were her own flesh and blood, placing her needs above all else. However, this newfound situation had thrust Yi-soo into the unfamiliar position of taking charge. It was a role she had rarely assumed, always being on the receiving end of Su-jeong’s selfless care.

If this Yoon & Kang USB held the key to Su-jeong’s illustrious journalism career, then Yi-soo was determined to unearth the truth, regardless of the obstacles that lay ahead. Above all, she yearned to bring her sister back unscathed, enabling Su-jeong to return to her peaceful existence. Every fiber of her being urged her to bridge the gap, to inch closer to the truth that loomed before them.

With a heavy heart and a resolute sigh, Yi-soo rose from her seat.


The morning arrived, but Yi-soo found herself unable to concentrate on her work. As a prosecutor, she couldn’t afford to neglect her duties, for the fate of the defendants rested upon her investigations and judgments. Yet, despite her best efforts, the documents before her failed to capture her attention. Sensing the need for a change of scenery, Yi-soo left her office, hoping that a refreshing drink from the vending machine on the same floor would help clear her mind.

Clang, clang.

Standing before the vending machine, she inserted the coins she held in her hand, one by one. The cheerful sound of the coins tumbling down rang through the air, contrasting sharply with the heaviness that weighed upon her heart. It was then that a melancholic voice broke the silence from behind.


Surprised, Yi-soo turned around to find Choi Min-seo standing there. “Huh? Choi Min-seo. Why aren’t you working? Did you receive a scolding from the director?”

Min-seo, a fellow law school classmate and a public prosecutor in the Seventh Division, let out a tired chuckle. “Not scolded, per se… You know I’m constantly on the receiving end of that. But I can’t afford to stop working either.”

Handing Min-seo a can of soda, Yi-soo gestured for her to take a seat on the nearby sofa. Min-seo’s eyes narrowed in concern as she observed Yi-soo’s usual liveliness and energy overshadowed by a gloomy demeanor. Without waiting for Yi-soo to inquire, Min-seo sighed, as if she had been anticipating the question.

“Why do you think I’m feeling down?”

Yi-soo met her gaze with understanding. “I know you well. Just tell me quickly.”

“Ah… You know Yoon Hyun-seong, the lawyer? He’s the son of the Yoon & Kang’s CEO! He was our senior when we were in our first and fourth years,” Min-seo revealed, oblivious to the unease that flickered across Yi-soo’s face at the mention of Yoon & Kang. Unaware of her friend’s internal turmoil, Min-seo proceeded with her narrative, lowering her voice to ensure privacy.

With a light roll of her feet and a heavy sigh, Min-seo continued, her frustration palpable in her words. “It seems like their family wants to arrange an engagement between me and that senior. I’m truly exasperated. Can you believe it?”

Yi-soo’s eyes widened in disbelief. “An engagement? But you…!”

“That’s exactly what I said! I already have a boyfriend, Min-woo oppa. How can they expect me to enter into an engagement out of the blue when I am already committed to someone? It’s utterly absurd, even to contemplate. I’m at my wit’s end,” Min-seo exclaimed, her exasperation seeping into her voice. 

“Why this sudden insistence on an engagement? Weren’t you two not even close?” Yi-soo inquired, struggling to comprehend the bewildering turn of events.

Choi Min-seo, renowned as a rising star within the prosecutor’s office, grappled with her own challenges due to her father’s position as a chief prosecutor in the western district. Hailing from a typical legal family, she had unwittingly attracted the attention of numerous suitors, each vying for a place in her life.

However, Min-seo had been in a committed relationship with her boyfriend since she was twenty years old. To propose an engagement to someone who was intertwined with every fiber of her being seemed not just absurd, but unimaginable. Yi-soo’s eyes widened in surprise, captivated by the unexpected revelation.

“I’ve heard whispers about Yoon & Kang being embroiled in a successorship dispute. Initially, senior Hyun-seong was slated to inherit the position. However, when CEO Yoon fell into a comatose state and was later diagnosed as terminally ill, the vice president caused quite a stir, wanting the position for himself,” Min-seo disclosed, her tone tinged with frustration.

“So, they need your family’s involvement?” Yi-soo probed.

“Well, something along those lines. Lately, Yoon & Kang has been actively forging connections within the prosecution. It’s frustrating. Why did my father have to become a chief prosecutor? How annoying! Even when I was a mess, crying and going crazy all day yesterday, he didn’t bat an eye,” Min-seo lamented.

Though her statement may have come across as arrogant and naive, there was an undeniable authenticity to Min-seo’s frustration and distress. Yi-soo, sighing, gently brushed aside her own bangs and met Min-seo’s gaze with empathy.

“…And what about your boyfriend?” Yi-soo inquired softly.

“I haven’t told him yet… According to my dad, if I truly despise the idea, he said we could be engaged for just one year. They want to use the engagement as a pretext, a means to secure legitimacy on CEO Yoon’s side. They said it’s permissible to break off the engagement once the succession process is complete. Can you believe the audacity? How can I possibly get engaged to someone else while forsaking the person I truly love? I’ve cried rivers, Yi-soo… I don’t have any tears left to shed.”

Emotions surged within Min-seo, her lower lip trembling as tears threatened to spill over. Yi-soo couldn’t simply stand by and watch her friend in distress, not when she had witnessed the depth of Min-seo’s love for her boyfriend. A sense of urgency welled up within Yi-soo, compelling her to take action.

But the name that had been haunting her since yesterday, the one tied to Yoon & Kang… it couldn’t be ignored any longer.

“…Yoon Hyun-seong, the lawyer,” Yi-soo whispered under her breath, the name resonating within her mind. How could she have forgotten that name?

“…Yoon Hyun-seong.”

In that fleeting moment, a lightning bolt of thought struck Yi-soo’s mind. Watching Min-seo wipe away her tears, her sniffles punctuating the heavy silence, Yi-soo mustered her resolve and spoke.

“Min-seo, I believe there might be a solution. I will help you find a way to resolve this. You don’t have to face it alone.”



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