Chapter 21.2

“I understand, Mr. Gi Dong-yeong. We respect your wishes. The challenge lies in the scarcity of objective evidence. The black box footage from the defendant’s car, Seo Jae-young, was erased, and nearby CCTV cameras were damaged. Though it seems more than coincidental, the court operates on evidence-based trials,” Yi-soo explained.

Dong-yeong inquired, “Is there… any witness? While I was being beaten, I didn’t have a chance to look around. But I’m sure there were people nearby. If we look for them… we’ll surely find one or two witnesses.”

“We’ll have to start gathering evidence from scratch. The trial schedule is tight, leaving us with limited time,” Yi-soo replied.

“That should be enough for today,” Yi-soo concluded softly as she picked up the documents and stood up from her seat. Witnessing her action, Seo-yeon also rose hesitantly. Yi-soo took a step forward, opened the door, and gestured for them to exit.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Chief Choi will be in touch with you soon,” Yi-soo assured.

“Thank you so much, Prosecutor. Please take care… and help us if you can,” Dong-yeong expressed his gratitude.

“Yes. Take care.” 

“Excuse me, Prosecutor…!” Seo-yeon called out to Yi-soo, on the verge of giving a polite bow with a faint smile. Their gazes locked onto a common focal point, and Seo-yeon’s voice trembled with caution as she spoke.

“That perpetrator… Seo Jae-young. He’s the same age as me,” she revealed, her words carrying a mixture of frustration and concern.


“While my father can barely move properly, that guy is probably lying around doing nothing. We’re the same age, but I couldn’t do anything for my father, so I’ve been feeling frustrated for days,” Seo-yeon confided.

Yi-soo’s expression took on a complex and subtle demeanor, absorbing the weight of Seo-yeon’s words. With teary eyes, Seo-yeon continued, her voice trembling.

“I just wanted to say thank you once again. I know you’re already doing your best… I’m sorry if I wasted your time with unnecessary details.”

“I understand. As the assigned prosecutor, I will fulfill my responsibility, so don’t worry. Please go inside,” Yi-soo reassured.

“Yes, yes… Thank you very much,” Seo-yeon responded with repeated bows and a slightly bitten lower lip. Dong-yeong, standing by her side, seemed embarrassed by his daughter’s emotional outpouring, and his face carried a hint of bitterness.

After Seo-yeon and Dong-yeong had left, Yi-soo let out a long sigh. She couldn’t help but acknowledge that this case was bound to be more challenging than any she had encountered before.


“Yes, come in,” Hyun-seong said in a low voice, his attention still fixed on the computer screen. The sound of knocks reverberated in his office on the 25th floor of the Terra Building. As the door opened, his secretary Kang entered, accompanied by a young man. Hyun-seong recognized the visitor and removed his glasses with an indifferent expression.

“Do you need coffee, Attorney?” Secretary Kang inquired.

“Well, you should ask Seo Jae-young about that. I might not have time for coffee and could leave right away,” Hyun-seong replied.

Only two days ago, Jae-young had stormed out of the conference room in a fit of anger, leaving an impression that he might never return. Now, he stood in front of Hyun-seong with a somewhat defeated look.

Jae-young’s bleached hair seemed disheveled, as if he had hastily tried to dye it back to black. He had bandages on his lips, possibly from a fight or being hit by someone. Unlike before, he exuded an overall sense of deflation.

Hyun-seong observed Jae-young closely, tilting his head while holding his silver-framed glasses. Sensing the delicacy of the situation, Kang discreetly closed the door and excused himself.

Hyun-seong decided to break the silence. “What’s the matter?”

He already knew the reason for Jae-young’s visit. It was a situation he had anticipated since two days ago. Pride wounded by Hyun-seong’s question, Jae-young clenched his fists tightly.

His lips twitched, struggling to find the right words. It was hard to believe that he had to utter such words. The only thought consuming him was the desire to bite his tongue and vanish from the room.

“You bastard…” Jae-young mumbled, but the sentence he had rehearsed refused to escape his lips. Instead, he found himself clenching and unclenching his fists in frustration. Hyun-seong observed his actions without any change in expression and spoke in an indifferent tone.

“I’m busy. If you have nothing to say, you may leave.”

“…I’m begging you,” Jae-young implored.

“I can’t hear you,” Hyun-seong replied coolly.

Jae-young closed his eyes, his face contorted with anger as he pressed his hands to his cheeks. Part of him wanted to slam the door and escape, but he couldn’t bear to confront the aftermath of such an action. In the end, he couldn’t contain himself and let out a loud scream while gritting his teeth.

“For fuck’s sake! I’m begging you to take the case!”

Hyun-seong couldn’t help but smirk at the plea, or perhaps it was a desperate scream. The situation unfolding before him was exactly as he had foreseen.



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