Chapter 3.1

Cheongdam Arter was a bar of utmost luxury and exclusivity, a place where regular folks would struggle to gain easy access.

Yi-soo stood there, fixated on the securely shut door, before carefully slipping the papers she held into an envelope. The moment she received word that Attorney Yoon Hyun-seong would be present at the bar that day, she made her decision. No matter what, she had to settle the score.

Her head throbbed as she thought about her sister, who had been out of touch for several days. It wasn’t the only option available, but it seemed the most plausible one for now.

With a deep sigh, Yi-soo finally mustered the courage to open the weighty door. The name “Yoon Hyun-seong,” a name she had desperately tried to erase from her mind for so long, now flooded her thoughts like an impending storm.


Soft jazz melodies filled the air, emanating from a vintage turntable. A black LP record spun leisurely, casting a mesmerizing spell. Above, a magnificent chandelier, a masterpiece crafted by a renowned architect, illuminated the ceiling with its opulence, worth billions of won.

At the bar table, an array of top-shelf spirits and exquisite cocktail liqueurs lined up. Bottles that were rare finds in Korea and whiskies whose worth was determined by their sought-after reputation.

Amidst this lavish ambiance, there was only one individual who could be dubbed a patron. Before him sat Glencairn glasses and a bottle of Royal Salute 38-year-old whisky. Seeking solitude, he had even dismissed the bartender to bask in his own company.

Lifting the glass filled with amber-colored whisky to his lips, the man savored the moment. The narrow rim of the Glencairn glass intensified the sherry’s fragrance, enveloping him with its robust yet gentle allure. It was a liquor that exuded both strength and grace.

In a single gulp, he emptied the glass, releasing a satisfied exhale. The whisky carried a dry fruity aroma, tinged with a touch of spice and a delightful floral essence that lingered. As always, it possessed elegance and a perfectly balanced character.

Just as the man was about to tip the bottle again, the bartender, who had momentarily stepped away, approached him with caution in his voice.

“Attorney Yoon, I apologize for the interruption. Your fiancée has arrived…”

Following the bartender’s lead, a woman in a semi-formal suit appeared and took a seat next to the man. Fiancée? The man raised an eyebrow in slight surprise.

“I’ve never been engaged, and she’s not my fiancée either.”

The bartender’s puzzled expression showed his confusion, realizing he had made a significant mistake. Yi-soo calmly sat down next to the man and placed her bag on the bar table.

“I apologize for the confusion. We’re not engaged yet, but we will be soon. I didn’t explain it clearly. Is it alright if I join you?”

Upon hearing the words “we will be soon engaged,” the man raised his eyebrows and signaled the bartender to leave them alone.

As the initial confusion faded from his face, Yi-soo suppressed her trembling breath. At least she managed to maintain a composed facade.

She looked into the man’s eyes, reflecting his face in her dark brown gaze. Yoon Hyun-seong, the youngest partner lawyer and son of Yoon & Kang’s CEO. That man was now sitting right beside her.

It’s been years since I last saw him… she thought, her heart pulsating with tension. Thump, thump, thump. The rhythmic beats seemed to reverberate through her body. Hyun-seong was the only one to be promoted from an associate to a partner lawyer in his early thirties, making him truly extraordinary within Yoon & Kang.

As a prosecutor, she had heard rumors about him, sensing the awe he had inspired among fellow lawyers. Undoubtedly, being the son of the managing partner played a role, but Hyun-seong’s talent and position within Yoon & Kang were unparalleled.

He had followed the typical path of success, excelling at Korea University’s Business Administration before pursuing law school. Everyone envied his achievements.

He still looks as handsome as ever, she observed. He embodied the notion that “life isn’t fair.” Not only was he destined to be the future CEO of Yoon & Kang, but his perfectly proportioned face could easily be mistaken for that of an actor. To meet Yoon Hyun-seong’s gaze, most people had to crane their necks upward.

His legs boasted model-like length, and his well-built physique, adorned in a suit, exuded strength and solidity. Rumor had it that he engaged in rigorous strength training before starting his workday at 5 a.m., explaining his impressive muscles.

Lost in her unintentional admiration, Yi-soo downed her whiskey as Hyun-seong spoke with a blank expression.



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