Chapter 32.2

The day of the engagement ceremony, which had felt distant, suddenly arrived. The adage about time passing swiftly hardly did justice to the situation. She had immersed herself in her work, grappling with a constant stream of cases, and before she realized it, summer was drawing to a close.

In the early morning, Yi-soo surrendered herself to the capable hands of the experts, donning the white dress she had chosen beforehand. Although she was proficient in doing her own makeup and hairstyling, it seemed In-hwa was keen on the touch of a professional.

After two hours of meticulous preparation, including a full makeover from head to toe, Yi-soo gazed at her reflection and uttered, “I hardly recognize myself.”

Her once-straight hair now cascaded in soft waves down to her chest. The makeup, lighter and more natural than her usual look, accentuated Yi-soo’s facial features.

Today’s attire consisted of an elegant one-piece dress with a sleek silhouette. The modest V-neck showcased her graceful neckline and collarbone, while the dress’s H-line design extending to her knees further emphasized her poise and elegance.

As Yi-soo gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she felt like Cinderella enchanted by her Fairy Godmother’s magic. The only distinction was that Yi-soo hadn’t desired this dolled-up transformation herself.

The engagement ceremony was already underway, but In-hwa had given her a ten-minute countdown. Consequently, Yi-soo had to bide her time in the bridal waiting room, resisting the urge to step outside. 

Is Yoon Hyeon-seong in the groom’s waiting room now? Yi-soo wondered. Should I give him a call or something? She idly fiddled with her phone when, as if attuned to her thoughts, the door swung open, revealing Hyun-seong. He approached her, donning a sleek two-piece suit.

“Seo Yi-soo.”

“Ah… you’re here?”

It marked their first face-to-face encounter since that night when they had shared a drunken kiss. Despite exchanging texts and calls, meeting in person once more felt incredibly awkward. Breaking through the palpable tension, Hyun-seong initiated the conversation.

He cast a careful gaze over Yi-soo in her dress. She had always been attractive, but today she exuded a special allure.

“It suits you perfectly,” he complimented.

“…Um, thank you. Attorney Yoon, too.”

“Anyway, about that day.”

Unable to endure the discomfort any longer, Hyun-seong finally broached the topic. It was a subject Yi-soo had attempted to avoid discussing.

“It’s true that we were both drunk, but I want you to know I didn’t intend for things to escalate to a kiss,” Hyun-seong confessed. “And when I said it should end there…”

“Ah, that… I get it.”

Yi-soo felt like she grasped the essence of his words, even without him delving into the specifics. In acknowledgment of her understanding, Hyun-seong slightly lifted his chin and directed his gaze downward.

“This awkwardness is becoming unbearable…” Yi-soo mumbled to herself as she tightly shut her eyes. Whether she liked it or not, she would continue to encounter Hyun-seong, and she had resolved to set aside the unease brought about by their kiss. Most importantly, Yi-soo had found their kiss exhilarating. If Hyun-seong hadn’t stopped it, she might have lost herself without even realizing it.

I wonder if it would be better if we had s*x to get over this.

With her thoughts stretching as far as they could, Yi-soo regarded Hyun-seong with a perplexed expression. She knew her notion was somewhat absurd, but rather than waiting for a potential explosion, she felt it might be better to ignite the fuse herself.

Having made her decision, Yi-soo opened her eyes and fixed her gaze intently on Hyun-seong. Her heart raced, much like that fateful night. She only hoped her voice wouldn’t betray her trembling emotions.

“Just… later, okay, between us,” Yi-soo muttered.


“You know. What we didn’t finish last time.” Yi-soo added concisely, alluding to the next step. Her words caused Hyun-seong’s pupils to widen. Did she realize what she was suggesting, or was she intentionally teasing him?

“What do you think the next step is…”

As he moved closer to her, about to continue the conversation, a series of knocks interrupted them. Knock, knock, knock. An employee tapped on the door exactly three times, summoning Yi-soo.

“Ms. Yi-soo, you can come out now.”

“Oh, yes! I’m coming.”

Yi-soo rose from her seat and extended her hand. 

“Let’s go, Mr. Fiancé.”

It marked the much-anticipated commencement of the masquerade ball. Hyun-seong, who had been regarding Yi-soo with an amused glint in his eyes, clasped her white hand. She had truly surpassed his expectations. With a creak, the door opened, and the two of them stepped forward into the banquet hall.



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