Chapter 33.1

No matter how affluent one might be, securing a reservation at the opulent banquet hall of the W Hotel was no simple feat. The chandelier suspended from the lofty ceiling exuded such opulence and brilliance that it could captivate anyone who gazed upon it.

Beneath the slightly quivering crystal chandeliers, an extended virgin path unfolded. As expected of the W Hotel, renowned for its exquisite floral displays, lush arrangements of flowers adorned both sides of the aisle. While this location was typically reserved for weddings, today’s focal figures were not the bride and groom. Instead, the words “Engagement Ceremony” boldly shone.

Unlike a traditional engagement event with a strict sequence of events, this gathering felt more like a celebratory soirée. Rather than rows of chairs, white tables were elegantly set up throughout the banquet hall.

“Oh, Chief Prosecutor, your presence is greatly appreciated. I heard your son secured a spot at Yale this time,” greeted In-hwa.

“Ma’am, it’s been a while! It’s nothing significant. Our son should follow a conventional path like Hyun-seong, even though he may not possess the same brilliance. I have concerns for him on various fronts due to his lack of academic prowess,” replied the chief.

“Don’t be so hard on him. We’re talking about the Ivy League here. Perhaps he’ll change his mind later and join Yoon & Kang.”

“Well, that would certainly be an honor. The legal profession in the United States is facing its own set of challenges these days. I believe Koreans should practice law right here in Korea, don’t you agree?”

Despite the vast and lavish setting for this event, the banquet hall accommodated only about thirty guests, all of whom held influential positions within the legal field.

From the inspector at the regional prosecutor’s office to the deputy chief prosecutor, the esteemed head of a prominent law firm, and even a Supreme Court judge, it would be no overstatement to claim that nearly every influential figure shaping South Korea’s legal landscape had graced the occasion. They all concealed their true emotions behind polite masks, engaging in exchanges of warm smiles. Given that entry to this exclusive gathering was a privilege even with substantial contributions, attending to celebrate Hyun-seong and Yi-soo’s engagement seemed more like a convenient pretext.

In-hwa, adorned in a resplendent hanbok, wore a radiant smile while delicately covering her mouth with her hand. It was apparent that she had taken great pains to elevate her grace and beauty, perhaps in an attempt to fill the void left by Min-sik, who remained in a coma.

“Speaking of Hyun-seong, I hear he’s as striking as ever. And his fiancée, I’ve heard she’s exceptionally beautiful.”

“Who would have thought we’d have a prosecutor’s daughter-in-law? Our Hyun-seong is quite fortunate. How long can lawyers and prosecutors maintain such camaraderie? It’s all a construct of the media. I hope this engagement sets a positive precedent within the legal community.”

“By the way… Where’s our Seoul Chief Prosecutor, who will soon be your father-in-law? He’s a rare sight at gatherings like this, isn’t he?”

The Eastern District Chief Prosecutor turned his gaze to take in their surroundings. The revelation that the unmarried Chief Prosecutor, Park In-seong, had an adopted daughter who was also a prosecutor left everyone shocked. How had they managed to keep this secret concealed for so long? Those who were familiar with In-seong found themselves astounded in various ways. 

In-hwa offered a polite smile and nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I’m not entirely sure. He was here just five minutes ago. Maybe he stepped out for some fresh air.”

“I can hardly believe you and the Chief Prosecutor are soon to be family… His reputation for unwavering integrity is widely renowned in our legal circle, particularly among us, his juniors. Well, it’s a positive development, regardless. I hope he’s doing well.”

The Eastern District Chief Prosecutor subtly criticized In-seong as he bit his tongue. Occupying a role like a prosecutor inevitably exposed one to various temptations, whether desired or not. However, In-seong had never sought to present himself as unusually virtuous, particularly after attaining a position that was not easily attainable by others.

In-hwa simply mustered a diplomatic smile. While it was true that Chief Prosecutor Park In-seong didn’t quite conform to the typical mold of this crowd, infusing a clean and noble image into the already prestigious Yoon & Kang firm certainly wouldn’t hurt.

In that instant, the Eastern District Chief Prosecutor couldn’t contain his amazement and directed his gaze to the right.

“Behold, the stars have arrived.”

Naturally, the eyes of all those within the banquet hall converged on a single point. The two individuals walking hand in hand possessed a beauty that rivaled a pair of graceful swans.

Yi-soo donned an ivory silk dress, a choice suitable for an engagement ceremony rather than a wedding. The dress design, while not overly extravagant, showcased intricate lace detailing on the long sleeves, enhancing her overall elegance.

Her petite, slender face boasted strikingly distinct features, leaving all the guests silently admiring her exquisite figure.



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