Chapter 33.2

Hyun-seong, too, possessed a striking presence that compelled all eyes to involuntarily focus on him. Dressed in a semi-formal black suit, he had opted for a different hairstyle compared to his usual look, with the front locks neatly swept up using pomade. This accentuated his well-defined facial features and emphasized the masculinity of his visage. To maintain a less formal appearance, he had chosen to forgo a necktie.

Amidst the approving gazes of everyone present, Yi-soo maintained her smile and whispered softly to Attorney Yoon, “Attorney Yoon, this doesn’t feel quite as simple as we discussed, does it?”

“Why’s that? It’s rather straightforward. The turnout isn’t that large,” replied Hyun-seong.

“Considering we decided to hold it at the hotel… It feels like a condensed gathering of the entire legal circle in South Korea.” She spoke in a hushed tone, as though engaged in a clandestine conversation.

Ultimately, it was a formal engagement. Was it truly necessary to let rumors run wild throughout the neighborhood? Hyun-seong, attuned to her expression, responded with an indifferent yet pleasingly deep tone that caressed Yi-soo’s ear.

“Just endure it for an hour. It still aligns with our plan, doesn’t it? The broader your network becomes, the greater the likelihood of your father ascending to the position of minister.”

“Engagement ceremonies typically don’t include these clauses in the contract,” Yi-soo pointed out.

“Didn’t you confirm that it can be added as a special provision? I included it on the last page,” Hyun-seong countered.

“You really have your own way, Attorney Yoon. You’re aware of that, aren’t you?”

“I suppose I do.”

Without hesitation, Hyun-seong drew Yi-soo closer, his hand on her waist, and gently brushed his lips against hers. It was a kiss akin to a performance, causing Yi-soo to instinctively grip his strong shoulders and close her eyes.

He really does things his own way… she thought.

But now, this self-assured demeanor no longer felt entirely unwelcome. Perhaps it had become familiar, or maybe it was because it had seeped into her—this man named Yoon Hyun-seong. The fragrance of wood and intertwined musk wafted into Yi-soo’s nose. Their touching lips were soft and sweet.


Behind them, the guests showered them with soft applause and cheers as they shared a tender kiss. In the eyes of all present, it was a formal engagement ceremony, marked by congratulations and heartfelt blessings from everyone in attendance.

As she listened to the applause, Yi-soo couldn’t help but think, We’ve come a long way, unaware that their journey had only just begun. She lowered her long lashes and responded to the sweet kiss.


“Please, go inside, Mother.”

“Of course. Are you staying at the hotel tonight?” In-hwa inquired.

“Yes,” Hyun-seong nodded. “It’s the day of the engagement ceremony.”

The engagement ceremony was not a lengthy affair. Most of the attendees had busy schedules, and an hour or so of gathering sufficed. It was evident that many of the guests had secured what they came for under the guise of congratulating Yi-soo and Hyun-seong. In-hwa approached Yi-soo, who had changed into a blouse and slacks.

“Alright. Thank you for today, Prosecutor Seo. We’ll meet again soon.”

Yi-soo bowed her head slightly. “Yes. Please take care. I’ll see you.”

“Let’s go, madam.”

The secretary opened the rear door of the sedan. After exchanging parting words with Yi-soo, In-hwa stepped into the black sedan and gradually disappeared from their view. As the car drove away, Hyun-seong stood at the entrance of the hotel, as if preparing to enter.

Though it was a formal engagement, there was no obligation for Hyun-seong and Yi-soo to enter the hotel. Yi-soo wasn’t naive enough to be oblivious to the implications of spending the night together. However, with his words of “in a little while,” he had left the door ajar for something more, hinting at an unknown motive.

Since the night they shared that kiss in the bar, enveloped in the scent of alcohol, Yi-soo found herself unable to escape thoughts of Hyun-seong. There were moments during meetings when her mind would unexpectedly drift back to that passionate moment, leaving her momentarily startled.

She even attempted to rationalize her obsession, attributing it to his exceptional kissing skills. Maybe, she mused, if she kissed him once more with her eyes closed, she’d finally know for sure.

As they strolled toward the hotel room they had already checked into, Yi-soo stole a fleeting glance at Hyun-seong’s profile. Hyun-seong, noticing her gaze, extended the key card in front of room 5201, and the soft sound of the lock disengaging resonated in the corridor.

Before opening the door, Hyun-seong briefly turned back to regard Yi-soo, allowing a subtle smirk to grace his lips.

“If you think you might regret this later, you’re free to leave now. I’ll act as if nothing happened.”

“Regret? Who said anything about that? I’m not the one who tends to do that, Attorney Yoon.”


His arrogance was encapsulated in just two syllables. It was rather amusing to see him feigning innocence, as though he’d never engage in such behavior. Yi-soo’s eyes narrowed. In contrast to her earlier concern about awkwardness, an unwarranted sense of indignation now welled up within her.

“Let’s just go inside,” she muttered.

Hyun-seong opened the door, and Yi-soo confidently entered the room, wearing a nonchalant expression. In practice, she was resolute rather than theoretical. Although it was her first time, she didn’t anticipate being easily swayed.

What’s there to be tempted by? How skilled could he possibly be?

With a soft thud, the hotel room door closed. Yet, despite her determined resolve, it took only a few minutes for Seo Yi-soo’s determination to crumble completely.



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