Chapter 34.1 (18+)

With a resounding thud, the room’s door closed behind them, and their lips collided in a passionate embrace. Hyun-seong’s hand gently cradled Yi-soo’s neck as their mouths met, both hungering for this moment. The distance to the bed may not have been great, but the trials they had endured since their engagement ceremony made this kiss feel like a long-awaited reward.

Yi-soo, her breath suddenly stolen away, wrapped her arms around his neck. Their difference in height meant she had to tilt her head slightly upwards.

Hyun-seong tenderly nibbled on her lips, his tongue naturally slipping between them. The wet, sensual friction between their lips created a moist, enticing sound that filled the room.

With each exchange of their saliva-coated kisses, a tingling sensation surged within Yi-soo’s chest. She had never felt anything quite like this before; this kiss with Hyun-seong was more than just a simple kiss—it felt like s*x.

All she could do was surrender to his kiss eagerly, her arms around his neck tightening with each passing second.

“Haah, ha… “

Hyun-seong deepened the entanglement of their hot tongues. He had always thought that describing a kiss as “sweet” was a cliché from novels, but the kiss he shared with Yi-soo exceeded any expectation. He longed to delve deeper, unwilling to let go. His hand, which had started around her back, now gently caressed her cheek, savoring the softness of her skin.

“You’re quite relaxed,” he whispered between their kisses.

“Attorney Yoon, let’s take it… slowly,” Yi-soo gasped, her breath growing shallow.

As they continued, Hyun-seong tilted his head back slightly, then gently guided her onto the bed. As she descended onto the smooth sheets, Yi-soo fought to regain her breath. Every sensation was overwhelming, and she felt like she could faint any moment. Yet, she was determined not to lose herself to Hyun-seong’s advances.

In response to her playful provocation, Hyun-seong allowed the corners of his lips to curl upward slowly. He removed his watch and placed it on the bedside table.

“I can’t help it. Am I the only one feeling this excitement?” he huskily inquired.

Although Yi-soo was indeed consumed by a thrilling sense of anticipation, she didn’t want Hyun-seong to realize that this was her first time engaging in such intimacy. Her life had been dedicated to studies and work, devoid of any romantic involvement, let alone experience sharing a bed with a man. While she had a theoretical understanding of what to expect, her nervousness was palpable. Her heart raced with tension, and she silently hoped Hyun-seong wouldn’t hear it.

“It seems you’re quite skilled, Seo Yi-soo,” Hyun-seong commented. Her attitude was ambiguous, as if she was confident and uncertain at the same time, but it didn’t matter to Hyun-seong. His desire to explore and deeply connect with her was overpowering.

Before Yi-soo could respond, his warm hands found their way beneath her blouse.

“Uh, ah…!”

His touch beneath her blouse was unrestrained, his strong, large hands embracing her delicate form. His thumb traced gentle circles, causing a breathy moan to escape her lips. The sensation was so sensual and unfamiliar that she could hardly believe she was the one making those sounds. Her eyes glimmered like candlelight flickering in the breeze. Yi-soo trembled slightly, clutching Hyun-seong’s shoulders.

Just a moment, she thought. Her voice, once teasing Hyun-seong a mere 30 seconds ago, now quivered with desperation in her moans.

“Uh, ah… Wait, just… Attorney Yoon…”

“It won’t be that simple.”

Yi-soo gasped for breath, her fingers tracing over his broad shoulders. Unintentionally, she felt the urge to grip him with her nails.

“Then, what…”

“You’ll have to discover it yourself, Seo Yi-soo.”

Did he expect an apology for teasing him when there was no time for it? Hyun-seong couldn’t offer her a straightforward answer, no matter what role he had taken on. Whether he deserved criticism for being intense or praise for his dominance was uncertain.

As his deep voice tantalized her ears, shivers coursed through her body. In one fluid motion, Hyun-seong removed her blouse and bra. His warm, velvety tongue caressed her nipple, moistening it. Sensations she had never known before surged through her, causing Yi-soo to instinctively close her eyes, shutting out her surroundings. Squelch, slurp. Each time Hyun-seong suckled on her breast, a sinful sound reverberated in the air.

How is he so skilled…?

Unconsciously, she gasped as he stood up, gently nibbling at her nipples and sliding her soaked panties down to her ankles. His touch was so natural that she hardly noticed how exposed she had become.



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