Chapter 34.2 (18+)

Hyun-seong nonchalantly tossed her flimsy p*nties under the bed and fixed his gaze on Yi-soo’s lower half with l*st-filled, intense eyes. His stare was ravenous, as if he intended to devour her. He was typically patient, but in this moment, restraining his desire proved to be a formidable challenge.

Hyun-seong used his thumb to press and caress Yi-soo’s engorged cl*toris firmly, sending waves of intensely unfamiliar pleasure coursing up her spine.

Having never experienced another man’s touch in this manner and not frequently indulged herself in self-stimulation, Yi-soo bit down on her lower lip in a futile attempt to stifle her moans.

But the new sensations inevitably forced their way out. No matter how hard she tried to suppress them, they persisted, like an unstoppable stream from a malfunctioning radio.

“Attorney Yoon… Ah, just a moment… Just…!”

“I told you, it’s not Attorney Yoon,” he reminded her.

Hyun-seong raised his upper body and gently parted Yi-soo’s legs. As he gazed at her inner thighs, an overwhelming desire surged within him. It was a possession, a conquering desire, wholly unfamiliar to him. It was a raw emotion he had never felt for anyone except her.

Furrowing his brow, he secured her knee with his strong left hand, and veins faintly surfaced on his forearm. With deliberate care, he slid his index and middle fingers inward, parting her narrow entrance.

Her already moist inner walls eagerly welcomed his long and thick fingers. Startled by the sensation of intrusion, Yi-soo took a deep breath, her hand finally clutching the edge of the sheet, crumpling the pristine white fabric.

“Haah! Ah…”

Yi-soo muffled her lower lip with her teeth and arched her head backward. With each movement of Hyun-seong’s wrist, a tantalizing sound echoed in her ears. His fingers, slick with transparent fluids, explored her inner walls relentlessly.

Gazing at her now-reddened lips, which he had bitten so ardently, Hyun-seong simultaneously lowered his upper body. His warm breath brushed against the tip of her nose. He yearned to capture those sweet, pliant lips without delay.

Hyun-seong struggled to contain his overwhelming desires, his eyes resembling those of a predator with its prey right before it.

Although this was their first time having s*x, Hyun-seong possessed an intimate knowledge of where Yi-soo found the most pleasure. His lips, moist with saliva, sealed the deal as his soft tongue explored her depths, while his index and middle fingers stretched her open.

As the sensation of her being stretched reached her, Yi-soo gasped for air, her hot inner walls tightly embracing his thick fingers. She could no longer withstand the mounting intensity, feeling herself on the verge of complete surrender. Unconsciously, her head tilted back, her half-closed eyes searching for the face in front of her.

“No, please… Stop, stop it. Ah, uh… No more…”

“That’s not how you ask for it… Hmm.”

“Well… what should I do… hng!”

Hyun-seong let out a soft chuckle, feigning composure even though both were far from calm. The evidence of his own arousal, evident by the bulge within his pants, contradicted his demeanor.

As he gazed down at her pleasure-filled face, he pondered why. An intense desire to tease her until she uttered the two-syllable plea, “please,” consumed him.

Of course, even if she begged while raking her nails across his back, he had no intention of stopping.

With the increasing number of fingers pushing her to the brink of madness, Yi-soo had expected some pain, but Hyun-seong was solely focused on the point where she teetered on the edge of ecstasy.

If just his fingers could drive her to this state, what would happen when he fully entered her? Her vision flickered, and her world threatened to turn white.

“No, no more…”

Hyun-seong, standing before her, showed no indication of slowing down. Tears welled up in her eyes, causing her vision to blur. She had to squeeze her eyes shut tightly to prevent a teardrop from escaping.

Eventually, Yi-soo bit down hard on her lower lip and grasped his jaw. Though her grip momentarily weakened due to the overwhelming pleasure surging from below, she summoned the strength to open her eyes and met Hyun-seong’s dark, desire-filled gaze head-on.

Each word was a struggle, each syllable filled with intense emotion as Yi-soo clenched her teeth and spoke.

“Hng, haah… Slow down… Yoon Hyun-seong, you bastard…”


Finally, she said it—his name. Hyun-seong emitted a low chuckle, his lips curling upwards. Her unexpected response only served to whet his appetite further. Yes, even at this very moment. He spoke to her in a low tone, like a beast on the prowl.

“Seo Yi-soo.”



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