Chapter 35.1 (18+)

His voice exuded a captivating allure that sent delightful shivers cascading down her spine. Unconsciously, Yi-soo’s body responded with a subtle, involuntary writhing, her inner walls instinctively tightening in response.


Her breath burst forth as his fingers ceased their tantalizing movements. When he finally withdrew those fingers that had relentlessly teased her, Yi-soo’s body trembled. Hyun-seong meticulously wiped his fingers, glistening with her essence, before unbuckling his belt.

With a deft flick, the belt came undone, revealing snug black boxer briefs. Yi-soo, her breath coming in heavy gasps, lowered her gaze hesitantly. She couldn’t help but wonder what lay concealed beneath that thin fabric, her nervousness threatening to overwhelm her even now.

Hyun-seong discarded his underwear and pants in a fluid motion, unveiling a long and robust member that was in no way comparable to his fingers. As his white shirt found its place under the bed, his well-muscled upper body came into full view, from broad shoulders to a sculpted chest and chiseled abdomen. There was not an ounce of excess fat; every inch of his upper body was a testament to his dedication to fitness. She used to think that suits complemented him well, but now she understood that the suits merely adapted to his impeccably toned physique.

Can that… fit in? Yi-soo wondered, her gaze drifting slightly lower. Her head spun as she beheld his formidable erection, a size that exceeded her wildest expectations, extending well beyond the span of her hand. It dwarfed anything she had glimpsed in the furtive videos her high school friends had shared during their adolescence.

The enormity of it left her awestruck. She couldn’t even fathom how he had managed to contain such an imposing presence within his pants in the first place. Anxiety eclipsed anticipation as she grappled with the sheer magnitude of what lay before her.

Hyun-seong deftly ripped open a condom packet with a single, fluid motion. The snug fit around his member wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but he couldn’t find one that accommodated his size at this moment. Positioned between Yi-soo’s legs, he teased her slowly with the tip of his arousal.

“I should warn you.”


“I might not be able to stop once we begin. I apologize in advance.”

“Wait… Hng!”

Her moans were already escaping involuntarily as the head of his erection stretched her wide open. Yi-soo clung desperately to Hyun-seong’s muscular forearm. The sensation of something thick penetrating her inner walls felt foreign.

Her eyes welled up with physiological tears, turning red as her vision blurred. Breathing became a challenge due to the intense tightness below, and tears formed at the corners of her eyes.

“D-Did you… get it all in? Haah…”

At her somewhat uncertain question, Hyun-seong couldn’t help but let out an unintentional chuckle. She was asking if he had managed to insert it all when he had only just penetrated the tip. As if coaxing her to relax, he gently caressed the inside of her pale thigh with his palm.

When his affectionate touch made contact, Yi-soo shivered involuntarily. She did her best to relax, but it proved more challenging than she had hoped.

“Hng, mm…”

Her inner walls, stretched to their limits, clung tightly to his substantial member. It wasn’t merely a matter of size; she seemed uncertain if she could accommodate more of him if he pushed any further.

Hyun-seong, with about half of his length inserted, withdrew his hips slowly. He maintained a steady pressure within her heated confines, as if signaling that he had no intention of letting go.

“Haah, it’s not your first time. Why is it so tight?”

Sweating, Hyun-seong pushed his tousled hair back and spoke in a husky tone, yet received no coherent response. Yi-soo turned her head, burying her face halfway into the pillow, evidently embarrassed by the situation.

A thought crossed Hyun-seong’s mind as he arched an eyebrow and traced his lower lip with his thumb.

“…Is this your first time, Seo Yi-soo?”

“No… Mm, hng…”


His erection seemed to penetrate her very core, leaving Yi-soo feeling as if she were being reborn. Well, she had indeed bared herself completely before him, but… Blushing from head to toe, Yi-soo kept her gaze lowered, but Hyun-seong, who was observing her, let out a low chuckle. “Seo Yi-soo, you’re driving me nuts.”

Suppressing his inner turmoil, he leaned forward, pressing his lips against her blazing cheek. As his weight settled in, his invading member delved even deeper into the depths of her being.

Almost involuntarily, Yi-soo dug her nails into Hyun-seong’s back. It felt as though she couldn’t endure any more, yet the relentless sensation of his thrusts, both unfamiliar and addictive, kept her captivated.

“It’s… so deep…”

“Where did you learn to talk like that?”

Yi-soo enveloped Hyun-seong’s neck with her arms, seeking refuge in the warmth of his broad shoulders. She didn’t need a mirror to know the expression she wore; it must have been a mixture of embarrassment and intimacy, her lower lip swollen as if kissed fervently.



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