Chapter 35.2 (18+)

A tremulous breath escaped her lips, and she found herself unable to stifle the sounds that flowed from her mouth.

Hyun-seong dipped his head to grace her collarbone with soft kisses. Her skin was pristine, untouched by anyone but him. He tilted her chin upward for a gentle kiss and adjusted his rhythm. With each motion, he deepened her arous*l, causing it to glisten transparently.

Her softened inner walls clung tightly to his substantial member. Unmindful of the red marks adorning her collarbone, Yi-soo’s insides danced with newfound sensations. Overwhelming pleasure, pushing her to her limits, bore down on her lower abdomen.

“Oh, ugh…! Huhh!”

“Hmm… Se Yi-soo, you’re beautiful. Does it hurt?”

“Yeah, huh… Ah, it hurts… but it’s… good.”

Lost in the whirlwind of sensations, she struggled to comprehend the words she uttered. Trembling intensely from within, Yi-soo squeezed her eyes shut, her tear-stained eyelashes brushing against her lower lids.

There was no time to acclimate to the relentless growth of his unyielding member. Yoon Hyun-seong grasped her slender waist firmly with both hands and thr*st deeply inside. Even with just the initial penetration, it felt as if he would delve into the very depths of her being.

Pleasure surged like crashing waves, causing Yi-soo to instinctively arch her head back. She couldn’t decipher what felt pleasurable or why; the sensations defied description.

“Ha, aah! Yoon, Hyun… huuuh. Seong… Ah, no. Don’t go deeper… please, not deeper. Hmm?”

She feared that any further depth would rend her body asunder. His glans pressed insistently against her most sensitive spot, the engorged ridge caressing and teasing between her inner folds.

Yi-soo’s pleas and sobs mingled with her soft mo*ns, but Hyun-seong continued his unrelenting rhythm. He was consumed by the longing to explore every inch of Seo Yi-soo, who writhed beneath him, to plunge deeper into her with abandon and offer her everything throughout the night.”Relax,” Hyun-seong whispered.

With gentle care, Hyun-seong slipped a disheveled pillow beneath Yi-soo’s hips, elevating her legs over his shoulders. Her lower body now hung suspended in the air, widening her eyes in surprise. She reached out tentatively toward his arms.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Sorry,” he said, as if compelled to offer an advance apology. Hyun-seong lowered his head, planting tender kisses on her flushed cheek. Her skin, soaked with tears, radiated warmth. His actions were undeniably affectionate, though the same couldn’t be said for what transpired below.

He shifted his weight, causing her waist to arch gracefully. Their thighs, sleek and toned, brushed against each other, generating a rhythmic friction.

Her hypersensitive inner walls yielded to the relentless thrusts of his glans. Intense sensations shattered her grasp on reality, and uncertain sounds—whether cries or moans—escaped her lips without restraint.

“Ha, huh! Ugh, slower… just a bit! Attorney Yoon… No, Hyun… hnn. Seong.”

Despite the multiple close calls they’d experienced, she couldn’t prevent the impending climax from seizing her. Her body, drenched in sweat, quivered uncontrollably. Yet, the man exhibited no signs of slowing down. 


At last, the profanity that had lingered on his tongue burst forth. It was a crude, provocative two-syllable word. Unconsciously, Yi-soo’s nails dug into his shoulders as he continued his relentless thrusts.

As he pressed on, his low, seductive groans left her powerless to resist.

Yi-soo attempted to lift her weary hand but ultimately abandoned the effort. Instead, she gazed up at the man, who swept away his sweat-soaked hair. Words slipped from her lips, bypassing her conscious mind.

“Really, you… you’re a bastard. Do you know that?”

“I know. Should I get you a leash, Seo Yi-soo?”

Hyun-seong’s lips curled into a faint smirk as he spoke. When he withdrew his hips, the sensation of his thick manhood grazing against her inner walls sent a subtle wave of pleasure through her, causing her body to tremble.

“Just four more times.”

“What…? You want to continue right here? Aren’t you exhausted?”

“It might be exhausting, but we’ve only just started.”

Hyun-seong, having already donned a fresh condom, lifted Yi-soo and settled her onto his lap. He leaned in, capturing her in a passionate kiss that produced a tantalizing sound. His dark eyes smoldered with desire, and as their gazes locked, a creeping sense of unease washed over her.

“Four times are too much, just once…”

“Four times.”


Hyun-seong pressed his flushed lips firmly against her reddened n*pple, a sly smile playing at the corner of his mouth. The night stretched out before them, and everything was just beginning.



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