Chapter 36.1

Yi-soo struggled to lift her heavy eyelids, but they clung together as if glued shut. An overwhelming fatigue weighed her down, rendering her body unresponsive. She longed to check the time, habitually reaching for her phone, but it was nowhere to be found. With bleary eyes, she forced herself to sit up in bed.


In that instant, a sharp cry escaped her lips, a single syllable involuntarily breaking free. As she sat upright, a searing pain shot through her lower back, causing unspeakable agony to course along her spine. It was a strange, tingling sensation she had never encountered before, as if her spine had been fractured and hastily mended.

“Could it be because of last night?”

Her memories of the previous evening were hazy, blurred by multiple changes in position. The moment she had reached her first climax, she had experienced a fleeting sense of relief, as if it were all over. Yet, as Hyun-seong had warned, that had only been the beginning.

He persisted relentlessly, undeterred by the glaring disparity in their stamina. As she clutched the headboard and arched her back, her mind emptied of all thought. Every point of contact with Hyun-seong’s touch seared her with a scorching intensity.

Could any word beyond ‘beast’ aptly capture his essence from last night?


Yi-soo, still sprawled on the bed, her upper body exposed, released a prolonged sigh. She contemplated how to navigate the upcoming workday. Taking a day off for recuperation seemed unlikely to alleviate her condition.

Yet, she harbored no regrets about her passionate rendezvous with Hyun-seong. In a sudden recollection, she realized how she had unabashedly moaned with pleasure, without a hint of embarrassment.

I must be out of my mind.

The embarrassment weighed so heavily on her that she contemplated biting her own tongue. Her initial intention had never been to initiate such an awkward seduction, but Hyun-seong’s prowess in the bedroom had been undeniable. Yi-soo bit her lower lip and pulled the pristine white bedsheet up to conceal her face.

Then, a sultry, low voice permeated the veil of the blanket.

“Seo Yi-soo.”

It was a simple address. However, in the lingering aftermath of their passionate night, those three words resonated like an illicit whisper. Yi-soo drew a deep breath and, with measured deliberation, lowered the blanket, locking eyes with the gaze suspended mere inches from her chest.

“Did you… take a shower and come out?” Yi-soo inquired in a hushed tone.

“Yeah. Why that look on your face?” Hyun-seong responded, his tone puzzled.

“Oh, it’s just… the blanket was warm.”

Yi-soo replied with a somewhat awkward comment, and cursed herself inwardly. Hyun-seong had evidently just finished his shower and was clad in a loose-fitting white bathrobe, its belt casually fastened, revealing his broad and chiseled chest. Although the robe concealed his thighs, vivid memories of what lay beyond flooded Yi-soo’s mind. He had been incredibly passionate the previous night…

As her thoughts wandered to that point, Yi-soo shook her head.

It seems like normal life might not be possible.

The sensation was overwhelming. Her relentless fixation on his physique made her wish she could bite her own tongue. Hyun-seong approached the bed and gently lowered the blanket that Yi-soo had drawn up to her chest, exposing her delicate neck and pristine collarbone. She instinctively pulled the blanket up again, leaving only her eyes peering out as she gazed at him.

“I’ve filled the bathtub with water, so go soak for a bit,” he suggested.

“…Attorney Yoon filled the bathtub with water?” Yi-soo inquired, sounding surprised.

“Why? Do I strike you as someone lacking even that much courtesy?”

“To be honest, it is surprising.”

As she mulled it over, she realized that she had fallen asleep as though she’d passed out, without taking a shower or changing her clothes. The fact that she was completely naked beneath the blanket suddenly struck her, and she swallowed hard.

Hyun-seong brushed his still partially damp hair aside, glancing briefly at Yi-soo, as if assessing whether she had any intention of getting up. It was the same indifferent gaze as before, but she couldn’t meet his eyes with the same confidence anymore.

“I… I’m not dressed,” she stammered. “It would be better if you went to the living room for a moment.”

“Why the sudden embarrassment? You were quite bold before we had sex,” Hyun-seong retorted.

“I just… I can’t handle it anymore. Please, I’m really embarrassed.”

In the end, she had to express her true feelings. Hyun-seong chuckled at her words and then obediently closed the bedroom door behind him. Confirming that the door was securely closed, Yi-soo groaned and slowly climbed out of bed.

The bathroom wasn’t far, but with each step, sharp pains seemed to compress her entire body. She had initially thought it was just her back that was sore, but now, she felt aching sensations in her thighs, her back, and practically everywhere.



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