Chapter 36.2

Yi-soo, having finally entered the bathroom, pressed her palm against her forehead. The bathtub, spacious enough for two, brimmed with water tinted a delicate shade of violet. It appeared the hotel had thoughtfully provided bath salts, as a subtle lavender aroma wafted through the air, caressing Yi-soo’s senses. She gingerly dipped her toes into the water, allowing the lukewarm embrace to envelop her pristine skin.

“Ah, this is nice…”

Seated in the bathtub, Yi-soo cupped some of the purplish water in her hand, letting it cascade between her fingers and creating gentle ripples on the surface. The warm water seemed to offer solace, soothing the gnawing pain that had gripped her.

With a contented sigh, she noticed steam swirling in the bathroom.

Still, it was good.

As Yi-soo leaned her upper body back, submerging herself up to her neck, she closed her eyes. Tiny droplets formed on her long eyelashes and dripped softly into the water below. It was a fleeting moment of warmth that felt incredibly sweet.


Two days after the engagement ceremony, a Monday morning greeted Yi-soo as she entered her office, her fingers gently kneading her stiff lower back. Chief Choi, always an early bird, welcomed her with his usual enthusiasm.

“Oh, Prosecutor Seo! Have you made it in? How was your weekend?”

“Oh, it was good. And yours, Chief?”

“I took my family for a camping trip in Gangwon Province. It was a bit rushed with just a one-night, two-day plan, but it was worth it. Our son kept insisting on the glamping trend these days…”

As Chief Choi continued to chat about his weekend escapades while diligently tending to the office plants, he suddenly turned his gaze towards Yi-soo.

“But, Prosecutor, you don’t look quite yourself. You didn’t come to the office over the weekend, did you? Working too hard, even during weekends, can lead to serious burnout. Haven’t you heard about that prosecutor in Cheongju last month? They nearly had a major health scare due to overwork.”

“No, I didn’t come to the office. I’m just feeling a bit… tired. Maybe it’s because it’s morning.”

Yi-soo hesitated to disclose the truth. How could she explain that her fatigue stemmed from the engagement ceremony on Saturday and the intense activities with Hyun-seong until early Sunday morning? She simply mustered an awkward smile and took her seat at her desk.

“Well, it’s a relief you didn’t work. Monday mornings can be quite challenging,” Chief Choi acknowledged, sympathizing with Yi-soo’s exhaustion. He placed the sprayer down on his desk, and just then, someone barged into the office without even bothering to knock. Yi-soo, who was about to boot up her computer, lifted her head to identify the unexpected visitor.

“Hey, Prosecutor Seo!”

“Director? What’s the matter so early in the morning…”

“What’s the deal with this, huh? I rushed straight over as soon as I heard. Seriously, isn’t this a bit much?”

It was Director Seon-pil from the third division of the Detective Department. It remained a mystery how he had heard the news or what had driven him to hurry to the office, but he approached Yi-soo, sporting a stern expression.

“You got engaged the day before yesterday, right? To the Yoon and Kang CEO’s son?”

“What? Prosecutor Seo got engaged? Which Prosecutor Seo?”

“Which one? Prosecutor Seo Yi-soo, right here in Chief Choi’s office!”

“Prosecutor Seo got engaged the day before yesterday?”

Both Seon-pil and Chief Choi expressed their astonishment in rapid succession. It was now evident why the chief had been bustling around since the early hours of the morning. Yi-soo awkwardly scratched her cheek and let out an uneasy laugh. Clearly, the rumors had already begun to circulate.

“Oh… that,” Yi-soo mumbled sheepishly.

“No, this is unbelievable. Not only did you get engaged to Attorney Yoon Hyun-seong, but how could you omit inviting me, your immediate superior, to the engagement? Chief Choi, were you aware of Prosecutor Seo’s engagement?”

“How could I have known? Can’t you see she’s in shock right now? I’ve never felt this betrayed in my entire life…”

“I apologize. Attorney Yoon’s mother wanted a discreet and simple ceremony.”

The situation did indeed carry the potential for feelings of betrayal. Yi-soo rolled her eyes, silently conveying her understanding. Given the contract engagement with a predefined timeframe, there was little benefit in spreading the news throughout the entire prosecutor’s office.

“I didn’t think you’d be this upset…”

Both men appeared more disappointed than genuinely angry. Seon-pil, who had been exhaling with a look of disbelief, suddenly clapped his hands as if recalling something.

“So, Prosecutor Seo, your father is Prosecutor Park In-seong? How did you manage to keep that a secret?” Seon-pil asked, his expression one of bewilderment.

In response, Chief Choi’s eyes widened. “Oh, so that’s why Prosecutor Park…?”

“What about Prosecutor Park, Chief Choi? Have you heard something?”

“He’s not my biological father; he’s my stepfather. I didn’t deem it necessary to introduce my parents… But I’m still sorry. Please don’t take offense,” Yi-soo interjected.

It appeared that today would be filled with comments from her fellow prosecutors. In response to Yi-soo’s heartfelt apology, Seon-pil cleared his throat and regarded her without harboring any resentment.

“Going forward, if there’s something as significant as this, please give us a heads-up, alright? Even though we’re akin to migratory birds, changing offices every two years, we’re still colleagues, aren’t we? Hmm?”

“Yes, I understand. But did you come all the way here just for that?” Yi-soo inquired.

“Well, that’s not the main reason.”

Saying that, Seon-pil handed the documents he held over to Yi-soo.



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