Chapter 37.1

Yi-soo’s gaze fixed upon the documents before her, a perplexed expression etched across her face. The paperwork at hand was none other than a police report detailing a murder case involving a 37-year-old man in the Cheongjin-dong district. Seon-pil cleared his throat, wasting no time in getting to the heart of the matter.

“The incident occurred just two days ago, but it’s about to land on our desks. The prosecutor is requesting your involvement.”

Yi-soo raised an eyebrow, a hint of annoyance creeping into her voice. “Did you really have to interrupt my day in person? Couldn’t this have waited until after lunch?”

Seon-pil offered a wry smile. “You make a valid point, but consider this: Do you know who the victim is? Once you hear that, you’ll understand why the prosecutor is so invested.”

The report indicated that the victim had been unemployed. Yi-soo, still puzzled, locked eyes with the chief prosecutor, silently questioning the significance of this detail.

“He used to serve as a secretary at Yoon & Kang but resigned roughly six months ago. As soon as news broke that our prosecutor was engaged to the heir of Yoon & Kang, the victim’s name jumped to the forefront. Remember that significant case we closed just last week? Prosecutor Seo handled it.”

Yi-soo nodded, beginning to connect the dots. “I see where you’re going with this, but… Who’s the suspect?”

Seon-pil leaned forward, lowering his voice. “A roommate who shared the same dwelling. I’ll provide you with the detailed records shortly. Doesn’t Prosecutor Seo have a trial scheduled for 3 o’clock?”

Yi-soo sighed, “Yes, I do.”

Seon-pil acknowledged the situation with a nod.

“Given that Prosecutor Seo has assumed control of the case, head to the crime scene. The police have conducted a thorough investigation, but you never know; there might be something they missed. After the trial, proceed with the on-site inspection, and then you can head home.”

“Understood,” Yi-soo replied.

“Hmm… I can’t quite put into words this sense of betrayal I’m feeling today. In light of that, let’s have pork belly wraps for lunch. Even if Prosecutor Seo doesn’t appreciate it, it’s of no consequence.”

Muttering to himself, Seon-pil exited the office. Yi-soo, her nod an acknowledgment, meticulously perused the police report. A former secretary from Yoon & Kang. It was only natural that thoughts of Hyun-seong would surface.

“It’s going to be a challenging Monday,” she mused as she settled into her chair and reclined.


“…The defendant is sentenced to nine years in prison.”

When the judge’s words reverberated through the courtroom, the defendant’s parents, seated in the gallery, were overcome with tears. Today marked the culmination of the fatal assault trial, and while the sentence fell short of the prosecution’s request for fifteen years, it was still deemed a fair judgment.

Yi-soo let out a weary sigh as she exited the courtroom. It was a scene she had witnessed countless times, yet it remained as disheartening as ever.

“Oh, what should we do with our son? Honey… I should have taken his place. Why must Ji-hun be in prison…”

“I must have raised that rascal all wrong… Right from the start… We ended up nurturing a murderer.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Ji-hun appa… It’s all my fault that our child…”

After each trial, there was always someone left to bear the weight of anguish. Whether it was the defendant or those connected to the victim, there was no verdict that could bring complete satisfaction to all parties.

With a heavy briefcase brimming with documents in hand, Yi-soo navigated her way through the bustling courthouse lobby. Her intention was to change into her work attire and head directly to the Cheongjin-dong case scene.

In reality, the motive and method behind the crime were quite apparent. The sole exception was the suspect’s vehement denial of all charges, which prompted the immediate transfer of the case to the prosecutor’s office by the police.

As she mentally sorted through the case’s details, someone gently blocked her path. Yi-soo had momentarily been lost in thought and hadn’t been paying attention to her surroundings.


Someone stood before her, an unexpected encounter in the spacious lobby. Accidental collisions were rare here. Yi-soo tilted her head slightly and looked up at the man who confronted her. His chestnut hair flowed elegantly, a crescent moon-shaped smile adorned his face, and he sported round glasses.

Where have I seen you before…

Yi-soo pondered as she examined the familiar face. This refined and intelligent-looking man extended his hand, a light chuckle escaping his lips. The golden lawyer’s badge adorning his suit lapel gleamed. In that instant, a not-so-distant memory rushed back to her.

“Oh…! We crossed paths at Yoon & Kang, didn’t we…”

“You remember? I recognized you right away. Prosecutor Seo Yi-soo, right?”

“How do you know my name…”

“I found out from someone else. Isn’t there a senior prosecutor named Cha Yeon-woo among your colleagues? He’s my law school classmate.”

As she connected the dots, the name on his business card came into focus: Kang Jin-won, a senior associate lawyer at Yoon & Kang. Since their initial encounter, they had not run into each other again.



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