Chapter 37.2

Yi-soo nodded silently, her gaze locked onto him. He didn’t make a poor first impression; in fact, he seemed rather pleasant.

“Yes, Attorney Kang. But what brings you here?”

“It’s nothing extraordinary. I gave you my business card back then, but you never reached out to me, so I was a bit disappointed. Can I admit to feeling a tad sulky about it?”

Jin-won tilted his head slightly and regarded Yi-soo with affectionate eyes.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I was swamped at the time, and my mind was all over the place.”

While not entirely untrue, the real reason she hadn’t contacted Jin-won first was that she hadn’t felt the urge to do so. She had given him her business card because she had liked him. However, it wouldn’t be appropriate to maintain personal contact with another man while being engaged to Hyun-seong.

In response to her indirect rejection, Jin-won replied with a charming smile, his hazel eyes crinkling softly behind the lenses of his round glasses.

“I’m actually quite interested in Prosecutor Seo. How about you, Prosecutor Seo? Are you not interested in me?”

His comment was straightforward, devoid of pretense. Yi-soo felt slightly caught off guard but managed to conceal her emotions reasonably well.

She offered an awkward smile and tilted her head slightly. Today, of all days, she found herself forcing smiles too often. Behind his round glasses, Jin-won’s hazel eyes reflected her discomfort.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I’m involved with someone. It might be a bit awkward.”

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t just “someone”; it was her contractual fiancé. However, to outsiders, that was the appropriate term. Jin-won’s expression took on a knowing quality in response to Yi-soo’s statement.

“Oh, did I come on too strong? That’s a shame. I was captivated by Prosecutor Seo’s beautiful smile that day, and I’ve been thinking about you ever since.”

“I understand, but it’s better than enduring a grilling in an interrogation room. I’m rather swamped myself… I hope you can understand that, Attorney Kang.”

In response, Jin-won merely shrugged his shoulders, his briefcase now securely in hand. Observing the absence of an immediate response, Yi-soo discreetly glanced at her phone screen. It was approaching the time when she needed to swing by the prosecutor’s office before heading to the case scene.

“Attorney Kang, I have other appointments later, so… I hope we can cross paths again sometime. Take care as you go about your day.”

“I’ve managed to catch Prosecutor Seo. Yes, please take care as well. We’ll certainly meet again.”

As Yi-soo exchanged courteous parting words and made her way, Jin-won’s farewell carried a subtle undertone, hinting at an unspoken message. Without any reaction, Yi-soo continued on her path. He didn’t strike her as a bad person, but there was an air of mystery about him, she thought as she exited the courthouse through its grand entrance.

Stepping out into the embrace of the sun’s gentle warmth, Yi-soo breathed in the fresh air.

“Prosecutor Seo Yi-soo…”

Jin-won, still standing in place, raised the corners of his lips, watching Yi-soo’s retreating figure with a smile. His transparent hazel eyes held a trace of curiosity and intrigue as he stood there for quite some time.

“Until we meet again.”


“No, I think I’ll call it an early day at work today. I’m actually en route to a crime scene…”

“A crime scene?”

“Yes, there was a murder in Cheongjin-dong two days ago. I’m heading there for an on-site investigation. Oh, and by the way… the victim used to work at Yoon & Kang.”

“At our firm? What was his name?”

“Shin Min-yeol. Does that ring a bell?”

Hyun-seong’s voice resonated through the phone’s speaker. It was a call she’d received while making her way to the crime scene after disembarking from the subway. Deajin-ro 113-2… Was this the right direction? Yi-soo scanned her surroundings.

“He was my secretary for more than three years. Then, out of the blue, he handed in his resignation and left without even a farewell party.”

“But didn’t he get in touch with Yoon & Kang separately?”

“Well, I suppose some of the people I was close to might have heard about it. I’ve been tied up in meetings since this morning, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to anyone.”

“Here it is. Anyway, it looks like I’ll wrap up in an hour or two. Shall we have dinner together?”

“Text me your address. I’ll pick you up later.”

With those words, Hyun-seong ended the call, a habit of his that always left her wondering when he would break it. Lost in thought, Yi-soo approached the police line, marked with “POLICE LINE.”

“Excuse me, this area is restricted. You’ll need to go back that way.”

“I’m with the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office.” Yi-soo retrieved her prosecutor’s badge from her bag and presented it, prompting the officer on guard to salute. 

“Oh, we heard someone was on their way. I apologize for not recognizing you right away. Are you heading in now?”

“Yes. Is there anyone currently inside?” Yi-soo asked.

“No, the detectives wrapped up their investigation and left about an hour ago,” replied the officer. “Here, please put this on… and gloves too.”

“Got it.”

The officer, his expression stern, handed her disposable shoe covers and gloves. It was standard procedure to preserve the crime scene. Yi-soo accepted them without hesitation and offered a grateful nod to the officer.

It wasn’t every day they encountered a murder case like this. Yi-soo drew in a deep breath, taking her first step into the scene. The acrid stench of blood immediately pervaded the air, making her stomach churn.



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