Chapter 41.1

What is happening?

Her stomach churned, a sense of unease settling in her gut, as if she’d consumed something amiss. Her legs, devoid of their usual strength, threatened to buckle, making maintaining her balance a daunting task.

Desperation gripped Yi-soo as she extended her trembling hand toward the wall for support. Her labored breaths escaped through lips that had taken on a disconcerting shade of crimson. She furrowed her brows, attempting to regain her composure, but her vision steadily blurred.

Her fingertips grew feeble, and before long, her body swayed uncontrollably.

“Oh my, Prosecutor!”

Chief Choi, who had been patiently waiting outside the examination room, rushed forward in sheer astonishment. Yi-soo had appeared unwell since the morning, her complexion paler than usual.

As he reached out to steady her, Yi-soo collapsed into his arms with weakness emanating from every inch of her.

“Prosecutor! Please, wake up!”

Chief Choi cradled the limp form of Yi-soo. Her body had surrendered to exhaustion, and she seemed to have slipped into unconsciousness.

Min-yeol, who had been confined to his desk, emotions surging within him, also leapt to his feet involuntarily, only to be restrained by the vigilant guards.

With a helpless expression, Chief Choi, one arm supporting Yi-soo’s frail form, raised his voice urgently.

“What’s happening…? Call 119 immediately! Prosecutor Seo Yi-soo! Please, wake up!”

Despite the frantic pleas, there was no response. Yi-soo had fainted, her head resting heavily on Chief Choi’s shoulder. The room was engulfed in chaos.


“She’s fainted due to vasovagal syncope. It’s nothing too alarming; sudden spikes in stress can trigger fainting like this. With some rest, she should recover soon,” the doctor reassured them.

In less than 10 minutes, the 119 paramedics had carefully loaded Yi-soo into an ambulance. Once she reached the nearest emergency room, the attending doctor spoke calmly about her condition.

Chief Choi, his worry etched on his face, inquired, “So, she’ll be alright with rest and staying calm, correct? No need for any specific treatment?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, that’s correct. Additionally, the patient has a mild fever and isn’t in the best overall condition. We’ll prescribe some cold medicine for her, so make sure she takes it when she wakes up. It’s crucial not to push her body too hard and advise her to avoid overexertion.”

“Thank you, doctor…”

The doctor’s composed tone belied the gravity of the situation. Once the doctor was out of earshot, Chief Choi heaved a dramatic sigh. Despite trying to downplay it, the shock of the incident still lingered.

“Oh my, our Prosecutor… She must have been under an immense amount of stress. It was quite a shock when she fainted,” Chief Choi remarked.

Min-seo recalled the events of 30 minutes ago, sticking out her tongue. The sight of Seo Yi-soo collapsing had jolted her. She had completely abandoned her previous plans and had been swept up in the chaos of the moment.

Subsequently, she assumed the role of a guardian, accompanying Chief Choi all the way to the emergency room. Fortunately, there were no demanding afternoon trials that required their attention.

“I’ll stay here until Yi-soo wakes up,” Min-seo offered. “Chief Choi, please don’t worry; you can go back inside.”

Chief Choi, laden with work to finish by the next day, hesitated. “Are you certain you’ll be alright, Prosecutor?”

“Yes, I’ve already informed our division chief.”

Min-seo unfolded a makeshift chair and settled down beside the bed, the sound of IV drops forming a soothing backdrop. Chief Choi, his weariness evident as he massaged his forehead, nodded in understanding.

“Tomorrow marks the start of the weekend. Prosecutor, please rest, and I’ll see you next week.”

Min-seo replied with a reassuring smile. Yi-soo, with her pallid face, showed no signs of stirring anytime soon. After observing her for a while, Min-seo muttered to herself.

“Anyway… Seo Yi-soo, I’m really disappointed. Why keep it all inside? If it’s tough, just say so. If you’re weary, let people know. Come on, try to wake up. Don’t stay so still.”

Yi-soo must have been mentally and physically drained. It was a sight Min-seo had never witnessed during their time in law school. Despite the immense amount of studying they had endured, Yi-soo had never collapsed before. This was more than mere fatigue; it felt as though someone had forcibly unplugged her.

Compared to her candid words, the touch on Yi-soo’s arm was tender. For the past five years, Yi-soo had been Min-seo’s most dependable friend.



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