Chapter 42.1

Blink, blink. Her sight flickered like a weary streetlamp nearing its final moments of illumination. 

Yi-soo painstakingly raised her heavy eyelids, only to close them again promptly. She felt burdened, drained, as if she’d taken an overdose of slumber-inducing pills. Gently, she coiled her slender fingers into a fist. This time, her grip lacked its usual vigor.

Even though it didn’t seem like she’d been in slumber for an extended duration, the intense white glow above her was blinding. She resembled a bear stirring from hibernation, bewildered by the harsh light.

A profound vertigo danced across her forehead, and her insides felt strangely hollow. Summoning great effort, Yi-soo unfurled her eyes and turned her head deliberately.

Where am I…?

Both mentally and physically, she sensed something amiss, as though the various components of her being were on the verge of malfunctioning, emitting ominous creaks.

The ingrained habit of pushing herself to the limit, heedless of the consequences, was all too familiar. Yet, it was a habit born of a life that offered little else.

As her pupils acclimated to the illumination, her hearing gradually returned. How had she not perceived any sounds amidst all this commotion before?

“This is a TA patient! Blood pressure reads 90/70mmHg. Can someone check if Dr. Yoon is available?”

“Excuse me! Our daughter’s running a high fever! It’s almost 38 degrees! She’s coughing too. Please, see our child first!”

“Guardian, there are more pressing cases at the moment, so it’s challenging to attend to yours immediately. Kindly wait a moment, and we will assist you in order.”

“If something happens to our child, will you take responsibility? Will you? Seriously… Arin, let’s go to a different hospital. There are plenty of other hospitals!”

The clash between concerned guardians and the medical staff, along with the agonizing groans of patients undergoing treatment, created a cacophony that assaulted Yi-soo’s eardrums.

The headache, which had barely subsided, resurfaced. She lowered her gaze to her hand, where tape secured an IV needle.

It’s a hospital…

Her last memory was foggy, shrouded in obscurity. She attempted to recollect, but apart from the fact that she had been interrogating a suspect, nothing else came to mind. Should she summon a nurse now that she was awake? Lost in her thoughts, a familiar voice cut through the chaos.

“Hey, Yi-soo!”

“Oh… Min-seo.”

“When did you wake up? I stepped out to grab some bottled water for a moment. You must be thirsty. Would you like some water?” Min-seo offered.

“Yeah,” Yi-soo weakly nodded. “Just give me a sip.”

Her mouth was already parched. Min-seo carefully tilted the water bottle, and Yi-soo took a drink.

The cold water trickled through her dry lips. Perhaps it was due to her swollen throat, but even though she swallowed the liquid, it felt as if she had swallowed a blade.

After a prolonged sigh, she turned her gaze towards Min-seo.

“By the way… What happened to me? This looks like an emergency room. Why am I here?” Yi-soo inquired.

“You passed out. It was quite a spectacle,” Min-seo replied. “That’s why I keep telling you to take care of yourself.”

“Oh. That’s strange. I don’t feel that bad.”

“That’s because it’s unusual to see someone like you collapsing. You know, the one who never even breaks a sweat while working. I informed the head through Chief Choi. Forget about going back to work; just rest for today.”

“…I should see a doctor in the morning. I’ll have to head to work an hour early tomorrow. I had plans for overtime today.”

It wasn’t just a couple of tasks to manage. Yi-soo absently tapped her forehead with her index and middle fingers. Min-seo, who observed her, rolled her eyes and playfully stuck her tongue out. “Is it like a ghost from the afterlife haunting you because you can’t work? Anyway, I don’t get it.”

“No, it’s not quite like that…”

Before Yi-soo could retort to Min-seo’s teasing, the makeshift curtain abruptly parted without warning. Yi-soo instinctively turned her head.

As soon as the person who emerged from behind the white curtain was recognized, Yi-soo’s golden-tinged pupils flickered faintly. It was understandable, for the person before her seemed entirely out of place in an emergency room.

“Hyun… Attorney Yoon?”


It was Yoon Hyun-seong, clad in his usual suit, but his impeccably groomed hair was disheveled. He appeared to have rushed here, as he exhaled breathlessly. 

Slight creases marred his typically flawless forehead. With a subtle furrow in his brow, Hyun-seong locked eyes with Yi-soo, and two gazes collided in the air.

“Oh, Senior! It hasn’t been that long since I called…” Min-seo remarked.

Yi-soo turned to Min-seo with a quizzical expression. “You contacted him? Choi Min-seo.”

“I didn’t initiate contact. I just happened to answer Attorney Yoon’s call. Frankly, I didn’t expect him to show up,” Min-seo whispered softly, speaking in hushed tones. The situation wasn’t ideal either way, and Yi-soo let out a sigh, averting his gaze.



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