Chapter 43.2

Even without tasting it yet, Yi-soo could tell it would be delicious. The enticing aroma had already whetted her appetite.

“But why is there only one bowl? Attorney Yoon should eat too,” she suggested.

“I don’t mind. There’s still some left, so go ahead and finish it.”

“You don’t like porridge?” Yi-soo asked.

“I’m just not very hungry,” Hyun-seong shrugged.

Yi-soo raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. She was about to ask for an explanation, but he waved his hand dismissively. Yi-soo focused her attention on the neatly presented porridge in the white bowl.

After letting it cool for a moment, she took a spoonful and savored it. It was simple, but the wholesome flavor filled her mouth. Even though it hadn’t been cooked for long, it went down smoothly. The finely chopped vegetables blended harmoniously with the rice as they passed through her throat.

“Thank you for this,” Yi-soo said sincerely. “Mr. Yoon Hyun-seong,” she added, taking a sip of the warm water from her glass. The title of ‘Attorney Yoon’ felt somewhat awkward, but calling him by his name seemed just right.

Just as he had begun addressing her as Seo Yi-soo instead of Prosecutor Seo, she might become accustomed to it soon. Initially, it might feel a tad awkward, but it seemed like a good idea to use his name more often.

“Eat well,” Hyun-seong said.

He sat across from her, quietly observing as she ate, his chin resting on his hand. Her condition must have been quite severe at work, to the point of passing out, but thankfully, her appetite appeared intact.

It had been so long since he had prepared a meal for someone else that he couldn’t even recall when it had last occurred. He had never been one to invite others into his personal space or to be overly considerate.

However, Yi-soo was different. He had cooked porridge, a dish he didn’t particularly favor, solely for her. Within the confines of their strategic engagement, his feelings for Seo Yi-soo had taken on a distinctly personal dimension.

By the way, had she been so immersed in her work since the engagement ceremony? He knew she had been investigating a case related to the secretary who had worked at Yoon & Kang. Still, it was unlikely that it had escalated to this extent due to a single murder case.

“Recently, what kind of case have you been handling…” Hyun-seong began to ask, but his phone, resting on the dining table, vibrated suddenly.

“Wait a moment. It’s an important call.”

“Yes, don’t worry,” Yi-soo replied with a nod, continuing to savor spoonfuls of porridge. She carefully chewed on the finely minced beef and the vegetable pieces.

Upon confirming the caller’s identity, Hyun-seong motioned to Yi-soo and then pressed the answer button on his phone. It was a time when he would typically be engrossed in work, so the absence of any work-related calls struck him as unusual.

Relaxing back into his chair, Hyun-seong loosened his tie knot and engaged in a conversation with the caller.

“Yes. This is Yoon Hyun-seong. Well… If we uncover evidence of transactions between the Gyeyeong Industrial company president and our client, asserting complete innocence will be challenging. It’s crucial to first ascertain whether the opposing party possesses concrete evidence.”

His forehead creased ever so slightly, and the tips of his eyebrows formed a diagonal line.

“Yes. Please review the bank statements thoroughly. There might be transactions you haven’t yet examined.”

While maintaining a professional tone during the call, Hyun-seong rhythmically tapped his index finger on the dining table. He pursed his lips and silently conveyed a message.

It appeared that the call would take some time. Yi-soo, who had nearly finished her bowl of porridge, nodded as if to indicate her understanding. The soft clinking of her spoon against the bowl resonated in the room.

Even within the bounds of their engagement relationship, lawyers were bound by the duty of confidentiality. They couldn’t divulge work-related information that couldn’t even be disclosed to the general public, especially not in front of a prosecutor.

Although she couldn’t help but be curious about which representative had enlisted his services, there were moments when not knowing could be advantageous.

Hyun-seong rose from his seat and headed for the study at the far end of the corridor. After a while, the door closed firmly behind him.

Yi-soo fell into thought. By the way… What time should I start work tomorrow? What should I do about Joo-won? I also need to prepare for next week’s trial.

Even though her physical condition had improved, her mind was still swirling with worries. She lacked certainty about whether Joo-won was truly the culprit behind Shin Min-yeol’s death. If, by any chance, they had wrongfully accused an innocent person, the real perpetrator might escape justice.

What kind of truth was entangled in this intricate web? Yi-soo, placing her spoon down, walked over to the sofa to retrieve her phone. She felt an urgent need to contact Su-jeong right away. Although her number seemed to change every time, she intended to call the most recent one she had used.

But at that very moment, her gaze landed on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Suddenly, Yi-soo froze in her tracks and stared intensely at Hyun-seong’s laptop.

At that precise moment, a single thought pierced through her mind like a lightning bolt.




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