Chapter 45.1

“Do not refer to her as ‘that woman.’ It’s Prosecutor Seo Yi-soo.” 

In-hwa scoffed. “You’re quite direct with your words. Even if it’s just in title, she’s your partner, isn’t she? Alright then, Prosecutor Seo. Are you satisfied?” 

Hyun-seong’s impeccably arched eyebrows seemed to tense up as he fixed In-hwa with a gaze that left no room for amusement. 

There was no time to spare on trivial talk. He set his coffee cup down, signaling that it was time to get to the point. The wristwatch on his left arm glimmered as it caught the light.

“You shouldn’t wait for your parents to make the first move, no matter how occupied you are,” In-hwa scolded.

“I’m swamped, and I will continue to be. I will hear from you from Secretary Kang.”

“Busy or not, you should visit your father’s hospital room soon, along with Prosecutor Seo,” In-hwa emphasized, stressing the title “Prosecutor Seo.” However, Hyun-seong’s expression remained as impassive as ever.

“Well, visiting alone should suffice. Is there a need to unnecessarily occupy someone else’s time?” Hyun-seong responded dryly. 

In return, In-hwa narrowed her gaze, revealing faint wrinkles on her forehead from various cosmetic procedures. Her eyes resembled clear glass marbles, reflecting a multitude of emotions, with irritation being the most prominent.

She delicately raised a teacup adorned with a subtle wave pattern, savoring the gentle sweetness that danced on her palate.

“It’s not right to deny any connection when you’re engaged. How amusing. Let’s put an end to this nonsense and free up your schedule for next weekend. It won’t take more than an hour or two,” she said firmly.

“There’s no valid reason for Prosecutor Seo to meet my father. And there’s even less reason for her to confront my mother’s disapproval. Please, let’s not burden someone who’s already carrying a heavy load just by virtue of our engagement.”

Hyun-seong understood the immense pressure his mother would exert on Yi-soo. In-hwa appeared remarkably inscrutable and composed compared to the average person.

People had erroneously assumed that In-hwa was submissive to her husband, obediently following his lead. Min-seok himself possessed an extraordinarily cold-blooded and rational nature.

However, those truly acquainted with them understood the iron grip Mrs. Jang held over the reins. Who in their right mind would dare to challenge the hidden power player within Yoon & Kang?

Jang In-hwa never raised her voice or allowed her dignity to slip, regardless of the circumstances. She exuded an air of dignified composure. She had flawlessly concealed just how venomous a serpent she could be, but those who fell into her web found themselves suffocating and ultimately succumbing, one by one.

Yoon Hyun-seong, having been raised by such parents, had no intention of dragging Yi-soo into this impending catastrophe, no matter how formal their engagement had begun.

His adam’s apple moved ever so subtly, revealing his displeasure. In-hwa, having emptied her teacup without much notice, poured herself another cup. Her tone, though casual, did not align with the subject at hand.

“Well, in any case, it’s a relationship that will soon come to an end, so it’s logical,” she commented.

Hyun-seong furrowed his brow slightly. “What are you trying to imply?”

“Don’t pretend you’re unaware. Once we secure control of the company, that’s all that matters. Unless Vice President Kang becomes directly involved… It’s going to take at least a year, won’t it? Besides, we never truly intended to welcome that child into our family from the outset. Let’s wrap things up and call off the engagement.”

Steam billowed from the hot tea, and In-hwa clicked her tongue lightly.

“There’s nothing particularly bothersome about it at the moment, but come next spring, let’s finalize matters. No matter how much her father is regarded as an illustrious figure, she’s fundamentally an orphan. Keeping him around for too long won’t yield much benefit. Furthermore, Park, the so-called illustrious figure, isn’t exactly well-received within the prosecution. Upholding integrity in Korean society won’t alter much…”

“Mother, it seems you’re sidestepping the issue,” Hyun-seong interjected.

“What did you just say?”

Hyun-seong, who had been silently listening, interrupted In-hwa’s discourse. Discomfort emanated from his pitch-black, profound pupils.

His parched lips delivered a bone-chilling tone. While he maintained a veneer of courtesy, his stance was unmistakable: he could no longer tolerate this.

Each word he uttered carried a cutting force. He could endure self-deprecation. No matter how unconventional their relationship might be, In-hwa was Hyun-seong’s mother, and he knew all too well that she wouldn’t easily change her ways.

But Seo Yi-soo was different. She was immensely capable, strong, and a captivating woman, easily ranking among the most accomplished.

At first, she had merely piqued Hyun-seong’s curiosity, but as time passed, Yi-soo began to infiltrate every facet of his daily life.



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