Chapter 47.1 (18+)

Dry lips moistened as saliva quickly filled the gap between them. With the control box resting between them, Hyun-seong cradled Yi-soo’s neck, his palm gentle yet possessive. Their lips met and parted, creating sensual, wet sounds with each exchange. Yi-soo pressed her lips to his as if it were the last breath in the world, her eagerness palpable.

Their kiss was slow, charged with passion, and their hot tongues danced in a delicate embrace. With nowhere else to roam, Yi-soo used both her hands to grip Hyun-seong’s cheeks. This kiss alone ignited their bodies with an intensity that left them longing for this moment with every passing second. Beneath her skirt, the thin fabric had already become damp.

Hyun-seong gradually undid her shirt buttons, almost tearing them open in his excitement. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own, defying his usual self-control.

Was it a hunger that had been suppressed for too long? He couldn’t help but emit a low chuckle. At the same time, he cupped Yi-soo’s bre*sts over her bra, his strong hands sinking into her soft, yielding flesh.

A soft mo*n slipped from Yi-soo’s lips as Hyun-seong’s thumb brushed against her hardened nipple. She instinctively lowered her head, her lips parting in response.

Yi-soo’s prior experience with intimacy was limited, and this was a completely new world. His tongue danced over her pink nipple, while his fingers delved beneath her skirt, tracing her inner thigh and giving attention to a sensitive spot that sent tingling waves of pleasure up her spine. Overwhelmed by sensation, Yi-soo unconsciously covered her own mouth with her hand.

In reaction to her shyness, Hyun-seong pulled down her underwear, now soaked with desire, to her knees.

“Don’t hold back your mo*ns. I want to hear them,” he whispered, his voice dripping with seduction.

“Uhh, ah… Okay,” she stammered.

“You’re already wet,” Hyun-seong smirked. His provocative words stoked the fire within her. Yi-soo’s grip on his broad shoulders tightened, and every nerve in her body seemed to come alive with sensation.

She hesitated but eventually allowed her hand to venture downward, driven by her desire. Despite her initial embarrassment, she refused to stay passive.

As the moment of shared desire grew, shyness cast its spell over Yi-soo. Her voice was barely a whisper as she let her pale hand rest on the noticeable bulge in Hyun-seong’s swollen pants. “You too,” she softly uttered.

It brought a languid, almost decadent expression to Hyun-seong’s face. Yi-soo, captivated by his appearance, cautiously began to undo his belt buckle. It was as if they were driven by a primal force, something beyond their control. One thing was crystal clear: Seo Yi-soo was just as eager to satisfy Hyun-seong’s desires.

“Can I do this for you?” Yi-soo inquired, her voice trembling with shyness.

Hyun-seong needed no further explanation. Yi-soo used her fingertips to explore the area above his pants zipper. She was well aware of what lay beneath the black fabric. It was so large and firm that it almost seemed impossible to accommodate.

After a brief moment of hesitation, she slipped her hand inside his underwear, grasping his rigid erecti*n. The texture was remarkably fascinating and sensual, and this was her first opportunity to experience such intimate touch.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” he asked.

“I… I’ve seen it in movies. I don’t really know much.”

In reality, her knowledge of s*xual matters was close to nonexistent. Her initial uncertainty had given way to a natural passion. Her hand, warmed by his heat, felt as though it might melt in response to their desires.

Yi-soo’s hand trembled as she clumsily shifted her wrist, her movements lacking finesse. However, despite her unpolished technique, a profound sensation coursed through her. Hyun-seong shut his eyes and tilted his head ever so slightly. A barely audible sigh escaped his lips.


Was she doing the right thing? Embarrassment flushed her cheeks, and she tentatively used her thumb to caress the upper portion of his arous*l. The gl*ns glistened, already slick with clear pre-c*m. The sensation was overwhelmingly new and unfamiliar, but as she gazed into his desire-laden eyes, her heart quickened.

“Move a little more,” Hyun-seong softly instructed as he gently guided her hand with his own, covering her white palm, and moved it up and down slowly. With each pass, the veins on his shaft subtly throbbed, and Yi-soo couldn’t help but let out a soft breath.

As she felt the somewhat raw yet electrifying touch, she slowly lifted her eyelids, absorbing the scene before her.

“Ah… a cond*m,” Hyun-seong murmured.

Hyun-seong, who had never been one to engage in casual encounters, likely hadn’t anticipated the need for cond*ms in his car. Should they halt their intentions here? As much as he desired to delve into the depths of their connection at this moment, he was determined not to act without due consideration.



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