Chapter 47.2 (18+)

Just then, Yi-soo, having overheard Hyun-seong’s comment, spoke softly, her words almost uncertain, as though she doubted he could hear her.

“I have one,” she whispered.


“A cond*m.”

Yi-soo reached for the bag she’d placed in the back seat. Upon unzipping the innermost pocket, she revealed a small, slender box of cond*ms. Her face betrayed a mixture of embarrassment and awkwardness that she couldn’t conceal.

“You brought this along, Seo Yi-soo?” Hyun-seong chuckled softly.

“I just… picked it up about a week ago,” Yi-soo muttered. “It crossed my mind at the convenience store.”

Ever since that unforgettable night, Yi-soo had found herself consumed by thoughts of being with Hyun-seong, which left her feeling somewhat disconcerted. Had their initial encounter left her overly fulfilled?

Despite her relative inexperience in matters of intimacy, an unquenchable desire to share another moment with him repeatedly occupied her thoughts. It was like she had learned the art of longing a bit too late in life.

She had prepared for this moment, just in case, and now her foresight was proving invaluable. Her neck warmed inexplicably as she handed him the three cond*ms.

Hyun-seong, finding her utterly endearing, leaned in, softly brushing his lips against her warm earlobe, and whispered, “Hmm…”

He tore open the packaging and unfurled the slender cond*m onto the tip of his arous*l. The size didn’t matter much in this heated moment. He reclined the driver’s seat, signaling for her to join him.

Yi-soo, having already slipped her underwear down to her knees, carefully seated herself on his lap. As she did, his agile, slender fingers tenderly parted her soft folds and ventured inside.


Hyun-seong, his left hand gently encircling her slender waist, kissed her just below the chin. With each motion of his wrist, sensuous sounds filled the air. He slightly bent his index and middle fingers, tantalizing her inner walls with a fiery caress. Unconsciously, Yi-soo quivered and lowered her head.

“It feels strange.” 

“Your words and actions don’t quite match.”

With a low, throaty chuckle, Hyun-seong withdrew his fingers, now glistening with her desire. As his index and middle fingers departed from within, there was a fleeting sense of emptiness.

Hyun-seong, now wearing a cond*m on his arous*l, enclosed it with his palm. Tipping his head slightly, he locked eyes with her and gently stroked her sensitive spot with the tip of his shaft.

“Can you guide it yourself?”

“I… I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try.” Yi-soo hesitated before positioning his moistened arous*l at her entrance, which seemed slick enough to forego additional lubrication. Is this the right way? Her thoughts felt clouded.

“Ah… uhh…”

As she slowly and meticulously eased herself down onto the girthy tip of his arous*l, her inner walls stretched with an almost painful tightness. With only the head inside, it already felt incredibly snug. Yi-soo lowered her head and gently rocked it from side to side.

“It… it’s not going in. Ahh…”

“Relax and lean on me,” guided Hyun-seong.

Feeling her tense inner muscles grip tightly around the tip of his arous*l, Hyun-seong furrowed his brows ever so slightly. He then placed his left hand on her back, realizing that this endeavor might have been a tad ambitious.

With the head of his arous*l still in his hand, he whispered softly in a hushed tone, “Take it slow. You don’t have to take it all… Ah.”

“Ah, ahh… Ugh!”

Her lower abdomen felt as if it were brimming, yet it hadn’t fully penetrated her yet. Amidst the intense blend of pain and pleasure, tears welled up in her eyes. Yi-soo clung to Hyun-seong’s shoulders and bit down hard on her lower lip.

She squeezed her eyes shut and lowered herself with unwavering determination. In an instant, a powerful sensation pierced her inner walls.

“Ugh! Ah…!”

Thick tears brimmed in her widened eyes, and Yi-soo, uncertain of what to do, urgently pressed her lips against Hyun-seong. He felt like her only lifeline as she clung to him tightly, her arms wrapped around his neck.

Beneath her skirt, Hyun-seong firmly grasped her soft buttocks with both hands, like a wild predator securing its prey. His desire to delve as deeply as possible warred with his determination not to hurt Seo Yi-soo. He moved his hips from below, caressing her inner walls. With each thrust that pressed against her most sensitive spot, Yi-soo couldn’t help but mo*n uncontrollably.

“Haah! Hnnn… deeper…”

“Ha… f*ck.”

Finally, in a low voice, Hyun-seong muttered curses. Seo Yi-soo, clinging to him and enveloping his manhood, was driving him to the brink of desire. Seo Yi-soo was the only woman who could unleash the restraint on his passion. Their intense yearning promised to keep them entwined throughout the night.

“Yes… ah… hnnn, ah!”

The raindrops tapping on the car window were now muffled by their passionate mo*ns. Yun Hyun-seong could feel it, and he sealed the moment with a kiss on Yi-soo’s neck, marking the start of a long and intense night.

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