Chapter 5.2

While Ji-hyun was shocked by the news, Tae-jun silently sighed inwardly. He had been working as Hyun-seong’s secretary for several years, and his boss’s explosive personality still caught him off guard at times.

Jeong-ae smiled knowingly and shrugged her shoulders. She playfully zipped her lips, adding a gesture of secrecy.

As the elevator doors opened briefly, Hyun-seong exchanged a nod with the two before they closed again.

“Attorney, keeping things quiet is important.” Tae-jun advised.

“It was confirmed yesterday, the engagement,” Hyun-seong replied calmly.

“What? You mean you’re really engaged to Prosecutor Choi Min-seo?” Tae-jun was taken aback.

“Do you think I’ll spread the news myself?” Hyun-seong retorted.

Tae-jun nodded, realizing the validity of his point. It was better not to discuss such matters openly outside the office.

Soon, they reached Hyun-seong’s spacious office on the 25th floor, a privilege of being a partner lawyer. Tae-jun closed the door securely and drew the curtains before speaking again.

“Did you meet Prosecutor Choi in person yesterday?” he inquired.

“Did you tell her where I was?”

“That’s odd. I assumed you had read my message. Out of nowhere, Prosecutor Choi Min-seo contacted me, and I naturally thought it had to do with you,” Tae-jun said, looking puzzled as he scratched the back of his head. He knew that Hyun-seong didn’t hold this engagement in high regard.

“By the way, how did that woman know where I was?” Hyun-seong inquired.

“Who? Choi Min-seo?”

“No, Seo Yi-soo.”

“Seo Yi-soo? Who’s that?” Tae-jun asked, now curious.

Hyun-seong leaned back in his leather chair behind the large desk, his eyebrows slightly narrowed with displeasure.

The woman who visited him last night had a confidence and fearlessness that caught his attention, despite his indifference. Her wavy hair flowed down to her chest, and her transparent brown eyes contrasted beautifully with her fair skin and the color of her lips.

Even though their meeting had been brief, Yi-soo’s face remained etched in his memory like a tattoo.

“Wasn’t Choi Min-seo from the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office?” Tae-jun asked.

“Yes, she worked in the Criminal… something department,” Hyun-seong confirmed. “Seems like they know each other, which explains everything.”

Tae-jun sighed, wondering why Hyun-seong only shared what he wanted to. He adjusted his wireframe glasses and squinted, trying to make sense of the situation.

With a hint of nostalgia in his eyes, Hyun-seong looked into the distance and spoke with a dreamy expression, “I’m getting engaged, but it’s with Seo Yi-soo.”

“Who is Seo Yi-soo… wait? What do you intend to do?” Tae-jun asked, feeling puzzled.

“She’s a prosecutor in the 3rd division of the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office. I need you to gather information about her and have it organized by the end of the day,” Hyun-seong replied.

Tae-jun couldn’t believe his ears. Just yesterday, there were rumors about Hyun-seong being engaged to the president’s daughter. He stepped forward, wanting answers.

“Hyun-seong hyung, I mean Attorney Yoon, what’s happening all of a sudden? Who is Seo Yi-soo, and why are you getting engaged to her?” Tae-jun asked, seeking clarity.

“I’m not sure either. I met her for the first time yesterday,” Hyun-seong explained.

“Where did you meet her?”

“At a bar. Tae-jun, instead of asking questions, go and find the information. Submit the report by the end of the day,” Hyun-seong instructed, turning to his laptop.

Though Tae-jun felt frustrated, he knew there was no point in arguing further. He grumbled complaints as he headed toward his desk.

Left alone, Hyun-seong checked some economic articles before taking out his phone. He dialed the number on a business card he remembered by heart. With superior judgment and decisiveness, he was among the most capable lawyers at Yoon & Kang. And now, he acted without hesitation.

Tapping the screen with his fingertip, he sent the message with a few silent seconds passing before pressing the send button.


“Prosecutor, where do you want to eat today?” Ho-yeon asked.

“I made a reservation at a nearby sushi restaurant. The department head likes seafood,” Yi-soo replied.

“Oh, Prosecutor Seo, when will you stop being the lunch planner? You should lose the ‘youngest’ title soon,” Ho-yeon teased.

With a chuckle, Yi-soo got up from her seat and stretched. It had been over a year since she graduated from the trainee status and became a prosecutor in the 3rd division. But selecting the lunch spot for the prosecutors remained a challenging task, considering their different tastes.

Though they didn’t openly call her the “lunch planner” anymore, the tradition persisted, and the youngest one still had to pick the lunch place. Chief Choi waved her hand with a sheepish smile.

“Enjoy your meal and come back. Ho-yeon, how about having some potato stew today? It might cheer up Jae-hee after getting scolded by Prosecutor Park earlier.”

“Sounds good. I’ll text Jae-hee too,” Ho-yeon agreed.

“I’ll join you guys later. Have a good lunch,” Chief Choi added.

Yi-soo left the room with a smile and headed towards office 1402. As she walked, her phone in her pocket vibrated.

Curiosity sparked in Yi-soo as she glanced at her phone’s screen. The message from an unsaved number held a mysterious invitation.

[Tomorrow at 8 p.m. 7th floor of KD Department Store.]

Even without a name, Yi-soo knew who the sender was. Hyun-seong’s unexpected request to meet at the department store without clarifying the contract left her puzzled about his intentions.

After a moment’s thought, she chose not to reply and changed her focus. Dealing with her concerns could wait. Right now, making her superior happy was the priority.



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