Chapter 55.2

From a rational standpoint, it made sense to restrain her, to keep her silent—or perhaps take a gentler approach. However, Yoon Hyun-seong had no intention of pressuring Seo Yi-soo, even if harboring her risked Yoon & Kang’s downfall. It was a calculation that defied logical sense.

“Seo Yi-soo.” He guided her hand to the space above his heart, the thin fabric of his shirt the only barrier between them, his heartbeat irregularly pulsating.

Yoon Hyun-seong had always been on the winning side throughout his life. Yet, in this moment, he found himself contemplating a darker path.

Yi-soo blinked slowly, locking eyes with Hyun-seong. Breaking the silence, he uttered, “Use me.”

“…Mr. Yoon.”

“I willingly offer myself to be used as much as you need.”

Her crimson lips slightly parted, and it felt as if the alcohol had suddenly cleared his mind, replacing the blurry vision with the distinct features of Hyun-seong’s face.

Unknowingly, Yi-soo responded hesitantly, “What does that mean…”

“Exactly as it sounds. Use me as much as you need. And…” He hesitated, uttering a sentence that had never left Yoon Hyun-seong’s lips before. Through his palm, the rhythmic thumping of his heartbeat resonated.

“Don’t discard me.”

Yi-soo, her eyes quivering, fixed her gaze on him and spoke with absentminded sincerity.

“I… want you.”


“How could I discard?”

In that moment, a wave of emotions surged in Yi-soo’s throat, transforming into transparent tears that traced down her cheeks. Leaning in, she delicately pressed her lips against Hyun-seong’s.

How could I ever let you go? I’m already completely captivated.

Yi-soo enveloped him with both arms, savoring every breath. The tender kiss lingered for an extended moment.

Outside the pub, raindrops began to fall. The soft pattering of the thin rain on the pavement created a gentle symphony, feeling like the culmination of a long journey finally reached.


Buzz. Buzz.

The bedside table’s surface reverberated as the phone persistently vibrated beside the bed. Under normal circumstances, she would have stirred awake after the first or second buzz, but the remnants of last night’s alcohol muddled her senses.

Despite her attempts to ignore it, the phone’s insistent ringing refused to cease. Yi-soo, cocooned under the blanket with a weary expression, fumbled for her phone. Her eyelids, as if glued together, struggled to open fully.

Uttering a groggy complaint, a completely raspy voice escaped her dry lips. The caller’s identity remained unchecked as Yi-soo instinctively swiped the answer button, her stomach churning from the lingering effects of the hangover.

“Uh, hello…”

  • Prosecutor, are you still sleeping? I hope I didn’t wake you up.

“Who is this…”

  • It’s Detective Ahn. Can I call you back later?

The speaker emitted a voice that rang familiar. In her half-asleep state, Yi-soo roused herself upon hearing his name. It wasn’t until she glanced at her phone that the unmistakable identity of ‘Detective Ahn’ became evident. Shaking her head vigorously, she attempted to shake off her drowsiness.

I must be losing my mind…

Coughing lightly, Yi-soo cleared her throat before responding, “No, Detective Ahn. I had a late night yesterday… What’s happening? It’s the weekend.”

  • Ah, I might have woken you up for no reason. I apologize. It’s something important…

“Yes, yes. Please go ahead.”

  • In the process of checking Park Su-jeong’s phone, I found a strange recording. It’s a conversation with the victim of the last case, Shin Min-yeol.

Shin Min-yeol. A distant memory flooded back in its entirety. Yi-soo involuntarily squinted, honing in on the voice emanating from the other end.

  • It seems like there was some kind of deal between the two, and the content seems suspicious. Can you check it, Prosecutor?

“Yes. Please send the file to my phone or email. I’ll listen to it.”

  • Alright. Get back to me after you’ve checked.

Shortly after concluding the call, Detective Ahn sent an email. Without a moment’s hesitation, Yi-soo pressed the download button. How many seconds elapsed? The instant she read the words ‘Download Complete,’ Yi-soo proceeded to play the audio file. Setting aside fleeting thoughts, the voice of Shin Min-yeol resonated in her ears.

  • What do you mean all of a sudden, Shin Min-yeol? Are you giving up?
  • Sigh… It wasn’t someone easy to mess with. It seems they want to mess not only with me but also with my family and friends. I think I need to step back from here… I’ll hand the USB over to Reporter Baek as promised. I don’t want to hold onto it anymore.
  • Think again, Mr. Shin Min-yeol. Aren’t you regretting all the evidence you’ve gathered so far? We can guarantee complete anonymity on our side. Please reconsider.
  • No… I’m tired now. Constantly harassed, threats to those around me. In fact, handing this over to Reporter Baek is already a risky move. The original is all in the USB. I’ve deleted all backup files. Don’t contact me anymore, and let the reporter handle it.

As Yi-soo listened to the recording, her expression contorted, and she held the phone’s bottom speaker to her ear.



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