Chapter 57.2

After a prolonged gaze at the photo, Hyun-seong raised an eyebrow. Then, he brushed aside his partially fallen bangs. A fragment of memory precisely pierced his mind. His jet-black pupils sank deeply.

“I remember.”

“Really? Do you know him?” Secretary Kang squinted, adjusting his glasses.

“Yeah. Go Dong-hyun. He was my high school classmate. The son of the CEO of Yoo-jeong Chemistry.”

“Oh! Oh! Now I remember. I saw him once when I followed Attorney Yoon around. Wasn’t he a clubgoer with nothing to do? Why is someone like him appearing here? Judging by the composition, it seems like he took the picture himself, but…”

Hyun-seong, running his fingers along his sharp jawline, focused on his phone. Then, he glanced at Tae-jun. “Find out Go Dong-hyun’s whereabouts. Maybe… it could be a crucial key in unraveling this.”

“Another task added to my plate…,” Tae-jun sighed. “Yes, yes. As long as I’m paid well, I can endure.”

“Seo Yi-soo, is it okay if I keep this USB?” Hyun-seong inquired.

“Sure,” nodded Yi-soo. “There’s no need for me to carry it around.”

The three exchanged glances. A silent understanding had formed, transcending words. Hyun-seong retrieved the USB and powered down the computer. With this, they might uncover the clues to the case. A glint of determination flashed in his sharp pupils.


Thump, thump, thump, thump.

The resonant beats of the drum bass reverberated within the walls. Club Deja Vu, nestled in the pulsating heart of Gangnam’s nightlife district, may not have been colossal, but it held a notorious reputation for its swift judgments based on appearances and wealth; seven out of ten hopeful entrants found themselves turned away at the entrance.

Ear-splitting music surged through the colossal amplifiers, casting a vibrant glow over the stage. A diverse crowd, indifferent to gender, was caught up in a frenzy of uninhibited dance.

“Hey, have you felt the extraordinary vibe tonight? Fridays here are a must!”

“What? Can’t hear you!”

“Tonight’s going to be epic!”

A woman, gyrating as if possessed, covered one ear and shouted over the surrounding tumult. Even amid the ambient chaos, her friend managed to grasp the message, nodding in agreement.

In a shift of rhythm, the DJ transitioned to a slower beat. Two men, who had been sipping whiskey at a table, approached a group of laughing women.

“You two enjoying yourselves?”

“Yeah, just the two of us tonight. Sorry, guys.”

“Don’t apologize. There are some interesting folks at that table over there. Join us? It’s too noisy here; let’s head to a second round at the pocha!”

“Alright, we’re in… Hey, hey. Lee Jina, look at 4 o’clock. Hurry!”

The sudden intrusion didn’t seem to faze them. A woman in a mini dress responded with a feigned, polite laugh, her attention captivated by an alluring presence in the 4 o’clock direction.

At an impressive height of 190cm, he possessed a robust physique, distinctive facial features illuminated even in the club’s dim lighting, and an attire that seemed oddly out of place amidst the pulsating ambiance. One couldn’t help but be captivated by his flawless appearance.

“Wow, damn… Is he a celebrity? He’s like from another planet. Should we approach him?”

“Forget it. Clearly a model. Think he’ll socialize with us? Probably here with his girlfriend.”

“No, look closer. Seems like he’s alone, no women around. Brace for possible rejection and give it a shot?”

“Hey, you guys were supposed to enjoy yourselves tonight…”

“Oppa. No, mister. Do I have to be blunt? You’re not our type.”

Lee Jina, fixated on someone, furrowed her brow and sighed audibly. Ignoring the blunt refusal, the men muttered curses and retreated to their table. Meanwhile, the unmistakable model had vanished.

“Oh, damn… Missed the chance dealing with those losers.”

“He probably wouldn’t have heard the answer anyway. Look at him, seems too high-maintenance. Let’s just grab a drink.”

The women sighed in a disappointed manner, their fingertips tracing across their foreheads.

Observing the ebb and flow of their encounter, Hyun-seong opened the VIP room’s door on the club’s second floor. Though unauthorized, there was no hesitation in his touch. With a subtle lift of his chin, he surveyed the men and women inside, his gaze fixating on the central figure.

“Go Dong-hyun.”



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