Chapter 58.1

Without warning, a stranger entered without knocking, leaving the onlookers visibly perplexed. This reaction was not entirely unexpected, especially since two couples were in the midst of exchanging passionate kisses. Upon entering, Hyun-seong released the door handle he had been gripping, and the hefty door shut with a resounding thud.

“Who do you think you are, barging in like this…! Do you know this guy, Dong-hyun?” 

“I have something to discuss. It’s probably not something your friends would want to hear.”

“Ah, still as fiery as ever… Oh, no. Seung-jo, my friend. He’s a lawyer named Yoon Hyun-seong.”

“No, if he’s a lawyer, he’s a lawyer. Why did he suddenly appear and cause a fuss…!”

The man named Seung-jo appeared startled, as if his romantic moment had been abruptly interrupted. Dressed in opulence from head to toe, he seemed poised to confront Hyun-seong at any moment. Dong-hyun stepped in, grasping Seung-jo’s forearm and restraining him.

The remaining men and women observed Hyun-seong with expressions that hinted at their intrigue. In contrast to Seung-jo’s animated and restless demeanor, Hyun-seong wore an enigmatic expression.

“If it’s acceptable to discuss matters openly, we can continue the conversation here. It’s merely a narrative that may not captivate anyone’s interest,” Hyun-seong remarked impassively.

“Right. Hey, folks. I’m genuinely sorry, but could you grant us a moment of privacy? Hyun-seong has something to discuss with me privately. Approximately… 30 minutes? Hyun-seong, will it take that long?”

“10 minutes. Depending on your response, give or take 5 minutes.”

“Yeah, got it. Really sorry. If I return after our discussion, I’ll treat you all to three bottles of 30-year-old soju. I understand you might be bored, so feel free to go out and dance on stage or something.”

Despite Seung-jo scowling at Dong-hyun’s direct invitation, it seemed he couldn’t turn it down. Uttering curses under his breath, he picked up the cigarette case from the table and stood up. Eventually, eight men and women followed Seung-jo toward the exit.

In that instant, Yoon Hyun-seong’s gaze was captured by someone. It was a woman with pitch-black dyed hair cascading down her back, elegantly dressed in a snug mini dress that revealed her exposed back. Hyun-seong positioned himself in front of her as if creating a barrier.

“Give us a moment. Stay here,” he instructed.

“Huh? Me too?”

“Yeah, Hyun-seong. She’s mine… you know her, right? This is it. No matter how much you try, you can’t delay it. We’re going to get married.” Dong-hyun smirked ambiguously, tapping his index finger on the table, prompting Hyun-seong to frown at the overtly vulgar expression, responding with a resolute voice. 

“I’m not interested.”

The woman named Ji-yeon appeared bewildered by the sudden command. However, after a swift appraisal of Hyun-seong’s face, she reluctantly took a seat, as if left with no alternative.

“By the way… what’s going on?” Dong-hyun inquired. “You could have called. I always pick up your calls without ignoring them.”

“It’s not the kind of conversation for the phone. Besides, I don’t have the inclination to chat for too long,” Hyun-seong replied.

“It’s been over 10 years since high school graduation, and you still look the same every time I see you. But why were you so popular with the girls, even though you’re such a boring guy? I have no idea.”

Ji-yeon, seated closely beside Dong-hyun, chuckled. She tilted a whiskey bottle, poured a glass, and handed it to Dong-hyun.

“Seems like you’re the only one who doesn’t know, oppa. I figured it out in just one minute. Even if the personality isn’t thrilling, this… face is amusing.”

Pity emanated from Yoon Hyun-seong’s gaze as he observed the two. He casually crossed his long legs on the leather sofa. From the slightly protruding ankle bones to the immaculate patent leather shoes, it presented a captivating sight.

He retrieved a photograph from his grasp and nonchalantly tossed it onto the table. “It’s a photo you posted on SNS, so you should recognize it well,” he remarked.

“Crazy… Hey, Hyun-seong, where did you find this? I deleted it within 10 minutes of posting… If you spread it, it’s going to be a major issue.”

“Oh, my, oppa,” Ji-yeon exclaimed. “You posted a picture with me? You must be out of your mind… I explicitly told you not to take pictures if you were going to act like that. Roman made it clear not to turn on the camera.”

“Ugh… damn it. You’re right. I wasn’t thinking straight. But I thought it was safe to post it on a few private accounts with just a handful of friends. How did you even come across this photo? Please delete this.”

It turned out the photo came from Min-yeol’s USB, originally uploaded on social media. It also served as a means to hold onto Ji-yeon, who was attempting to leave. The couple, captured in various disguises, staring into the camera, happened to be Dong-hyun and Ji-yeon.



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