Chapter 58.2

Hyun-seong glanced at those unable to conceal their surprise, their embarrassment evident. It was pretty clear from their reactions. Yoon Hyun-seong wasn’t one to indirectly gauge intentions by turning around.

Pulling out a cigarette case, he spoke with indifference, “Colosseum.”

Though it wasn’t an exceptionally significant term, the eyes of the two individuals quivered like candles in the wind. Breaking the tense silence, Dong-hyun spoke.

“Hyun-seong, how much do you know…?” he asked cautiously.

“Just give me the basic details,” Hyun-seong said. “No need for specifics, just the essentials.”

“If you’re considering reporting to the police or delving deeper…”

Observing the perplexed expressions, it seemed like a bit of a time-wasting endeavor. With a wry smile, he shifted to one side, appearing somewhat displeased. Interpreting the nonverbal cues, Dong-hyun simply raised the corner of his mouth with his thumb. Hyun-seong, accompanied by a short sigh, released a faint puff of smoke.

“I got curious. How does one acquire a membership? Tell me who can join.”

“Oh, was that it? Hey, you should have mentioned it earlier… I was planning to stop going there anyway. I was contemplating whom to transfer it to. This works out well.”


“Yeah, there are fewer than a hundred people with memberships. Recommendations or introductions are not allowed, so the only way is for a member to transfer their rights.”

Dong-hyun’s complexion brightened with subdued pride, and he began to elaborate on an unasked question.

“But how did you discover it through my SNS? Only a handful of people know about it. It’s like some exclusive VIP club. I’ve been wanting to visit Colosseum for ages. Do you know Jin-young? I got the membership transferred from him, and he wouldn’t stop boasting about it. Making money while enjoying the scenes and sounds is genuinely enjoyable. Of course, I lost more than I earned, but…”

“Oppa, I won three games last time. So, I told him to bet as I instructed.”

“Did that guy act all arrogant there… Well, at least you’re better than me.”

The conversation grew increasingly convoluted. However, Hyun-seong quietly smoked his cigarette, revealing no emotions. Before their private dialogue could stretch too far, he casually posed a question.

“Where is it? Exactly, what kind of place is it?”

“It’s in Yangpyeong… I can’t disclose the detailed address. We made some sort of secret pact. As for what kind of place it is… well, it’s a bit hard to put into words. Just think of it as an underground gambling den.”

“You express it quite elegantly. But that’s probably true. If you’re curious, Hyun-seong… was it oppa? Oppa, why don’t you go check it out? We’ve severed ties. I’ll transfer it to you.”

Ji-yeon brushed her long, flowing hair behind her back and laughed brightly. Despite her seductive feline appearance, Hyun-seong’s gaze lingered for less than a second.

The word “transfer” echoed repeatedly. It appeared there were limits to what they could glean from these individuals. Was infiltration the only option? Hyun-seong brushed his smooth jawline with his fingertips.

“How many members are there? Can you provide a list?”

“Well, there might be around 50 or so… I’m not sure because everyone wears masks when they go, so I don’t know who they are. That’s the most important rule. Nobody inquires about each other’s identities. Conversations are also limited to necessary writing.”

“That Roman guy, is he the administrator there?”

“Yeah, probably? There’s a guy who wears a red mask. He’s tall enough to stand out. I haven’t talked to him, though…” Dong-hyun responded with a rolling of his eyes, as if his memory was a bit hazy. Hyun-seong then tapped the unburnt end of the cigarette on the ashtray and extinguished the flame.

After flicking the cigarette butt away, he casually raised his chin. It seemed like he needed to directly confirm what was happening there to find any clues.

“Can you lend me that membership? They say they don’t check your identity if you go there.”

“Lend it to you? Well, isn’t it better to receive a transfer than to borrow it like that?”

“No, a transfer isn’t necessary,” Hyun-seong firmly stated.

“Hyun-seong, you’re not planning anything unusual using my name, are you? I trust you’re not that type, but…” Dong-hyun interrupted with a hesitant expression, raising his head. “That’s a bit extreme. I’ll simply facilitate the transfer. With your qualifications, it should go smoothly. Besides, wouldn’t it be advantageous if the prospective CEO of Yoon & Kang expressed interest?”

“Your father, Chairman Ko, donated 20 billion to Yoojung Academy last February.”

“Why bring that up all of a sudden?” Dong-hyun questioned.

Dong-hyun, who had been speaking assertively, fell silent for a moment. Ji-yeon, seated beside him, blinked with curiosity.

Adjusting his tie knot, Hyun-seong casually spoke in an indifferent tone. “Regardless, upon your passing, it’ll all become part of your inheritance. People will uncover the tax evasion to reduce inheritance tax. It’ll become common knowledge throughout the country.”

“Why are you being so sudden about this?”

Dong-hyun’s face drained of color when the topic of the donation surfaced. He forced a laugh, but the tension in his spine was evident.

“Alright, I understand. You’re quite a formidable character,” Dong-hyun admitted.

“I’ll reach out in a few days, so prepare to receive it. I’m leaving.”

At the mention of the donation, Dong-hyun’s composure wavered. Hyun-seong, as if concluding his business, stood up and opened the VIP room door. In the end, the revelation was inevitable; it was merely postponed for a brief moment.

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