Chapter 59.2

The route to the address provided by Dong-hyun proved to be challenging, with an uneven and poorly maintained road. Spanning from Seoul to Yangpyeong, the journey demanded nearly 30 minutes of navigating through roads where even the signage was haphazardly placed.

Seated in the driver’s seat, Secretary Kang raised his glasses, wearing a troubled expression. To illuminate the dark and uncertain road, he flicked on the headlights.

“I’m not sure if we can navigate properly. Is this the correct place, Attorney Yoon? The navigation isn’t working well either,” he voiced his concern.

“They probably intentionally chose a remote location to discourage accidental visits,” Attorney Yoon responded. “That makes sense… Anyway, the map app shows that we’re near here.”

The two occupants in the back seat leaned in to peer at the phone screen. Hyun-seong, donned in his customary upscale suit, and Yi-soo, dressed in a stylish mini dress with her shoulders covered by a shawl, observed the surroundings. While the H-line skirt she wore extended to her thighs and felt uncomfortably long, she adhered to the dress code received from Yoon; otherwise, her typical pant suit might have been her choice.

She delicately lowered the butterfly mask adorning her face, its design extending from her forehead to the center of her nose.

“Continue straight for a bit more, Secretary Kang. This doesn’t seem to be the right place,” she advised.

“I understand,” he replied.

Yi-soo turned off the phone screen and turned to Hyun-seong, whose face was mostly concealed by a mask. His appearance brought to mind the lead character in an opera, Erik. While not entirely akin to Erik, who covered his entire face except for his mouth, the mask added a touch of sophistication that couldn’t be overlooked.

Just then, Secretary Kang cautiously applied the brakes and peered ahead.

“Oh? Who’s over there?” he exclaimed.

Upon hearing this, Yi-soo lifted and adjusted her mask. True to Tae-jun’s description, a tall man holding a red glow stick stood in their path. As their vehicle approached, he knocked on the driver’s seat three times.

Secretary Kang, visibly tense, stole a brief glance at the duo before cautiously rolling down the window. A low, cavernous sound permeated through the partially open window.

“Are you the guests?”

“Yes,” Hyun-seong affirmed.

“If you go forward, you’ll come to three intersections. Take all rights. Have a pleasant time,” the mysterious figure instructed.

Behind the mask, Hyun-seong’s eyes narrowed, registering the directions. Secretary Kang, masking his inner tremors, promptly closed the window after a terse acknowledgment. He pressed on the accelerator, and the car resumed its course.

“This is the situation. That’s why we couldn’t pinpoint the exact address,” Yi-soo explained.

“Ugh, so complicated. Can’t just the two of you go? If you don’t return within two hours, I’ll report it to the police,” Tae-jun suggested with a hint of frustration.

“If we’re not out within two hours, observe from outside and report it to the police immediately. They mentioned that mobile phones aren’t allowed inside, anyway,” Hyun-seong instructed.

“Am I working as a lawyer’s secretary, or are we shooting a spy movie?” Tae-jun grumbled to himself, turning the steering wheel to the right. Despite his complaints, genuine concern for the safety of Hyun-seong and Yi-soo lingered in his thoughts.

After approximately ten more minutes of driving, a circular building emerged in the distance, isolated amidst a barren landscape.

“It really looks like a colosseum. Did they intentionally design it that way?” Tae-jun pondered.

“…Seo Yi-soo. Just in case. If you want to get out, grab my palm tightly. Don’t worry about being discreet,” Hyun-seong cautioned.

“Understood, Attorney Yoon.”

“Please, both of you, be careful. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s unsettling. Who knows what crazy things are happening inside…”

As they neared their destination, guards obstructed the path of the vehicle. Hyun-seong and Yi-soo opened the backseat doors and exited. Approaching the building’s entrance, they were met by men wearing white masks who politely greeted them.

“Hello. Welcome to the Colosseum. Would you kindly show your membership cards?”

Without uttering a word, Hyun-seong retrieved two cards from his pocket and presented them, his hands adorned with thin leather gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints.

After scrutinizing the membership cards with meticulous attention, the attendants presented a black box. An unspoken understanding passed between Hyun-seong and Yi-soo as they placed the air gauge inside, following the protocol Dong-hyun had briefed them on. Naturally, they weren’t foolish enough to submit their personal phones.

“After setting a password, please lock the box. Here’s the machine,” instructed one of the attendants.

Hyun-seong, after configuring a four-digit password and securing the box, handed it over. In exchange, they received two compact devices, no larger than the palm of their hands, known simply as ‘Machines.’ The screen displayed only BET and CHAT buttons.

“Is this for betting and chatting?” Yi-soo, holding one of the machines, nervously inquired, the tension palpable.

The guide officer in a white mask responded with a formal smile, “Since you’re a bit late, you can start betting from the second round. The first round is still in progress. Please enjoy your time.”

With those words, the guards opened the doors on both sides, revealing a shocking scene before the two.

Yi-soo’s mouth slightly parted as she beheld the spectacle beyond the masks, her amber eyes visibly shaken.



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