Chapter 6.2

“What time does it close, Secretary Kang?” Hyun-seong turned to his secretary.

Tae-jun checked his watch and replied, “Ah… It closes in 50 minutes.”

“We don’t have much time left. Come in, Prosecutor Seo,” Hyun-seong urged, walking into the store without giving a direct answer to Yi-soo’s query. She followed behind, feeling a hint of unease. Rubbing her temples lightly, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something might go wrong, just as she had feared from the beginning of their contractual arrangement.

Entering the spacious and elegant store, they were warmly greeted by two staff members in skirt suits.

“Welcome. Can I help you find something?” one of the staff members asked.

“She’s the one who needs clothes. Several elegant and clean dresses, mainly in monochrome. Beige is fine too,” Hyun-seong replied.

Curious, Yi-soo couldn’t help but ask, “What is Attorney Yoon up to right now…?”

“After you check the contract later, you’ll see that I added a few clauses,” Hyun-seong said nonchalantly. Tae-jun handed Yi-soo an envelope containing documents, and she accepted it, slightly narrowing her eyes. He seemed to be acting on his own.

“We don’t have much time, so check it later. Go and try on the clothes the staff recommends,” he instructed.

“Attorney Yoon, I’m your contracting partner, not your subordinate. I’m not someone you can order around,” Yi-soo asserted.

“I don’t need unnecessary explanations,” Hyun-seong retorted, annoyance evident in his gaze and posture.

“We have to meet my mother in a week. It’s a formal occasion, but she’s quite particular. Since it’s about choosing what to wear for that meeting, stop asking questions and start with the fitting,” he pressed, his tone firm.

“Huh. I never agreed to this,” Yi-soo protested.

“It’s all listed in the contract. If you don’t like it, should we pretend this never happened?” Hyun-seong replied without hesitation, leaving Yi-soo frustrated.

She weighed her options, considering whether to give up or push further to find the hacker who could unlock the security USB. The risk was high, but she couldn’t forget Su-jeong’s memo. She had to retrieve the files for her sister’s sake.

With a weary expression, Yi-soo touched her forehead, deep in thought, and reluctantly followed the staff member.

“How unlucky am I…” she mumbled quietly.

“I can hear everything,” Hyun-seong retorted.

“I said it so you could hear,” Yi-soo replied, not bothering to turn around. The staff member presented a few elegant dresses for her to choose from.

“How about this style? It’s a new S/S item, and we only have one left in our store. It’s mostly in white tones, so you can create a pure and clean image. The brooch here adds a nice touch,” the staff member suggested.

“Can you give it to me for now? I’ll try it on and come back,” Yi-soo requested.

“Yes, ma’am. The fitting room is located on the right,” the staff member said politely.

Yi-soo took the square-neck dress and headed to the fitting room, marveling at the luxurious store’s pleasant and tidy interior. As she took off her blouse and looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but wonder what awaited her in the coming days.

Her fair face, plump lips, and graceful jawline gave Yi-soo a pretty, familiar look. Yet, something felt different today, though she couldn’t pinpoint why.

“…It fits perfectly,” Yi-soo commented as she looked at herself in the knee-length dress. She wasn’t sure what kind of person Hyun-seong’s mother was, but she sensed she might be conservative. The square-neck dress highlighted her collarbone and had an elegant fit, suitable for a wedding.

After returning the tried-on clothes to the hangers, Yi-soo stepped out of the fitting room, pushing her bangs aside. To her surprise, Hyun-seong was sitting on a nearby sofa.

“Don’t you have anything else? Something more elegant,” he instructed the staff.

“Of course, we can prepare something else for you. Do you prefer a design with no exposed upper body?” the staff inquired.

“Yes, a round neck would be fine. The length is okay as it is,” Hyun-seong replied.

Yi-soo couldn’t help but furrow her brow, feeling frustrated by his dominant attitude. “Why do you get to decide everything, Attorney Yoon Hyun-seong? The one trying on the clothes is me,” she protested.

“We only have 30 minutes left, so please cooperate a bit. Wouldn’t it be better for Prosecutor Seo to leave early?” Hyun-seong dismissed her concerns, urging her to hurry up.

Feeling annoyed but wanting to finish quickly, Yi-soo reluctantly agreed. However, her calm demeanor didn’t last long. As the fitting requests piled up, she finally approached Hyun-seong with a distant expression.

“Excuse me,” she called out.



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