Chapter 65.1

Friday unfolded as the most demanding and frenzied day of the week for Yi-soo. Every inch of her body throbbed from the relentless scrutiny of an avalanche of dividend cases. In a bid to preempt further challenges in the approaching week, Yi-soo found herself compelled to embrace voluntary overtime. Consequently, she emerged from the subway well beyond 10 o’clock.

The prospect of collapsing in exhaustion lingered heavily on her mind. Typically, Hyun-seong would have been there to whisk her away, but today’s destination differed, as she had earlier conveyed her overwhelming workload. With resolute steps, she traversed the distance, mentally retracing the message she had received earlier in the day.

The journey on foot from the station to the officetel consumed approximately 20 minutes. Though not a short trek, the proximity of the station proved inconsequential, thanks to the radiant glow of streetlights illuminating the sparsely populated alley.

Is he still working…? pondered Yi-soo, stealing a glance at her phone screen. Despite contemplating reaching out first, she dismissed the idea, unwilling to disrupt his focus.

With her phone stowed away in her bag, Yi-soo stretched and yawned, the strain in her lower back a testament to the day’s relentless assault of monitors and documents.

Once I arrive, a soak in hot water is a must…

In that fleeting moment, an unsettling awareness gripped Yi-soo as she sensed a presence trailing behind her. Naturally, she halted, pivoting to inspect the space behind her. Whether it was heightened nerves or mere imagination, she found nothing amiss. Dismissing the unease, she resumed her course toward the exit of the dimly lit alley.

Abruptly, a shiver coursed down her spine, sending a chill through her veins. A figure materialized—clad in a black hat and mask—catching Yi-soo off guard. Before she could react, a handkerchief covered her mouth, stifling any outcry.

Her attempt to scream was cut short by a hazy force striking the back of her head. The handkerchief, imbued with an unknown substance, ushered a swift drain of strength from her limbs. Yi-soo’s eyes closed rapidly as she succumbed to unconsciousness, falling into the arms of the mysterious assailant. Her arms hung limply, devoid of any resistance.

“It’s done. The van?”

“Waiting right in front. No one around. Come quickly, sir.”

“Got it.”

The man communicated via radio as he encircled the now unconscious Yi-soo. Every movement emitted a pungent odor, reminiscent of iron. Having boarded the waiting van, he signaled to his subordinate in the driver’s seat. Swiftly tearing off the tape, his actions were practiced and efficient.

“Let’s go. The VIP is waiting.”

“Yes. This was surprisingly easy.”

After removing his mask, the man secured Yi-soo’s mouth with tape and bound her wrists with sturdy cable ties. Lulled into complete unconsciousness by the effects of the drug, she remained unresponsive.

“Prosecutor Seo, right? You’ve been through a rough time. What can you do? It’s all fate.” The man in the driver’s seat muttered in a nonchalant tone. Soon, he pressed the accelerator, propelling the van toward an undisclosed destination with Seo Yi-soo.


Agonizing waves of pain coursed through Yi-soo’s head, threatening to splinter her frontal lobe. Her parched mouth struggled to utter sounds, and the effort to lift her eyelids felt burdensome, akin to the aftermath of overusing sleeping pills.

In the grip of profound fatigue, Yi-soo wrestled with the task of opening her eyes. Gradually, light infiltrated the previously pitch-black panorama.


Confusion enveloped her as she attempted to discern her surroundings. An attempt to moisten her lips yielded no sound; it seemed as though an adhesive barrier stifled her mouth. Struggling to adapt to the sudden brightness, Yi-soo furrowed her brow, her long eyelashes fluttering in a repetitive dance of covering and uncovering her sight.

Where is… this place?

The discomfort of her bound wrists, tethered to a chair behind her, intensified. Lowering her head to inspect her lower half, she discovered her ankles securely bound with a robust rope, rendering movement impossible. The scenery that unfolded before her was unfamiliar—a vast office space spanning tens of square meters.

While it resembled a typical office, a peculiar detail stood out. The interior was starkly bare, devoid of any furniture like desks or chairs.

Who would do such a thing…

A surge of instinctive anxiety swept through her. Was it the same stalker who had abducted her before? Cold sweat moistened her palms as uncertainty and fear took hold.

Her bag was conspicuously absent from her sight, adding to the unsettling aura of stillness that enveloped the place. The drawn curtains concealed any clues about the location or the current time, leaving Yi-soo in the dark about how long she had been unconscious.

Her transparent, shimmering pupils quivered like candle flames in the wind. In this disorienting moment, the door creaked open, and a new presence entered. Reflexively, Yi-soo turned her head, her mind grappling with the question, ‘Who is it?’



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