Chapter 69.1

“Yoon Hyun-seong…! Detective Ahn!”

“Yi-soo, Yi-soo!”

“Police! Step back immediately, Mr. Kang Jin-won.”

With the opening of the door, police officers, including Hyun-seong and Se-young, made their presence known. The timely arrival of the trio was owed to their interception of Officer Kim’s radio transmission.

Detective Ahn stood at the forefront, brandishing the taser gun at Jin-won with both hands, his pupils glinting with icy determination.

Quickly assessing the number of officers present, Jin-won adopted his usual polite demeanor, as if he hadn’t wronged Yi-soo in any way, donning the façade of a gentle lamb.

“It appears there’s been a misunderstanding. Prosecutor Seo and I were merely engaged in a private conversation,” he smoothly uttered, lies veiled in a cloak of truth. Behind Jin-won’s deflections, Yi-soo bit her lower lip in frustration.

At that moment, she no longer saw Detective Ahn or the other officers; her gaze was fixed solely on Yoon Hyun-seong. Worry, anger, concern, and affection mingled in his complex emotions, eliciting a surge of emotion within her.

He actually came.

He was the person who had occupied her thoughts countless times over the past few hours. With a profound sense of relief washing over her, it felt as though all the tension in her body dissipated at once.

Unfazed, Se-young leveled the gun at Jin-won’s shoulder, his voice commanding and authoritative. “Hands up, Mr. Kang Jin-won. You’re under arrest for kidnapping and confinement. As a lawyer, you should be well aware of such charges.”

“Kidnapping? Me, kidnapping Prosecutor Seo?” Jin-won’s eyes widened in bewilderment as he glanced down at Yi-soo. Though unseen by the police, a chill instantly swept through his gaze.

In a hushed murmur, barely audible, he spoke, and Yi-soo trembled as she read his lips. “Choose wisely if you want to save your father,” his words carried a veiled threat, his demeanor shifting from casual menace to a softer tone, his furrowed brows hinting at feigned injustice.

With trembling eyes, Yi-soo glanced at Hyun-seong, who remained locked in a silent exchange with her. Yet, amidst the standoff between the police and Jin-won, he seemed hesitant to intervene rashly.

Then, Jin-won directed a question to Yi-soo, his tone implying an expected answer, urging her to comply. “Prosecutor, did I bring you here against your will? There seems to be a misunderstanding… Didn’t we drive together to Paju?”

A profound conflict churned within Yi-soo as she struggled to contain the truths desperate to spill from her lips. Yet, she recognized the danger of provoking the volatile situation further. With a concerted effort to maintain composure, her voice steadied as she responded, her words tempered by a rational mindset.

She turned to Detective Ahn and spoke, her voice steady despite the tension in the air. “…That’s correct, Detective. I came here voluntarily. The scenario you might be imagining… didn’t happen.”

“Prosecutor, if you’re being coerced in any way…” Detective Ahn’s concern was palpable, his words trailing off as he searched Yi-soo’s eyes for reassurance.

“No, it’s not like that… Please trust me. Nothing untoward happened. We were actually planning to return to Seoul with Attorney Kang shortly.” Yi-soo’s plea was earnest, her gaze imploring Detective Ahn to understand the truth behind her words.

Detective Ahn audibly exhaled, his reaction betraying a momentary pause as he processed the unexpected response. Though the hostage’s wrists and ankles remained bound, Yi-soo’s silent communication spoke volumes. She hoped the observant Detective Se-young would discern the hidden message.

“Mr. Hyun-seong…” Yi-soo’s attention shifted to Hyun-seong, who stood quietly behind Detective Ahn, his frustration evident as he pinched the corners of his eyes with his fingertips. Hampered by his civilian status, he felt powerless to intervene directly, his gaze fixed on Yi-soo in silent support.

Jin-won, seemingly satisfied with the exchange, flashed a smirk as he lowered his raised hands. “You’ve heard it, Detective. I believe it’s safe to holster the taser gun now. While I’m unsure of your method of arrival… there’s no cause for concern.”

“Ah… Prosecutor, are you sure you’re alright?” Se-young’s uncertainty lingered as she reluctantly lowered the taser gun.

Despite the clear evidence, if the victim denied any wrongdoing, the police couldn’t escalate their intervention. Among the detectives, frustrated murmurs erupted.

Jin-won chuckled softly, adjusting his glasses with a calculated ease. Despite the unexpected variable of the police presence, the majority of his plans remained on course. Yi-soo was poised to return to Seoul and unwittingly set his carefully orchestrated events in motion. To Jin-won, she was nothing more than a puppet, following his predetermined scenario.



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