Chapter 77.1

“What does that mean…?” Seo Yi-soo’s face displayed clear confusion. Ending the engagement implied the conclusion of his relationship with Hyun-seong. For a while now, they had shared happy, genuine moments, to the extent that Yi-soo had almost forgotten about the contractual aspect of their bond.

However, as the possibility of breaking off the engagement loomed, anxiety rushed in swiftly. Seo Yi-soo found himself pondering what Hyun-seong, with his uncertain gaze, might be thinking. Hyun-seong’s right hand gently clasped Yi-soo’s cheek, drawing him closer until their noses almost touched.

“Let’s put an end to this charade of an engagement,” Hyun-seong spoke with eyes brimming with deep affection. His gaze lingered on Yi-soo as if beholding the most precious being in existence, a small smile playing on his lips.

It was a moment when the words, previously dancing around in his mind, spilled out at last.

“Shall we truly love each other?” The question left Seo Yi-soo’s lips, widening her eyes like a startled rabbit. Once again, she inwardly scolded herself for her foolish reaction, wishing she could retract her words.

With her red lips slightly parted, she gazed blankly at Hyun-seong. A faint tension lingered on her face, betraying her anticipation and worry over his response. Love. The mere mention of the word stirred up excitement beyond expression. If only he could peer into her thoughts.

Slowly, Seo Yi-soo raised her arm, placing her hand on his back. The warmth seeping through his skin, contrasting with the chill in the air, offered solace.

“…What’s your answer?” Hyun-seong’s cautious inquiry snapped her out of her reverie, making Yi-soo realize she hadn’t replied. Though she thought she had responded promptly, it seemed the depths of her happiness had momentarily robbed her of her voice.

Seo Yi-soo’s smile lit up the surroundings, her golden eyes shimmering in the sunlight like precious jewels. Her fair cheeks flushed with a rosy hue, and her lips curved into a flawless arc.

Though they hadn’t explicitly defined their relationship, Hyun-seong had become the most cherished person in Yi-soo’s life for quite some time. His presence was a constant, whether she experienced joy or sorrow; his face always filled her thoughts. Yes, Yoon Hyun-seong had secured the top spot in the “Law of Seo Yi-soo.”

“In the past… you mentioned something like that. That you couldn’t imagine life without me.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I’ll echo those words exactly. I feel like I can’t live without you.”


“I love you. No, I’m in love with you.”

Her heart fluttered with a sensation that could only be described as ‘love.’ Love, love. The syllables danced softly on her tongue, as sweet as candy. Tears didn’t fill her eyes; instead, laughter bubbled up until her cheeks hurt. Yi-soo enveloped Hyun-seong tightly in her arms.

Hyun-seong’s hand found the small of Yi-soo’s back as she nestled into his embrace. His heart raced. She was the sole reason he felt alive, the very essence of his existence. Only through Seo Yi-soo could he breathe, could he truly exist.

Their lips met in a tender kiss, gradually deepening as they explored each other’s softness anew. Hyun-seong’s left arm encircled Yi-soo’s waist, drawing her closer with each touch. The moistened sound of their kisses filled the air.

As they slowly parted, Yi-soo gazed at Hyun-seong with bliss reflected in her eyes. Finally, they were together. Hyun-seong whispered softly, his smile gentle yet fervent, the most essential declaration of love.

“I love you, Seo Yi-soo.”

Amidst the gentle waves, they shared a long gaze, their eyes locked in an intensity matching their kisses. In that moment, there existed only Yoon Hyun-seong and Seo Yi-soo in the vast sea.



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