Chapter 80.2

The Leniev Wedding Hall, chosen as the venue for Yi-soo and Hyun-seong’s nuptials, boasted a contemporary yet enchanting ambiance. Its lofty ceiling imparted a sense of grandeur, while a focal point was found in the unique wave-shaped chandelier, evoking the gentle ebb and flow of ocean tides.

Around the 25-meter-long Virgin Road, elegantly arranged white round tables awaited the guests, each contributing to the hall’s air of sophistication. Serving as the master of ceremonies was Tae-jun, no longer a secretary but now the office manager at “Yoon Hyun-seong Law Firm.” Dressed impeccably in a suit, he tapped the microphone with precision, officially commencing the proceedings with a polished scripted greeting.

In a departure from tradition, the customary lighting of the wedding candle was omitted, a decision made in light of the absence of both the groom and bride’s mothers. Hyun-seong had maintained a deliberate distance from Min-sik and In-hwa, a choice that echoed his actions since the inception of their union. While concerns lingered about leaving the groom’s parents’ seats vacant, Yi-soo honored Hyun-seong’s wishes with unwavering respect.

With a warm smile gracing his lips, Tae-jun addressed the assembled guests with palpable excitement in his voice. “And now, it’s time for the groom, Mr. Yoon Hyun-seong, to take the stage. Let’s greet him with a round of hearty applause, ladies and gentlemen. Groom’s entrance!”

All eyes turned expectantly to the designated spot as a soft, cheerful waltz melody filled the air, guiding Hyun-seong’s confident strides down the Virgin Road. Dressed impeccably in a black tuxedo with a neatly tied bow tie and meticulously styled hair, he exuded an aura of understated elegance.

As he reached the platform and turned to face the gathering, a subtle tension flickered across his usually composed visage. Thoughts of Yi-soo, soon to stand by his side, stirred unfamiliar sensations within him, causing his heart to quicken and his mouth to feel parched.

Observing Hyun-seong’s momentary vulnerability, Tae-jun suppressed a chuckle and smoothly proceeded with the ceremony. Once again, the grand doors parted, unveiling Yi-soo, her hand clasped gently in Hyun-seong’s.

“And now, we eagerly await the entrance of the most radiant bride in the world, Miss Yi-soo, accompanied by her father. Let’s raise the roof with our applause, ladies and gentlemen!”

As the melody shifted and Yi-soo began her graceful procession down the aisle, clad in a resplendent white gown, the room erupted in applause and cheers. Each gaze held a tender affection.

I’m nervous… Yi-soo admitted quietly to herself, her fingers trembling slightly as they intertwined with Hyun-seong’s. Despite the countless rehearsals, the impending reality of the moment sent her heart into a flurry of butterflies. Sensing her daughter’s apprehension, Hyun-seong’s grip on her hand tightened, wordlessly reassuring her as they stood together at the threshold of their new chapter.

As they reached the end of the Virgin Road, Hyun-seong took a step forward to meet them. Despite the formality of the occasion, a spontaneous laugh bubbled up within Yi-soo when she met his gaze, dispelling some of her nerves.

“We entrust our Yi-soo to you, Attorney Yoon,” her father spoke solemnly, his words weighted with emotion.

“…Of course, Father,” Hyun-seong replied with equal solemnity, his gaze never leaving Yi-soo’s.

“Thank you, Dad,” Yi-soo added softly, her voice tinged with gratitude.

In this moment, her father transformed from a guardian to a complete father, his kind smile a silent blessing as he returned to his seat as the master of ceremonies.

Next came the reading of the wedding vows, a moment they had chosen to make uniquely their own. Instead of reciting formal vows, they had decided to share letters they had penned to each other, bearing their hearts openly and honestly.

Taking the letters and microphone from the staff, Hyun-seong stepped forward, his eyes brimming with love as he addressed Yi-soo. With each word, his love poured forth, painting a vivid picture of their journey together, from the dullness of his past to the vibrant hues she brought into his life.

Unable to contain the depth of his feelings, Hyun-seong abandoned the scripted words of his letter and instead poured out his heart directly to Yi-soo. With every confession, his gaze held hers, conveying a love that transcended words.

As he recounted the obstacles they had overcome and the strength they had gained, his heart swelled with pride and gratitude. And finally, with overflowing sincerity, he uttered the words he had longed to say most: “I love you, Yi-soo.”

With a tender smile, Yi-soo closed her eyes, savoring the sweetness of his declaration. Their love, palpable in the air, was met with warm applause from their guests, sealing their union with an unspoken promise.

And as the ceremony drew to a close, a new clause was added to Yi-soo’s legal register: “Yi-soo loves Yoon Hyun-seong forever.”

In that moment, their eyes locked, shining brightly with a love that knew no bounds. And as they embraced, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones, they knew that their journey together was only just beginning.


The End.



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