Chapter 9.2

Back in the dining room, after finishing their meal, they bid farewell to the waitstaff, allowing them a moment of privacy. Yi-soo was eager to set a date for the engagement ceremony promptly. With nothing to lose, she readily agreed to expedite the process.

The details of the venue and guests were conveniently taken care of by others, assuring them of a simple affair. For Yi-soo, such particulars held little importance anyway; the engagement was merely a formality.

As the car carrying the waitstaff departed on the opposite side of the road, Hyun-seong, who had been silently observing, broke the silence.

“After the engagement, we’ll be living together. In my studio apartment.”

“Living together? What does that mean?” Yi-soo asked in bewilderment.

He clarified, “It’s just in name, but since I have a watchful eye, maybe you can visit at least once a week. Since it’s already mentioned, why don’t you come next week? Consider it a preview.”

His unexpected proposal made Yi-soo narrow her eyes. Co-habitating after the engagement wasn’t part of her original plan. As she contemplated voicing her concerns about the inconvenience, a thought struck her like a swift arrow.

Ultimately, the true purpose of this engagement was to unearth the secrets of Yoon & Kang, and the mystery of the USB’s password remained unsolved. For her sister’s sake, Yi-soo needed to find that elusive code, and it might very well be hidden within the most private corners.

Would unraveling the code involve delving into Hyun-seong’s personal life? The idea was uncertain, but it seemed worth exploring. Perhaps she could uncover some valuable clues within his home.

Lost in her contemplations, Yi-soo shook her head, her expression tinged with ambiguity. Sensing her inner turmoil, Hyun-seong turned his gaze towards a car emerging from the parking lot.

“You don’t have to worry about any hidden motives. Relax and come. I won’t devour you,” he reassured her.

“Who said I would willingly be devoured? If I were to be devoured, it would be against my will. I have no intention of allowing that,” Yi-soo retorted with a predatory remark, her features resembling that of a rabbit. Hyun-seong couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle before returning to his usual indifferent demeanor within seconds.

As their conversation continued, a sleek black sedan pulled up before them. It was a luxurious foreign car that exuded elegance. Soon, Secretary Kang emerged from the driver’s seat after opening the door.

“Please get in the back seat, both of you,” he instructed.

“I’m fine. Just take Prosecutor Seo and go,” Hyun-seong insisted.

“Excuse me? And what are you planning to ride, Attorney Yoon? Are you intending to walk?” Secretary Kang raised an eyebrow. Similarly, Hyun-seong retrieved his phone from his pocket, checked the time, and responded with nonchalance.

“I have somewhere to be.”

“If Prosecutor Seo goes first, I can take you afterward, right?” Secretary Kang proposed.

“Where do you live, Prosecutor?” Hyun-seong inquired.

“In the Gangseo District,” Yi-soo replied.

Taking her response as a cue, Hyun-seong gestured towards the back seat, signaling for her to enter.

“I’m going to see my father, so take Prosecutor Seo first, Secretary Kang. The hospital is in the opposite direction,” Hyun-seong instructed.

“That’s true, but… well, okay. If that’s what you want. Prosecutor, I’ll take you home then.”

“Ah… Yes, thank you.” While Yi-soo could have taken public transportation, she saw no reason to refuse the kind offer. The secretary courteously opened the rear door for her, a gesture that struck Yi-soo as a display of excessive kindness.

Are conglomerate heirs used to this kind of lifestyle… I can never live the life of a conglomerate’ she mused inwardly. It was the moment she realized the stark contrast between their backgrounds. As she settled into the right back seat, the unmistakable scent of luxurious leather wafted around her. The car’s interior was spacious, and even with her legs fully extended, her toes couldn’t reach the front seat. Its all-black design seemed to align perfectly with Yun Hyun-seong’s taste. Yi-soo promptly rolled down the window halfway.

“Thank you for your hard work today, Attorney Yoon,” she expressed her gratitude.

“The engagement. Do you think it’s worth doing?” Hyun-seong asked.

“It’s not easy, but… I’m the type who doesn’t back down from most challenges. Since we’ve come this far, we should endure it properly. I hope you’ll cooperate.”

Her words elicited a soft chuckle from Hyun-seong. Most people trembled like mice in front of his mother after exchanging a few words, intimidated by her sharp charisma. But Seo Yi-soo appeared completely unfazed, displaying an indomitable spirit as his partner.

“Get inside. I’ll be in touch soon, so respond promptly,” Hyun-seong urged.

“Got it. And don’t limit your messages to business matters only,” Yi-soo playfully retorted.

“Well, I’ll consider it,” he replied, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Anyway…” Yi-soo stuck out her tongue, pressing the button to close the window slowly. As it sealed shut, Secretary Kang calmly and smoothly started the car, driving them away from view. Once the car carrying them disappeared, Hyun-seong hailed a passing taxi and climbed inside.

Now it was time for Hyun-seong to face his comatose father—a man with shackles who had haunted him throughout his life. The haunting nightmare was far from over.



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