Chapter 17 (Mature)

Chapter 17 (Mature)

Alan continued to push his tongue deep into her. Siana willed herself to disappear because of the embarrassment of the act. Every time his tongue moved inside her, her body trembled and her knees shot up. She thought of pushing him off but his tongue stroked her in a place which made her m*an out in pleasure.
“Ahh, yes!” she cried. Before she knew it, she was thrusting her hips at him, and spreading wider to make it easier for him to lick her. His tongue dug deeper. “Alan, ahhh, yes, hmm,” she cried in pleasure. His tongue stroked her in the place where her vision flashed white. She felt herself drowning in something like pleasure and clim*x*d. She wasn’t sure what happened but Alan was looking down at her now, grinning.

Gasping for breath, she looked at him. He was disheveled and his eyes shone with d*sire. He was flushed. He had untied the knot of his waistband. His chest and belly rippled with muscles. Siana could imagine him as a gun-wielding soldier on the battlefield. She tried to turn her eyes away from his body but suddenly she noticed something. His skin was riddled with scars. All the scars spread over his chest, belly, and shoulders. There were numerous of them. Most of them seemed to be gun-wounds.

It had been so long ago that she used to accompany him to his training grounds. The soldiers who had trained him all held similar scars. She asked him about it, and he told her that these were his souvenirs from the battlefield, not without a hint of pride in his voice. His scars hurt her. He had earned his status, and title through unimaginable difficulties. Perhaps even his life had been earned in such a manner. I can’t do it, she thought, no matter how much he insists. I can’t agree to marry him. She didn’t want her marriage to seem like a deal, of him getting her out of her father’s debt. It didn’t matter whether she wanted to marry him or not, she would always feel guilty because of it. I have been so foolish, she thought.

During their short time with each other, Siana had begun doubting herself about her feelings towards Alan but now she felt guilty for thinking about it. Alan would be better off meeting a prettier, younger and a well-off lady with assets to her name. Not me, thought Siana.

“Alan,” she said, “I have something to say.”

“Okay,” he said, gently, “What is it?” He took his gown off and dropped it to the floor.

Siana eyes trailed down between his legs. She was astonished seeing his sh*ft which was very much hard. It looked vulgar and it was a shock for her to see it for the very first time. She wondered if that was what was going inside her, and she knew instinctively that it would hurt a lot. She didn’t like pain.

“Sia, you had something to say,” he said, “Ah, are you quiet because of this?” He rubbed his member a little. A drop of liquid was coming out of the tip. She had felt sorry for him and decided to end things like this. Now, seeing his m*nhood, and the fear she felt, she had one more reason to just end it this way.

“Sia,” he said softly, “What was it that you were going to say?”

“I…,” she stammered, “I was going to say let’s just end things here on good terms, okay? I don’t think this will work.”

“Why?” he leaned towards her, “You came this far. Are you afraid now?” He chuckled, looking down at her.

She was still in shock. Perhaps she would have been swayed by his appearance and his smile but what bulged between his legs was too nerve wracking think about. Just because she didn’t have any s*xu*l experience didn’t mean she was unaware of how much pain that would cause her. Siana was scared.

Alan noticed this, and gently caressed her, holding her to him. “It’s alright, Sia,” he said in a gentle voice.

It’s not alright! Siana thought. But when she looked at him, she couldn’t say anything. He looked at her so tenderly. His ar*us*l grazed at her inner thigh and rubbed against her entrance. Alan grabbed her by the bottom and pried her legs gently apart. As he set himself into position, and his er*cti*n sought entry, Siana trembled, terrified at the inevitable pain. Alan gently stroked her thighs, trying to calm her. He reached out his hand and touched her on her inner lips helping her relax her walls. It helped release the tension from her body, but did nothing for her nervousness. When she gave no hint of relaxing, he removed his hands and gently grabbed her thigh.

“Grab the pillow, Sia,” he said, hoarsely.

“What? Why?” she asked, confused.

“It’s starting now,” he said, reminding her of their bet.

Siana hurriedly reached for the pillow as his thick sh*ft poked at her entrance, preparing to enter. He pushed a little further. She felt a sharp pain but it was not as excruciating as she had imagined. She tilted her head and scrunched up her face.

Alan kissed her temple and whispered, “I am going to put it in now.”

Siana was confused. She had thought it was already in. The throbbing member began to push deeper. Now it felt like her flesh was tearing. Siana’s vision went blank with the pain. Alan pushed in slowly while Siana tried not to scream. Her hands, clutching the pillow, turned white at the knuckles. Alan withdrew a little and thrust slowly again. Siana’s face distorted with pain and she screamed. Tears poured out from her eyes.

“Alan, please, no,” she cried, “You’re hurting me.”

Alan stopped. Seeing her gasping, he reached up a hand below her back and stroked her. “It’s okay, Sia,” he said, gently, “Breathe slowly.”

Siana struggled. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled.

“You are doing good,” he said, “Take another breath now, slowly.”

Siana did as he instructed. She became relatively more stable but it still hurt her down there.

“Does it hurt a lot?” he asked. She nodded. His eyes were apologetic and embarrassed. They were still connected but he didn’t try to push in again.

“Is there still a lot to go in?” asked Siana, trying to ignore the pain.

“No…,” he said repentantly, “Just a little.”

His voice was sad, it sounded broken. His face, when he looked at her, was full of guilt. He didn’t move, afraid that he would hurt her more. Siana felt sorry for him that he was so considerate. It was enough to make her determined to go through with this. But she didn’t really like pain. Siana bit her lower lip, trying to decide. Alan looked at her with gentleness and sighed. He began pulling back.

“Alan?” said Siana in confusion.

“F*ck,” swore Alan to himself. “I didn’t know you would be in so much pain, Sia. Please forgive me. I was rushing you. I am so sorry.”

Siana felt his gen*tals pulling out of her. She grabbed his arm, forgetting that she wasn’t supposed to let go of the pillow. “No, it’s alrig–”

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