Chapter 19 (Rated 18)

Chapter 19 (Rated 18)

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Alan, inside her, stimulated her inner walls. It was less painful now. He moved, and she could feel her insides expanding to take him in. Her chest thumped, her breath hitching in her throat. Her blood roared in her ears.

“Sia,” he whispered in her ears, “I could do this with you all day. Once is never enough.”

Siana gasped for air. “Mm,” she mumbled.

“What’s the standard this time?” he asked, “Tell me, I will do anything you want.”

It seemed they had returned to square one. Siana clenches her jaw. She wasn’t able to make sense of any of her thoughts, much less think of a ‘standard’. She felt embarrassed that he kept asking her and she couldn’t utter a word.

“You’re not saying anything. Are you embarrassed?” he said, “If so, can I suggest another one?”

He was insisting on another one of his weird standards again. Alan grabbed her arm and put them around his neck. “This time, you wrap your arms around my neck,” he said, “If you let go, you lose.”

“So, I shouldn’t let go?” she asked, hoarsely.

“That is, if you don’t want to marry me,” he said.

Siana wrapped her arms around his sweaty neck. His body was hot, so was hers. Her hands were so sweaty and small that it would fall off when they started getting frantic. “But you are too slippery with sweat, and I bet when we get started my arms will fall right off.”

“Yeah, so?” he whispered in a low voice.


“I want to marry you,” he said, “So I am trying my best to put up ridiculous conditions on purpose.”

“You son of a—,” she exclaimed, “So you weren’t really going to get yourself rejected in any case!”

“You are just figuring that out?” he laughed. “I love you Siana. I want to marry you. You shouldn’t have given me a chance to begin with.”

Alan clasped her hips and thrust. He pulled out a little and rubbed at her wet entrance and thrust again. Siana m*aned. “But even if you didn’t give me a chance, I would have found some other way to get you to marry me.”

Heat spread all over her body. She could feel herself getting wet down. Every time he thrust, it seemed she would burst with pleasure. Siana trembled. Alan increased his speed, his waist and hips buckling against her.

“Oh, yes!” she m*aned, “Alan.”

Siana felt pleasure building through her body. Her whole body trembled. With her arm hanging from his neck, Alan thrust into her. All reason had flown right away, out of her mind. Siana was out of breath. Her hands fell to her sides at his incessant thrusts. She tried to raise her arms back to his neck, but she didn’t have the energy or the will.

“Sia,” he whispered her name. Her name on his lips sent her spiraling into pleasure. Her eyes tilted up, her back arched. He came with a m*an, as did she. She tried to breathe properly and blink to clear her vision. But when she tried to pull her legs out of his arms, he wouldn’t let go.

He pressed down onto her and placed his lips on her neck. He trailed his kisses everywhere, on her collarbone, down to her chest, and on her bre*sts. He opened his mouth and took in her n*p*le, sucking on it and making her gasp. She nibbled gently on them. She m*aned.

She felt her insides tighten and the same heat. She felt his m*mber harden. She was stunned that the smallest of touch from her brought so many changes in him. “Alan,” she said, “You are not…”

“Sia,” he said, “You do this to me every time.”

“But we just finished!” she said, surprised.

“I told you,” he whispered, “I could do this all day with you.”

He grabbed Siana’s left leg and placed it over his shoulder. Her legs were wide open. He thrust in again.

“Mm,” she mumbled, “Alan…”

The sound of him thrusting into her made her blush. She playfully slapped him on his chest. “Alan,” she said, “Isn’t this too much?”

“It’s been difficult enough for five years, Sia,” he said, hoarsely, “Away from you.” He placed her arms around his neck and kissed her. “I wanted to become an officer so I could be worthy of you. I rolled around in that blasted battlefield for five whole years.”

“Ahhh,” Siana m*aned.

“If that Emperor had let me go, I would have been back sooner,” he said, “I thought I would be away from you only for two years, but it took five years!” He thrust harder, deeper.

“Ahhh, Alan!” Siana body buckled and her body moved to match his thrusts.

“I only thought of you,” he said, “In that battlefield, only you kept me alive.” His thrust increased in speed. His waist and hips buckled into her with greater haste.

“Alan, ahh,” she m*aned, “Sl-slow down.”

“Sia, you are so beautiful,” he said. “Sometimes I think that makes me go insane. I couldn’t bear the thought that if I had been a little late or even died on that battlefield, that vile Viscount North would have been forcing you to do this with him!”

“Alan…” she gasped.

Every time he moved; her body trembled. Her vision turned white. She curled her toes. Her body twitched as he thrust deeper. He m*aned and thrust faster. Pleasure swept up Siana’s body and she arched her back before falling back. The pleasure frightened her. Tears spilled from her eyes. As her pleasure crested, so did his, and he came with a m*an inside her.

Body fluid soaked the sheets. Siana wanted to close her legs but she didn’t have the energy. She still felt him inside her despite him having been done and was already getting out of bed. She was exhausted. Her heart thumped in her chest. She wanted to fall asleep.

Alan got out of bed and tied the robe around him. Siana kept her eyes on him and hoped he would not insist on doing it again. Alan went to the bathroom, so she didn’t have to worry. Siana lay back trying to calm herself. She was sore all over. She could feel her body flu*d still flowing out of her but the thought of washing herself made her groan in exhaustion. Just then, Alan came out of the bathroom and reached out a hand towards her. She flinched and scurried to cover herself with a blanket.

Alan’s hand stopped in mid-air. “Siana,” he said gently, “Don’t worry. We aren’t going to do that again.”

“Then what do you want?” she asked.

“I will wash you up,” he said, “You look exhausted.”

She slumped down on the bed with relief. She was so sleepy and tired. Her eyes were closing. Drowsiness engulfed her. Alan sat at the edge of the bed, calling her name.

“Sia?” he said, shaking her gently.

“Hm,” she mumbled.

“Tired?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she mumbled.

“You need to wash up,” he said.



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