Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“I didn’t know you were so naïve,” he said, “Until you freaked out when the liquid came out of you. I was so surprised. You were even more naïve than I thought. I realized that you were pretending to know about these things.”

“I am not that naïve,” protested Siana.

“I don’t think anyone is as naïve as you regarding this, Siana,” he said, smiling, “I figured you didn’t have any experience either. I kept pushing forward because I was afraid that I might do something wrong or act immature and put you off somehow.” For Siana, Alan had seemed so bold and confident that this confession was very shocking for her. He always seemed so poised, so sure of himself.

“So, I kept acting like I was bold and confident even when I didn’t feel it,” he added, “Is your curiosity fulfilled now?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Then can we get back to what we were doing?” he asked with a smirk. His blue eyes gazed at her breasts full of hunger and desire. Siana blushed at his direct gaze. She realized, belatedly, that she was pulling the covers to hide herself.

“Only if you want to, Sia,” he said, his voice hoarse. Siana closed her eyes and nodded. She felt his lips all over her. His lips rested on her breasts again and he teased them. His touch set her body trembling. She could feel the heat buildup. A tingle ran through her.

“Ah… oh, Alan…” Alan’s large hand held her waist and hoisted her up. His other hand took away the cover and exposed her to him. He stroked her thighs and caressed the length of her leg, moving ever so closer to the spot between her thighs, which were on either side of his legs, straddling him.

His hands played with her soft core, and a finger slipped inside. A m*an escaped her, and she curled her toes. Realizing that she was sitting on his lap, she tried to get off and stepped on the floor. Alan grabbed at her and pulled her towards him again, tearing off her underwear. It fell on the floor.

When the cold air hit her skin, she trembled. This brought back the memories from their first night, and Siana craved the memory of him inside her. She couldn’t take it anymore. She tugged at his pants. Alan fumbled with the buckle of his belt. He finally unbuckled it. His pants fell off and his manh*od was revealed.

Siana flinched. She was still not used to the sight of it and she remembered the pain from their first night. She began to back away unconsciously. Alan tugged at her arm and she sat back down on his lap. She could feel his shaft throbbing against her inner thigh. It seemed bigger than the bulge she had touched through his pants before.

Siana stared and Alan smiled at her, reassuringly. “It’s alright, Sia” he said, “Don’t be scared.”

She wanted to ask him if it was normal to feel like this, but she swallowed her questions down. She didn’t want to sound more naïve than she already was. And she wanted him inside her, so it didn’t matter anyway.

“Are we doing it like this?” she asked.

“You don’t want to?” he asked.

“I- I do,” she said, “Don’t I have to lie down on the bed like last time? I mean, I don’t know about it a lot, as you already know.”

“Not necessarily,” he smirked. “A bed isn’t needed.”

She looked around anxiously. Again, she felt the doubt of not knowing what she was doing gnaw at her. Alan pulled her close and kissed her again. On her neck, her collarbone, he teased her breasts while he pulled her closer and closer. His one hand held her by the waist while the other rubbed her down at her most sensitive spot and stimulated it. All her concerns fell away.

“Oh, ah…” she m*aned, “Alan…”

His hand stroked and caressed the spot making her wet, stimulating her. She felt pleasure surge up and she grabbed his wrist which was between her legs, moving back and forth. Alan stopped when she suddenly grabbed his hand and looked up at her from her chest. His face was flushed. His blond hair disheveled. His blond eyes were confused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“N-not with your hand,” she said, “Just… do it.”

She was too shy to say it directly, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She wished he would hurry. She couldn’t take the yearning anymore. He smiled and nodded. She looked down, as he helped position her above him. His shaft was hard.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, hoarsely, “Please…”

Her body was so stimulated that she couldn’t take the heat anymore. She wanted him now. She was already wet. Her nervousness had disappeared, replaced by a hunger between her legs. She was hoping Alan would oblige. She clenched her legs in anticipation.

“Alright,” he said, “Lift yourself up a little.”

She did as he told her. His hand came around her lower waist. She was on eye-level to him now. Siana’s lower lips throbbed with desire for him.

“Come closer, till our bodies touch,” he instructed. “Keep your legs spread out.”

Siana moved closer to him till there was no gap between them. Their bellies touched. Her chest was against his. Their bodies interlocked. She relaxed her legs and felt the gap wet and open and seeking.

“There we are…,” said Alan.

Siana wanted to ask what to do next but as she lowered herself a little, she felt a bulge touch a spot between her legs. Siana somehow knew what she must do. “Do I…,” she mumbled. She felt anxious and embarrassed.

Alan leaned forward and kissed her neck once. “If you grab it and slowly lower yourself,” he whispered near her ear, “You will be able to do it.”

Sian very much doubted herself. What if I mess it up? What if I do something wrong? Many questions floated in her mind. Beads of cold sweat broke out on her forehead. It made her spine tingle. Siana trembled as her legs strained with tension.

“You can do it,” he whispered. “Now, Sia…”

Siana wondered if she could ask him to do it in a different position like last time. But this new challenge was thrilling at the same time. She wanted to do this. She felt like she could. She took a deep breath and looked down. She took her time. She inhaled and exhaled trying to calm herself down.

When she was ready slid her hands down and grabbed his shaft in her hands and stroked it. Alan sighed and trembled. She liked the sight of Alan trembling in her arms. She aligned his shaft with her opening and slowly lowered herself. As the tip penetrated her inner walls, she gasped and flinched. She almost lifted her body back up, but she restrained herself and stayed in place and tried to get familiar with the sensation.

She waited a while and lowered her body more. This time there was a little bit of pain accompanying it but not as bad as the other night. She lowered her body more and then raised herself a little, then lowered again, going deeper each time. Alan sighed in pleasure.

“Sia…,” he mumbled. His hands came around her waist as he helped her lower herself and lift. She lowered herself all the way and Alan groaned and grabbed her tighter on the waist. Siana m*aned and grabbed his arms leaving crimson marks as her deepest point was penetrated.

Alan held her with one hand around her waist helping her to keep her back straight while the other grabbed her buttocks as she moved in rhythm. Maybe it was because of her posture but the penetration caused her less pain and more pleasure with every move. Her parts had become so sensitive that even a slight movement sent her reeling.

“Ahh, Alan… ahhh,” she m*aned.

As she moved, she felt his bulge inside her, throbbing. It filled her insides completely and she m*aned in pleasure. She thought she was going to go crazy with it. As she moved more, she placed her chin on Alan’s shoulders and held him tightly trying to keep herself grounded. He groaned and moved with her, holding her close.

Her body trembled and shook. Her breasts rubbed against his shirt. The rough touch sent shivers and tingles that vibrated in the deepest part of her being. Their bodies were intertwined. They moved against each other, hungrily and aggressively.

Siana got even more frantic as it went on. The room was filled with their m*ans which echoed against the walls, while their bodies were warm against each other.

“Alan… ahhhh,” she m*aned as the heat that built up inside her rose to a crescendo and she couldn’t stop herself from crying out loud in pleasure.

“Ahhh,” Alan m*aned and whispered in her ears, “Sia, I love you…”

His m*ans and confession lingered in her ears. Siana was about to respond when her pleasure crested, and she couldn’t form words. She slumped against him, never breaking the rhythm. Her muscles refused to move. Alan held her in his arms, stroking her back. He didn’t seem to expect an answer from her in the first place.

Siana dug her nails on his shoulders weakly as they continued with their motion which became more aggressive by the second and sent Siana reeling. She could think no more.

“Mmm… Ahhh, Alan,” she m*aned.



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