Chapter 36

Chapter 36

The heat rose in Siana’s spine. Her body, which had stiffened at Alan’s confession, relaxed again. The stimulation was unbearable. Her entire body felt hot and her mind was going blank.

As the heat reached the climax, a m*an-like scream escaped through her lips. Alan clenched his jaw. His gasping breath felt hot on her neck. Alan grunted. He said something that Siana didn’t hear clearly.

“Hold on tightly, Sia,” he said, as he lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hung on to him for fear of falling. She looked at him and saw the familiar ceiling over his head. For a moment, she wasn’t sure what he was doing but then she felt the hard wood of the table behind her back as he set her down on it. The jam jar and empty bowl belatedly made her realize that he had laid her down on the table.

“Mmm, ahh,” she m*aned as Alan’s hand came behind her and pulled her close. She was still clinging to him tightly, so she felt his shaft poking deep into her as he moved his hips.

Her long hair, drenched in sweat, was plastered all over her body. All she could do was hold on to Alan as he thrust inside her.

“Ah! Oh, ah… yes!” she yelled.

Every time Alan thrust, the room was filled with the sound of flesh on flesh and the thumping on the table. The jam jar shook and crashed down to the floor. Whenever he pressed against her, it sent her reeling. Their intertwined bodies glistened in sweat.

Her hands kept slipping from around his neck because of the sweat. But she tried to hold on to him tighter. She could see Alan’s flushed face through a hazy sight. His blue eyes full of passion so wild that it was so different from his usual self. Alan, meanwhile, did not stop moving his waist in rhythm. He continued to thrust into her.

“Oh, oh! Ahhh!” Siana cried in pleasure. Her whole body was covered with sweat and she craved release. Their bodies heated up even more. Alan, incessantly moving inside her, gritted his teeth. He grabbed her pelvis and went in deeper. The feel of him deeper than ever made her dizzy.

“Alan, ahhh,” she cried.

Alan clenched his jaw. Siana trembled in his arms.  Alan released himself with a grunt. Siana felt the warm fluid between her legs which flowed out of Alan’s member. He gasped and took a deep breath.

His thigh muscles twitched from the feeling. While still inside her, Alan leaned down and kissed her. Their affair was far from over. Alan carried Siana to the bed and kissed her passionately. Siana readily accepted him with her legs wide open. They both fell asleep completely exhausted after several org*sms.


Alan received treatment from the priest during the day and worked hard at night, too. Perhaps the method the priest used was working for him because his condition improved drastically. Alan was well enough for the couple to spend a peaceful day together.

However, it wasn’t all pleasure, though. Siana worried whether it was working. She was sitting on a desk and sorting out the ledger. She propped her chin on her hands, her elbow on the tabletop. Alan’s symptoms had definitely improved. It was great that he was getting better but there was a problem. The s*x every night was getting overwhelming for Siana.

It had begun with a mixture of willingness for Alan’s treatment and yearning for him. They were doing it almost every night now. It didn’t end until Alan ran out of stamina and fell asleep after getting exhausted.

She tried to go through with it, but Alan’s stamina was inhuman. And hers wasn’t. She had lost weight due to their activities. No matter how much she thought about it, it made her tired. It was getting overwhelming and difficult for her.

Even when she decided to tell him, she never could bring herself to do so. Alan couldn’t control himself. He was just so happy when they were doing it. It seemed practically impossible to stop doing it now. Should we take a break from it? Siana wondered.

Siana wasn’t sure but she didn’t think that other couples did it every day like them. She wondered if it would be alright to take a break from it since Alan was receiving treatment from the priest. So, it should be okay for a while. But what if the curse starts getting worse again? Siana worried.

She didn’t want to put Alan in danger just because she was having a hard time keeping up with him. Should I start exercising? Siana thought. But I don’t like exercising. How can there be no solution to this? Siana pressed the pen down onto the paper to make notes on the ledger when there was a knock on the door.

“Madam, may I enter?” asked the maid.

Siana’s thought process was interrupted. When she brought herself back to the present, she told the maid to enter. The maid opened the door softly and walked inside. “There is a visitor wishing to see you, madam,” said the maid.

“A visitor?” asked Siana, surprised. Neither her nor Alan had gotten any news of a prospective visitor for today. “For me? Or for Alan?”

“For you, madam,” said the maid, “She said if I mention Countess Linen, you will know who it is.”

“Countess Linen?” said Siana, a smile spreading on her face.

Yulia! Siana wasn’t familiar with her title as the countess, so it felt very strange, but she would always know Yulia no matter what. She got up from her desk and hurried downstairs to meet her friend. It had been just too long.

As soon as she opened the door to the living room, she saw her friend after the longest time apart. Yulia had her back to the door. Her red hair was neatly done on her head and she looked very elegant and poised. She was exactly how Siana remembered her.

“Yulia!” Siana exclaimed. Yulia turned around to face the door when Siana entered. It’s really her! Siana was so delighted to see her friend that she rushed towards her. “Yulia!” she cried, “How did you get—”

“How dare you?” said Yulia, angrily. Her red lips trembled. Siana froze and stopped in her tracks.  “You are a real piece of work, you know that?” thundered Yulia, “How could you do this to me?”

“Yulia,” said Siana, worried, “What’s wrong?”

“This!” said Yulia taking out a folded envelope and brandishing it at Siana.

Siana realized what it was. It was the last letter she had sent to her friend. The letter before Alan’s proposal where she had said she was running away from the country to seek.

Soana realized that this visit was so sudden. Yulia was supposed to be in the countryside and she had made this journey here all of a sudden. Yulia looked haggard and worried. Siana had forgotten to write to her about the recent developments in her life. Siana had been so distracted with the marriage and Alan that it had completely slipped her mind.

“I was so excited when I got your letter,” said Yulia, “I thought maybe you were writing to me because you wanted to meet me after all these years.” Yulia glared at her, her hands trembling. “Instead I find out that you are knee-deep in your father’s debt and you are being forced into marriage so you are planning to cross the border. You tell me not to come looking for you! I was so worried. I was so out of my mind. And now I find out that you are suddenly countess Legarde!”

“Yulia, I… let me—”

“Do you have any idea how worried I have been?” shouted Yulia, “I have been searching for you all this while. I searched for you everywhere!”

Siana felt guilty for worrying her friend so much. “I am so sorry, Yulia,” she said in defeat.

Yulia just looked at her with a frown. She must have been so worried, her anger is justified, thought Siana. She probably would have been as pissed as her if she had received such a letter from her friend and if the friend had disappeared so suddenly.

Siana fiddled with her hands anxiously as she studied Yulia’s face. Her eyes which had always looked playful and beautiful couldn’t have looked fiercer.

“Sorry for what?” asked Yulia, still staring at her.

“For sending you that letter and not writing again when I had taken care of the situation,” said Siana, “I should have done it a long time ago. I was so out of my mind with everything happening so fast that it slipped my mind. I am so sorry Yulia.”

Yulia sighed. “I am not angry at you for sending me the letter,” said Yulia, “I am always willing to help. Just don’t disappear on me like that. But I am glad you learnt your lesson.” Yulia’s face softened. “Sit,” she said, “We have a lot to talk about.”

Siana smiled and sat with her on the sofa. “So, what in hell happened to you?” asked Yulia, “How did you become a countess? Who is this Lord Legarde I hear about?”

“It’s a very long and complicated story,” said Siana, cautiously, “I will start with your second question. Lord Legarde is Alan.”

“What?!” Yulia exclaimed. “Alan?” Yulia was speechless for a while. “The same Alan we know?”

“Yes,” said Siana with a smile.

“But how?” asked Yulia, confused. “I thought Alan didn’t have a title to inherit. He went off to the war to become an officer… oh. Was the title awarded to him as part of his war achievements?”

“That’s right,” said Siana.

“Oh,” said Yulia, apparently too surprised to be able to say anything more. “He must have worked really hard. That’s that. But tell me what has been going on with you? Tell me everything in detail.”

“About what?” asked Siana.

“Don’t act all stupid,” said Yulia, “Tell me everything about this debt business and what happened to your house. And how is it that you are suddenly married. Spill it!”

So Siana did. She told her about her father’s debt and Viscount North. She told him about his proposal for marriage in exchange for the debt and how he had sabotaged any hopes of her ever finding a job or an alternative of paying the money back. She spared her the details of the incidences with Alan. She only mentioned him asking for her hand in marriage and how she had accepted it after much consideration.

“That vile Viscount!” Yulia exclaimed, “He deserves to be flogged and hanged! How could he threaten a young girl half his age into marriage?!”

“Everything has been taken care of now,” said Siana.

“But still!” said Yulia, “That doesn’t excuse his behaviour! The shameless slimeball. He deserves the pox.”

Siana laughed awkwardly. It was so good to see that Yulia hadn’t changed a bit. “So, are you okay now?” asked Yulia with concern in her eyes.

“Yes, of course,” said Siana.

“Are you sure?” Yulia asked.

“Yes,” said Siana, “Why do you ask?”

“I mean Alan and you…,” said Yulia, “You are married now.”



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