Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Siana wanted to tell Yulia that it was the opposite. Siana knew that s*x with Alan was satisfying. But still…. She still felt queasy when she saw his member and dreaded it going inside her. And Alan had superhuman stamina. I need to try to find a balance between the difference in our physical strength. Yulia must know a way.

Yulia had always been a mentor to her. In many ways, she had more knowledge about these things. Perhaps because she had gotten married earlier than Siana. She had planned to not say anything at all but after Yulia brought up the ‘rabbit and shrimp’, it was pointless to hide it. Besides, Yulia can be trusted, she would never go and run her mouth to others, reasoned Siana.

Siana clutched at her teacup. “Yulia,” she said, “Do you… go to sleep first when you are with your husband?”

“What do you mean?” asked Yulia.

“Do you… get tired first when you are… with him?” asked Siana.

“Get tired first?” asked Yulia, with an eyebrow raise, “Are you talking about s*x?”

Siana flinched at her friend’s straightforward response. She still felt so embarrassed talking about things like these, unlike Alan. Siana nodded shyly, but Yulia seemed unfazed by the question.

“Well,” said Yulia, “We finish at around the same time. We do it and fall asleep together.”

“Together?” said Siana, surprised, “Don’t you ever get tired before he finishes? Don’t you ever feel exhausted to complete it? Aren’t you ever tired in the mornings?”

“Hm. Maybe I have as much of an endurance as my husband,” said Yulia, “Is that your experience with Alan?”

“I… uh… why do you ask?” said Siana, flustered.

“I can tell,” said Yulia, “And Alan is a soldier so it does make sense that his stamina and endurance might be very high. Is he so good that he puts you to sleep first?” Yulia smirked.

“Y-yes,” stammered Siana, red-faced and flustered.

“Whoa…,” said Yulia, “I would have married a soldier if I had known. I am so jealous.”

“But it’s not as grand as you make it sound!” said Siana, “I want to watch him fall asleep. But I get tired so fast. It is getting very exhausting.”

“If any other wives hear you, half of them would kill you out of jealousy,” said Yulia jokingly. “The other half would try to take Alan for themselves.”

“I know that he is great! I am not denying that, but…,” said Siana, “But there is another problem.”

“Such as?” asked Yulia.

Siana told Yulia about Alan’s condition and his curse. She knew she couldn’t overcome the physical difference, but she wanted to find a way so that she could help him. Yulia listened to her patiently.

“Do you really need to endure it?” asked Yulia, “You can just stop in the middle if you can’t.”

“That’s… I can’t control him,” said Siana and lowered her head. She knew Yulia would understand but it was still extremely embarrassing to talk about something as intimate and personal as this with her.

Yulia placed a finger on her chin and thought about it. “Hm,” she mumbled. “How about making him ej*cul*te a few times before you do it with him?”

“What? Make him e-ej*cul*te?” asked Siana.

“Yeah,” continued Yulia, “He doesn’t have to be inside you to do that. You can do it by your hands or your mouth. It will tire him a little. Then you can outlast him.”

“How do I do that?” asked Siana, “Is it possible?”

Yulia looked at her and sighed in defeat. “Of course, it is possible, you idiot,” she said, “Has he ever licked you down there?”

Siana recalled her first night with Alan when he had licked and explored her with his tongue. She had thought it was dirty and not something ought to be done. He had asked him why he would do something as disgusting as that.

“He h-has,” stammered Siana.

“Then it’s easy to understand,” said Yulia, “It’s similar except it will be you doing that to him.”

“I can do it in the exact way he did?” asked Siana.

“Not exactly,” said Yulia, “It’s a bit different. But I can’t teach you in person.” Yulia frowned. “I know!” she exclaimed, “I read it in a book before.”

“Which book?” asked Siana.

“There is a book that explains it well,” said Yulia, “Let’s go to a bookstore. I will buy it for you.”

Yulia stood up and picked her coat from the coat rack. She looked at Siana, still seated on the sofa. “What are you doing? Hurry!” she said.

“Are we going right now?!” asked Siana.

“Then when are we going to go?” asked Yulia.

“Maybe tomorrow or the day after,” said Siana, “You just got here!”

“I am not staying here,” said Yulia. “Well, I wanted to but now I know you are doing very well on your own, so I don’t have to worry. I rushed here when I got your letter. So, I will have to get going quickly. I can’t stay long.”

“But it has been so long since I last saw you,” said Siana, sadly, “Such a shame that I don’t get more time with you.”

“We will meet again now that everything is sorted,” said Yulia, smiling, “Besides, I don’t want to be a third wheel between newlyweds.”

“I don’t mind you being here and I am sure Alan wouldn’t either,” said Siana.

“That’s alright,” said Yulia, “Seeing you both like this makes me miss my husband. Let’s hurry and get that book. After that I will give you a hug and take your leave to go be with my own husband.” Siana nodded reluctantly and stood up to grab her coat.

* * *

Siana and Yulia took the carriage to town with the two horsemen and a maid. Yulia walked swiftly the moment she got out of the carriage. She had moved to the countryside and lived there for a few years and yet she knew her way around here like she had never left. She led Siana to a bookstore without any difficulty. As they entered the shop, Yulia greeted the clerk and walked to a shelf in the corner. She stared at the spine of the books for their titles and burst out laughing.

“I knew it would be here!” said Yulia, chuckling, “See?” she removed a book from the shelf and handed it to Siana. “Here it is,” she said. Yulia handed her two more books.

Siana stared at the three books in her hand. They weren’t very thick. “An Abstinent but Passionate Knight and Me,” Siana read the titles aloud, “The Cursed Tyrant’s Bedr—”

Yulia covered Siana’s mouth with her hand. “Shhh,” hissed Yulia, “Don’t read the titles out loud!”

Siana nodded. Yulia removed her hand from her mouth. “So, these books are supposed to be about… that?” asked Siana, “They look pretty ordinary from the covers.”

“Nothing good comes out of telling everybody what kind of books they are,” said Yulia, “So the bookmakers deliberately make them look ordinary. When you read them, you will know the reason. Don’t read it here. Go home and read it alone. Alone, do you get me?”

“Okay,” said Siana.

Yulia looked satisfied with that. “Oh, I almost forgot something,” she said gesturing outside and then towards her ears, indicating to Siana that there were people around them and it would be better if they weren’t heard.

“Do you use birth control?” whispered Yulia.

“Birth control?” Siana whispered back.

“Don’t tell me you don’t!” whispered Yulia, “I did tell you about birth controls when I told you about the rabbits and shrimps. You will be ruined if you have a pregnancy that you don’t want! Or did you and Alan already decide on children?”

“No, we didn’t,” said Siana, “We haven’t discussed it, yet.”

“But you aren’t on birth control yet?” asked Yulia.

“I never gave a thought about it,” said Siana, “I was so busy…”

“Then you don’t know for sure whether you are pregnant or not?” asked Yulia.

“I hope not,” said Siana, “I had my periods a few days ago.”

“That’s a relief,” said Yulia, “Let’s go buy some birth control pills as well. It will be a good idea to take them until you decide to have children.”

“But do I really have to?” asked Siana, “I don’t think I mind having Alan’s babies.”

“Sia, these kinds of things shouldn’t be taken so lightly,” said Yulia, sternly, “You might be fine with it but what about Alan? What if you get pregnant and he says he doesn’t want kids? It will only make trouble for you. That’s how the world is.”

Siana went very quiet. She didn’t know if Alan wanted children. If he didn’t, it would be very hard for her to bring them up on her own.

“Well, you haven’t even known Alan for long, have you?” said Yulia, “What if he doesn’t like children? You discuss it with him and have things sorted out first before you get into anything you don’t want to. It is important to talk about these things between married couples.”

Yulia looked at Siana. “There is tea. Thyme tea,” whispered Yulia, “It doesn’t strain your body and prevents conception. It was developed by some wizard. It is cheap and effective.”

“Is it safe though?” asked Siana.

“Of course,” said Yulia, “A few of my friends use it and they are fine. Don’t worry.”

Siana nodded gratefully. Her mood was a little subdued with all these talks of birth control and children. She was also very surprised that she had so much to learn. The conversations people had before and after marriage were so different. We didn’t think about it at all. I didn’t know there were birth control options…

No wonder Yulia worried so much for her. After considering it, Siana went with Yulia to buy the magical tea. Yulia paid for everything. Siana’s hands were full with the books and the tea that Yulia had bought for her.

“Great!” said Yulia, “We got the books and the tea. That’s everything for today.”

“Yulia,” said Siana, “I can pay. Don’t spend so much on me.”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind,” said Yulia.


“Just think of it as a gift,” said Yulia, “I drank tea at your place, didn’t I?”

“But the books…,” said Siana.

“It’s absolutely fine!” said Yulia, “Don’t worry. Besides, I want you to read them and I suggested them to you in the first place.”

Just then a small bell rang in the shop and Siana turned to look for the source of the noise. She saw some curious decorations hanging at the corner of the store. It was circular with beads, nets and small bells. From the outer part, hung several feathers. She heard the bells chiming again as the decoration moved.

“It’s so pretty,” said Siana in awe.

The sunlight filtering through the windows fell on the beads and the colored light painted the floor and the walls. Siana approached the clerk in the store.

“What is that?” asked Siana, gesturing towards the strange but beautiful decoration.

“It’s our new magic product. It is called a dreamcatcher,” said the clerk. “It is made by machining magic stones on ornaments made at the temple. It is believed that it drives the bad dreams away leaving you with only pleasant ones.”



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