Chapter 40

Chapter 40

But unlike her, Alan turned serious. “Sorry, Sia. I shouldn’t have worried you unnecessarily. I should have thought about this.”

“Don’t be sorry!” said Siana, “I didn’t think about all of it either.”

“I should have tried harder,” said Alan, “I should have known better. I am so sorry for not thinking about it and how it might affect you.”

“Alan,” said Siana, “It’s alright. But right now, I want to know your opinion. How do you feel about having children?”

“I am fine with it, as long as you are okay with it,” said Alan.

Siana grumbled a little at his answer. “You don’t like kids?” she asked.

“It’s not that,” said Alan, caressing her back. “If we do have a child, I will love and cherish it. But you are my priority. I would always be concerned about you more. But will you be alright?”

“Me?” asked Siana. “Why wouldn’t I be alright?”

“I heard pregnant women go through tremendous pain and stress,” said Alan, “I also heard it is hard for them to deal with the changes happening in their bodies. I don’t want to put you through that, Sia.”

Siana was moved with his consideration for her. It was almost funny that just recently she was agonizing over whether Alan would like children. She was so touched that his concerns were for her. He only wanted her to be happy, safe and comfortable.

“I will be alright, Alan,” said Siana softly. “It’s something I want. Being an only child would be very lonely, so I want many children.”

Siana reminisced about her childhood. She was always a lonely child. She had no siblings to confide in. She had always wished for someone to be there for her. Her father had been busy earning for them to keep the household going. She only had her governess who was a very uptight and strict lady.

“Alright,” said Alan, smiling kindly, “Let’s have lots of children. But not at the expense of your health. You are precious to me.”

“Of course,” said Siana. “I wouldn’t insist on children if it means I would die!”

“I mean it, though,” said Alan, “If there ever comes a time where I might have to choose between mother and child, I will always choose you. Unconditionally.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” said Siana, laughing, “I am not going to sacrifice myself.”

Siana wanted to have babies that looked like Alan. His face, his features. Siana was grateful that he cared about her so much. She put her arms around his waist and leaned onto his chest. He stroked her back. Siana loved this moment and she realized that Yulia was right. She was truly lucky to have married him. Being with him made her happy. She snuggled close to him and pulled him closer. Alan flinched.

“Hold on, Sia,” he said.

Siana leaned back a little and looked up at him with concern. Something hard brushed against her thigh and a low m*an escaped his lips. Siana belatedly realized what had happened.

“Alan…,” she muttered. He avoided her gaze.

At the hardness on her thigh, Alan looked away in shame. His reaction surprised her. Since when has he been in this state? Siana thought, what excited him? Alan had only been excited a few times when they spent the night together. This might be my chance to try the scene from that book, thought Siana.

Siana grabbed his shirt sleeves. “Do you want to try something else today?” she whispered in his ears.

“Like what?” he asked.

“Something that you always do for me,” said Siana, “Let me do it for you today.”

Alan looked confused. “Sia, what are you talking about?” he asked.

“I might not be very good at it,” said Siana, “but if you are okay with it, I will do it for you.” She recalled the scene from the book and blushed. Alan’s reaction made her feel even more embarrassed.

“Sia, why suddenly…,” said Alan as he understood her meaning.

“It’s not sudden,” protested Siana, “I just want to help you. You always make me feel good. Let me do it for you. Let me make you feel good for once.”

Alan frowned. The silence stretched and made Siana nervous. She tugged at his sleeves. “You don’t want me to?” she asked.

“It’s not that,” said Alan, “It’s just… I can’t ask you to….” He sighed. “Let’s talk about this first. I don’t think this is going to work.”

“Why not?” she asked, “You worry too much. You have done it for me often.”

“That is different,” said Alan.

“How different can it be anyway?” asked Siana. She was filled with a craving so great that she became desperate. She slid her hands along the length of his thigh and slipped it between his legs, while leaning down towards it.

“And you did it last time when I told you not to,” said Siana, “Let me try it okay?”

“Sia,” said Alan, voice cracking as her hand toyed with him. Siana was unbuttoning his pants. He tried half-heartedly to grab her hands, but she was faster. She undid his briefs to expose his member. She caressed him.

“Don’t interrupt,” she whispered. A soft m*an escaped his lips. His member was hard and erect, and the fluid was flowing down the tip. He had been fighting the urge for so long.

She caressed his member with both hands, softly. She bit her lower lips in anticipation. She had only read about the young women licking it in the book, beyond that she had no idea what to do. What now? She was lost. She had no knowledge on what to do. She decided to caress him for now.

She stroked it gently on the tip. Alan flinched. Siana looked up and tried to meet his eyes but he looked away. His face was red, and he looked flustered. Siana realized that he was ar*used. She continued stroking his member and he m*aned softly. He was gasping for breath.

She caressed it back and forth, not wanting to hurt him. Her hands moved more boldly. As she continued stroking it back and forth with her hands, Alan’s m*ans of pleasure increased. That gave her the confidence to increase her rhythm. Siana rubbed the tip of his shaft with her thumb. Alan trembled and strained his waist.

Veins bulged on his neck and forehead and he gasped for breath. Siana saw his struggle to hold back his m*ans. This stimulated him so much that Siana wanted to hear more of his delicious m*ans. She now realized why Alan caressed her so much when they made love. I want to excite him more, resolved Siana.

Siana wanted to see him flustered. She liked seeing him blush. She wanted him to m*an and tremble in her hands like she did for him. She looked at his member in her hands and bowed her head.

“Sia…hold on… ahh,” mumbled Alan, as she took his member into her mouth.

Her hands continued caressing him while her tongue explored his member, placing kissed along the way. She licked it and Alan’s legs shook. She gripped the sheets tightly and strained against her mouth. One of his hands hovered slightly near her head but didn’t come down. She knew he was holding back. He grabbed at the bedsheets, knuckles white.

“Ah… Sia, just a little… Mmm,” m*aned Alan.

Siana opened her mouth a little wider to take him deeper. Alan leaned back and clenched his jaw. He was sweating buckets now and his lewd m*ans escaped from his lips again and again.

Siana was excited that Alan was this aroused. She liked him in her hands, at her mercy. She sucked at his member, making him tremble even more.

“Ahh…” cried Alan. His body shivered as though a shockwave went through him. The tremors increased and Siana resolved to keep it that way. With his member filling her mouth entirely, she could barely breathe. She sucked hard on it while she continued caressing him. Alan was a trembling mess. His grunts and m*ans echoed across the room. His hands came down on her hair.

Siana sucked him harder. Alan was shaking, but he grabbed her head and pushed her away as a thick stream of white liquid shot out and hit her face. She rose reflexively and wiped the liquid which was now flowing down her face. She involuntarily heaved and gasped for breath.

Alan buttoned back his pants and wiped her face with his sleeves. “Are you okay?” he asked with concern.

“I’m…,” she mumbled and gagged. He steered her towards the bathroom and turned on the faucet. She vomited. He washed her face, wiped at her hair and cupped his hand with water for her to rinse her mouth.

She felt a bit better. She changed into clean pyjamas. She had completely gotten soaked when cleaning herself. Siana ran her fingers through her hair which was still wet and walked to their bed. She looked unfazed as though she wasn’t gagging a while back. Alan, meanwhile, sat on the sofa not daring to go near the bed. She looked very stiff and anxious.

Did I anger him? Siana wondered. What should I do now? Siana felt anxious seeing Alan like this. She worried that she had messed up everything and now he was angry. Maybe she had not done it the right way. She should have stopped when he asked her to.

“Alan… are you angry?” stammered Siana.

“No, I am not,” he said.



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