Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“Sia, what you just said…,” Alan stammered. “Do you know how that sounds to me?”

Siana flinched at the crack in his voice. “I know,” she said.

“Do you?” he asked, looking at her sharply. The blue eyes, usually so calm, were full of passion and desire. It looked as though he wanted to devour her. Siana didn’t try to avoid them. If it was way before the marriage and everything leading to it, the old Siana would have run away but now, she simply couldn’t. She wouldn’t.

“Yes,” she whispered and wrapped her arms around his neck. She put her face close to his and whispered in a voice only he could hear, “I know it very well. You can do whatever you wa—”

Before she could complete her words, Alan lifted her up and laid her on the bed. Siana felt the soft mattress on her back and Alan shut the light. The room plunged into darkness. He got on top of her and kissed her. His kisses, usually so gentle, were rushed and frantic. She willingly opened her lips and his tongue lashed out, exploring her. His hands grabbed her shirt and pulled them off. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Her chest was bare, and the cold night air made her shiver. His hand traced her chest and grabbed her mound making Siana gasp. Her arms on his neck tightened. His palm rubbed and pinched her chest making her squirm. Siana’s back tingled.

“Mm,” she mumbled as her body heated up. She could feel the liquid between her legs. Alan had just begun, and she was already wet. She fumbled to take Alan’s shirt off. She began undoing his buttons in the dark. By the time she had unbuttoned his shirt, her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She flung his shirt away and caressed his sturdy chest.

The flesh over his scars felt strange under her fumbling fingers but they were healing well. She traced her fingers down to his waist and wrapped her arms around him. His hands were gentle on her chest, but his every touch made her body warm.

“Alan…,” she called his name out in pleasure. Her thighs throbbed. As she closed them, Alan placed his knee between her thighs, stopping them. His hands slid further down between her thighs and touched her in her most private parts. She could feel his warmth from over her panties.

“You are wet fast today, Sia,” he whispered, teasingly. Her face turned red and he laughed. It was embarrassing to admit that it was true, and she had no intention of denying it. Alan leaned down and bit her on the side of her neck.

“Ow!” she cried, “Not again! You bit me!”

She looked up at him, annoyed but he smiled warmly. His smile made her melt. Alan was up to something, but her mind wasn’t working very well to decode it. She nibbled at her lower lip as he licked her neck and his lips trailed down to rest on her collarbone. His lips came down to her chest and he sucked on her mounds.

His wet, hot tongue licked them and Siana gasped. As he bit lightly on them, a moan escaped her lips. Her thighs tightened around him as her back arched. Her opening throbbed waiting for him to enter her.

“Ahh, Alan, yes…” she mumbled. She wanted him to put it in, but his caresses were delicious, and she didn’t want them to stop. She clutched at her bedsheets. How long has she been under his caresses? It always made her lose her mind and time didn’t matter.

His hand slid down to her buttocks, tore her panties off and spread her legs wider. She obliged. The cool air between her legs made her shiver. She waited for him to enter her. But when he didn’t, the thought of him looking at her exposed genitals filled her with embarrassment. Siana put her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her. Alan held her close. She could see his face dimly in the dark, red and flushed.

Alan kissed her deeply, while his hands rubbed her between her legs, exploring her. His long finger penetrated her opening and her craving for him grew to a crescendo. Her walls welcomed his finger as he moved it to and fro, reducing her to a trembling mess.

“Ahh, yes,” she moaned.

A second finger entered her, and it sent her reeling to the edge. Her insides were filled with fire. Every time he moved his fingers, her body was filled with heat. But she wanted more. She wanted more of him.

“Alan, ahhh,” she moaned, unable to form any coherent sentence.

“You are really tight,” he whispered, “Does this feel good, Sia?”

Siana’s vision blurred and her body burned. “Yes, ahhhh,” she moaned louder. Alan rubbed her swollen cl*t with his thumb. She arched her back and curled her toes. She didn’t think she could take this anymore.

Heat rose and she held him tighter around his neck. She gasped and tried to breath. It felt good but all she could think about was him. She wanted him more than before. But he didn’t put it in. Minutes passed by and he continued his ministrations with his fingers.

Siana shuddered and moaned. His fingers were still inside her. She was ashamed to think that the liquid and the lewd moans were all coming out of her body. But her desire wasn’t sated. She wanted him. Her desire burned more brightly than her embarrassment.

Her yearning and craving for him was verging on painful. Alan raised his head to look at her. “Put it in, Alan,” she whispered, “Please…”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

His eyes widened as she nodded. He probably had never expected to hear her utter those words. He chuckled. “You were so naïve about these things in the beginning,” he said, “But now you demand something like this. You really have changed.”

“But how can I make you feel better?” she asked, her voice trembling. It took her much courage to ask something like that.

“You already have,” he said, “Now, my wife, let me fulfill your wish.” He smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead.  If she hadn’t asked that, Siana would have spent her time feeling anxious. She felt shy about it, but she was glad it was out in the open. She was glad she had said what she wanted to.

Loosening his belt, Alan shed off his pants. Siana tried to look away. It was always daunting to see his member even though she had seen it many times before. She would have thought she was familiar to it by now, but she still wasn’t used to seeing him naked.

Alan leaned down upon her. His hard member poked on her thighs. She knew how aroused he already was. As his member rested against her sensitive area, Siana’s core throbbed with anticipation of the inevitable pleasure.

“I’m going to put it in now,” he said.

“You don’t need to announce—” But before she could say anything more, he entered her swiftly, and she gasped. Siana sighed in satisfaction and her body trembled. Alan bit lightly on her earlobe.

“Sia,” he whispered, “Does that feel good?”

“Mm,” Siana mumbled and nodded. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer and gasped. That was all the encouragement Alan needed. He moved slowly and Siana gulped at the pressure she felt inside her.

Every time she took a breath, a moan threatened to escape her lips. His slow movements made her inner walls throb, making her want more. She tightened her legs around him and pulled him in. Alan let out a grunt and grabbed her buttocks. He pressed her close to him. The penetration sent Siana to the edge. He moved faster now and Siana’s thoughts scattered.

His shaft filled her to her entirety, and he thrust with new vigor. “Ahhh,” Siana moaned, “Ahhhh! Yes! Alan…”

His hands rubbed her against her chest, and his thrust became vigorous. She felt like she was going to lose her mind with the mounting pleasure. His caresses sent waves of pleasure through her chest while his member thrust inside her in greater rhythm. Alan placed kisses on her cheeks and neck, calling her name. His gentleness with her, while he thrust inside her with greater force moved Siana and overwhelmed her with bliss.

For a moment, it crossed her mind that she wanted to do the same to him. She wanted to touch and caress him. She wanted to make him tremble in her arms while placing sweet kisses and calling his name. She wanted him to feel what she felt. But his thrust sent her reeling. She left crimson trails on his back as she scratched them. Her wet hands kept slipping off. She moaned and screamed in pleasure as his thick shaft penetrated her deeper and deeper and the pleasure build up to a crescendo.



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