Chapter 44

Chapter 44

“Ah, agghh!”

“Sia, ah…”

Alan, unable to endure the boiling excitement, clenched his teeth and gyrated his waist even more. And he let out a shriek-like moan when the pleasure got unbearable. Siana, not knowing what to do, moved her body to his rhythm. Her nails dug into his back and chest but he didn’t care in the throes of passion.

The heaviness inside her made her jaw open wide. The feeling of him inside her was always so overwhelming. Eventually, Siana couldn’t bear it any longer and she sobbed.

“Ah… Alan, slow down,” she mumbled.

“Are you tired?”

“It’s not that, but, ah! I’m…”

Alan continued his thrusts. Siana tried to tell him that she was alright but she needed to go a little slow. That it was too overwhelming for her. But, she had to acknowledge that she was, indeed, exhausted. Hearing her tearful voice, Alan slowed his thrusts, finally giving Siana a chance to catch her breath.

Her breath came ragged. Her hair stuck to her sweaty back and chest, which annoyed her. Siana knew that she looked like a mess but she was far too exhausted to care. The sweat running down Alan’s skin dripped on her. She shivered at the cold air touching her body.

Alan, thrusting far slower than earlier, still stimulated her. She shivered and looked up at him. His blond hair was plastered on his forehead, his blue eyes were full of desire. He was flushed and sweaty.

Siana wrapped her legs around him without thinking. Alan flinched and gasped. She tried to apologize thinking she had caused him pain but Alan buried his face in her shoulders, breathing raggedly. She was about to call his name when he spoke.

“Sia,” he said, “I am sorry. I can’t… I can’t take it much longer. I am sorry.”

His words were a whisper. She nodded. He grasped her buttocks. Siana spread her legs wider to make it easier for him. He slid out of her a little and thrust back in. She felt suffocated by the rough and unrelenting thing inside her. Each time he thrust inside her, her vision blurred and sent her reeling to the edge. Their bodies were entangled with each other and their lovemaking produced a sound that echoed through their room. Her breath came in short gasps. The heat was overwhelming and she couldn’t take it much longer.

“Ahhh, Alan,” she moaned as she moved in rhythm to his thrusts. Their chests rubbed together and the feeling of pleasure rose to a crescendo. Her body trembled, and her vision blurred. She was hit by wave after wave of pleasure and she gave in.

Alan, who breathed raggedly, let out a moan and fell on top of her. He pulled himself out of her. Having her insides filled for so long with his member gave rise to an odd sense of emptiness as he pulled out of her.

She felt that she had to cover herself but was too exhausted to lift a finger to wrap the covers around her. She was sweaty and exhausted and trying to breathe properly. Alan kissed her forehead.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Her throat was dry and her voice cracked. Her throat felt raw. She coughed and tears flowed out of her eyes. She had screamed herself sore. Alan caressed her back softly, looking guilty and flushed.

“Sorry, I thought I was controlling myself,” he said.

“That?!” she exclaimed. “You call that control?” She swallowed hard. Her throat was raw.

Alan smirked. “It’s the truth,” he said, “Do you want me to show you how I get when I am out of control?”

He got on top of her. His hands caressed her sides and eventually rested on her waist. His member, which was rock-hard again, poked at the inner side of her thighs. For Siana, she was too tired to go through with it. It wasn’t that she didn’t want it but she simply couldn’t muster up the energy. He was so good that she always wanted him. She had seduced him this tim, too.

But she was at the end of her physical limits. She tried hard to ignore the feel of his shaft on her thighs. “I can’t…,” she said, “I really can’t. I am too tired.”

“I know,” he said, “I was only teasing. And I will control myself more from now.” She wished she could wipe that smirk off his face.

Despite being insufferable, he was always considerate of her. He was not done. The evidence was poking on her thigh but he wouldn’t push her further. He always seemed to care about her comfort more than she did herself. But as he moved, she flinched anyway.

“Relax, Sia,” he said, tenderly, “Believe me, alright.”

“I do,” she said, “but…”

Her words died on her tongue as his hands caressed her back and his finger ran through her hair. She tried desperately hard not to let the thing poking at her thigh bother her, but whenever he moved, she flinched. Alan chuckled.

Siana was offended by that chuckle. She felt threatened at this moment and he was laughing at her! She was just going to give him an earful when he pulled her close to him. Siana flinched and squirmed.

“What are you doing?!” she asked, “You said we weren’t going to do it again.”

“Of course not, Sia,” he said, gently, “We are not. I was just pulling you close so you can go to sleep. Or, do you want to finish what we started?”

“N-No!” said Siana, hurriedly.

“It’s alright, Sia,” he said, as he held her and pulled the covers over her. “Go to sleep.”

She was nervous but she felt her body relax at his words. Alan kissed her forehead lightly. “Goodnight, Sia,” he said.

“Goodnight,” said Siana.

He closed his eyes. He had a smile on his face. He seemed to fall asleep after a while, his breath came in a rhythm. His blond hair fell over his eyelids as he slept. Siana wasn’t so lucky. She still felt his member poking at her thigh. She couldn’t get that out of her mind. It made her nervous. It was a long time when Siana finally managed to drift off to sleep.

* * *

Siana, who had tossed and turned all night, opened her eyes, slowly. She felt sleep deprived. She rubbed at her eyes to clear her vision. She tried to lift up her torso from the bed. She slid off the side of the bed when she tried getting up and fell to the floor. The blanket slid off her. She realized that she was stark naked.

I was too tired yesterday to care, she thought. She scavenged her pajamas from around a corner and put them on. Alan, right then, came out of the bathroom. His hair was dripping wet because he had just washed. His eyes met hers. He greeted her nonchalantly.

“Sleep well, Sia?” he asked.

“Very well,” she said. “What about you?’

“Splendidly,” he said.

Does his skin look even more glowy today? Siana thought. Alan dried his hair and let out a long expectant sigh.

“Sia, it snowed yesterday,” he said.

“Really?” she asked. “But there wasn’t any indication of snow yesterday.”

“Yes,” he said, “I think it snowed while we were asleep. Do you want to see it?”

“Yes,” she said and nodded.

Alan pulled back the curtains from the window. Sunlight streamed through it. The bright light made Siana squint her eyes and almost blinded her. When her vision adjusted, she balked at the whiteness blanketing everything outside. Everything looked breath-taking.

“Wow!” she said, “It really is snowing.”

“Yes,” he said.

“I didn’t think it would be so much,” she said, “It looks so pretty.”

Siana walked closer to the window and admired the view outside. Sometime last night, the trees, the statues, the bushes and everything in sight had been blanketed in soft snow while they had been sleeping. Siana had, of course, seen snow before but it always took her breath away no matter how many times she saw it.


“We can make a snowman,” said Alan.

“You want to?” asked Siana.

“Of course,” said Alan, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make one before the snow melts?”

“But what about work?” asked Siana.

“We’ll just take a day off today,” said Alan, as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

Siana knew that they had to be ratioanl adults. They couldn’t just leave everything and go play in the snow like children! He had to go to work. They had gone over the top choosing wedding outfits yesterday. She couldn’t hold him back from work too. And she had her own share of work to do. But the white softness outside for the first time this year made her want to forget everything and play in the snow. The view was too tempting and temporary to miss the opportunity.

“Sia?’ he asked, looking at her, “You don’t want to?”

“It’s not that,” she said, “But work…”

“Oh, it is just for a day,” he insisted. “It will be alright.”

It was tempting and Alan wasn’t doing anything to help get rid of the temptation. Siana pondered for a while. It’s just a day, she thought, before the snow melts. Besides, who know if we will have a day like this again. They snow will melt soon. One day couldn’t hurt. They decided, eventually, to put off the day’s schedule and enjoy their time together outside in the snow while it lasted.



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