Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Alan lightly grabbed her foot and massaged her sole. It felt soothing. Every time he massaged her foot, Siana let out a sigh of contentment. Despite her initial reluctance, Siana found herself closing her eyes and enjoying the experience.

“Feels good?” asked Alan.

“Mm…yes,” said Siana.

“Should I do the other one, too?” asked Alan.

Without waiting, Alan took her other foot in his hand and started massaging. It felt so good that Siana just let herself give in. She heard the splashing of water distantly. The scent of the fragrant oil relaxed her.

She realized belatedly that Alan’s hands were moving up her calf under her dress while. Why is he massaging my calf? Siana wondered.  His hand followed her calf down to her ankles again. She enjoyed the massage. Then his hand came up to her thighs. Siana expected it to go down to her ankle again but his hand crept higher and touched her in her private parts.

Siana opened her eyes. “Alan…,” she said, “What are you doing?”

“I can’t take it anymore,” he said, hoarsely.

His hands were now on her shoulders gently pushing her down on the bed. Siana fell backward on the bed, surprised. Her long, light brown curls spread behind her on the bed and Alan crawled on top of her.

Her eyes travelled down instinctively, and she realized that Alan’s member was bulging through his pants, making a huge bump. She couldn’t believe it. He was turned on. When did this happen?

“Why all of a sudden…”

“It is not really that sudden, Sia,” he whispered, “I have been like this for a while now.” He smiled softly. “I tried very hard to hold it in but… I am practically going crazy because you keep moaning.”

“What?!” exclaimed Siana. “When did I moan?”

“Just when I was massaging your feet,” said Alan.

Siana blushed. “That wasn’t a moan,” she said, “I was sighing because it felt good.” She had felt so content that sighs had escaped her lips. She was hardly moaning!

“Well,” he said, “It worked on me. Now I am completely turned on.” He kissed her and pulled her dress up from her ankles.

Her lower body was completely exposed. Siana realized what was going to happen. She grabbed his hand. “Alan!” she said, “We did it yesterday too. You mean, we are going to do it here, again?”

“Yesterday is long gone,” said Alan, with a smirk.

“Alan,” she said, “It is still bright outside!”

“So what?” he kissed her again. “It isn’t compulsory to be done at night only.”

“But…” protested Siana.

“You don’t want to do it?” asked Alan and looked at her.

“I mean…ahh,” Siana gasped as his hands stealthily crawled up to her chest and he pinched her mounds. His rough hands on her chest made her skin tingle. Her body was heating up. She felt flustered.

“Sia,” he whispered, “I will stop if you don’t want it. So, tell me honestly. Do you want to?”

Siana felt blood rushing to her cheeks. She bit her lower lips. The rascal, she thought, if you are going to get me excited, just do it all the way. Why get me excited and ask such a question? She was in a dilemma. It still hurt from last night so she didn’t know what she should do. Maybe once, she resolved, just once is okay.

“Tell me, Sia,” he whispered again, “Do you want it or not?”

“It is not that I don’t want to,” she said, “But not like last night…”

“Do you want me to be faster then?” asked Alan with a smirk.

“What? No!” said Siana, hurriedly. She squirmed and the tip of her toes caught the bucket and flipped it up. The water fell on both of them, drenching them. She wiped her face to get the water out. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Alan was as drenched as she was.

His blonde hair was plastered over his forehead and water dripped down his jawline. Siana reached for him. “Are you alright?” she said, “We need to change our clothes if we don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Later,” whispered Alan near her ear. “We need to change clothes later anyway.”

“What do you” Siana gasped as he licked the nape of her neck. His hands worked to strip her off her wet clothes. As the clothes came off and her skin was exposed, he caressed her. His tongue licked her neck again.

Siana couldn’t talk anymore. She gripped the front of his wet shirt. “Ahh… mm,” she mumbled.

Each time his tongue licked her skin, it sent heat up her spine. His lips trailed down to her collarbone and nibbled there. It trailed further down and kissed her on her chest. Her br*ast was hard from his teasing. As she nibbled on her n*pples and sucked on it, Siana moaned in pleasure.

His hand toyed with the other and squeezed driving Siana crazy. She moaned while trying to endure the stimulation. Alan nibbled on her chest and raised his head to meet her eyes. She blushed when she felt his hot breath on her exposed br*asts.

He lowered his head to them again and sucked on her chest roughly while caressing her. Siana squirmed as his hot tongue brushed over the tip of her mound.

“Alan… oh… ahhh.”

She placed her hand sin his hair. He continued licking and sucking her. His blonde hair was soft in her hands. She felt dazed by his constant teasing. Heat built in her, especially between her legs. She was wet. One of his hand dropped down to her underwear and pressed gently. Then it stole underneath her panties and rubbed at her cl*t.

Having confirmed that Siana was wet, he pulled her panties down. It fell on the floor with a thud. Siana with the sudden air invading her clamped her legs shut. Alan grabbed her legs and gently pried them open.

Her body shivered as the cold aid hit her naked skin. She tugged at his shirt. He kissed her on her cheeks and whispered, “Tell me, Sia. Are you turned on yet?”

“What? No!” she protested.

“Liar,” said Alan, smirking. He slid his hand down and touched her on her most sensitive part, gently pressing down on her genitals.

Siana trembled. Alan chuckled. “You deny it and yet you are so wet,” he said, “Are you really not turned on? Do you not want me?”

“Why ask when you already know?” she retorted.

Siana was peeved at his attempt at tearing an answer from her. It made her feel irritated. His finger, which was rubbing at her opening, slid inside. Siana gasped. She could feel his finger going deeper and her walls spreading.

His finger moved inside her as heat rose within Siana. “Alan… ahh,” she moaned.

Alan kissed her eyes, then her cheek and his lips came down on her lips, devouring her. “How about now, Sia?” he whispered roughly, “Do you still deny that you are turned on?” He slid another finger inside her.

“You! Ahhh,” she moaned, “Alan… hmm.”

Her head became blank, and her thoughts scattered. She felt the ever-rising heat in her body. She felt like she was on the brink, but Alan continued teasing her, with his fingers, and his words.

She could lie but the evidence was already there. She wanted him more than anything. But Alan was an asshole. He wanted to hear it and he would keep teasing her unless she said it. Siana trembled and moaned. She couldn’t take it anymore. Whenever his fingers moved inside her and his thumb rubbed her, it felt like she was about to combust. And still, it wasn’t enough. She wanted him desperately.

Siana hugged him close and brought her lips to his ear. “Put it in,” she whispered softly.

“I can’t hear you,” said Alan with a grin.

Blast him!  Siana thought. She wanted him right now and he was playing this game with her knowing what she wanted very well.

“I am turned on,” she whispered, “Please, put it in. Now.”

She shuddered as he rubbed her harder. At her pleading, Alan undressed quickly. His patience was wearing thin. Her voice undid him. He settled himself between her legs. His erect member poked at her opening and made Sian wheeze.

Siana wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. “Hurry,” she whispered, “Just put it… ahh.”

Alan entered her before she could finish her sentence. Siana had expected him to tease her more, painstakingly and agonizingly. But his directness surprised her. Alan made a seething sound while Siana felt content with him filling her inside.

“Ah, Alan, oh…”

He pulled one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder. He then thrust inside her with vigour. She felt him deep inside her and she widened her legs to make it easier for him. As he moved, Siana felt him touch her sweetest spot.

“Ahhh, oh yes… ahh,” she m*aned. She moved her body in rhythm with his.

Her b*tt*cks felt sore from Alan grabbing her on them tightly. He thrust inside her harder and harder, making her tremble. His thrust sent her reeling to the edge and she felt her vision blur while liquid sloshed out from her opening.



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