Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Siana wanted to bawl, and the tears kept streaming down her face no matter how hard she tried to stop them. “Sorry,” she sniffled, “The tears just…”


Siana gave up trying to wipe the tears away and tried smiling with her hands by her side. Alan took her hands in his and pulled her into an embrace. “Sia, it’s over.”

Leaning onto his chest, she tried to calm herself down. “We won, Sia,” said Alan.

“Yes,” she said and hugged him back. “I was so scared,” she sobbed, “I thought we would lose and we would have to break up…”

“I know,” he said.


“It’s alright, Sia,” said Alan, “Nothing can keep us apart.”

Tears rolled down her face, but she felt a little relaxed as he stroked hear head. A little while later, she looked up at him.

“Are you okay now?” he asked.

“Yes, better,” she said.

She pulled herself out of his arms. A little bit of powder stained Alan’s black coat where she had cried. Siana, feeling embarrassed, wiped at the stain. But it wouldn’t go away.

“I am sorry,” she said, “It got stained.”

“Don’t worry,” he said, taking her hands in his. “I can just wash it.”

She looked around the courtroom which was almost empty. Even Yulia and Hugh were gone. “Where is Yulia and Hugh?” asked Siana.

“I think they left when you were crying.”

“Really?” she said.

“Yeah. I think they wanted to give us some time alone.”

Siana blushed. She wondered if everyone in the courtroom had seen her cry as they left. She felt embarrassed. Alan took her hand. “Shall we go?” he asked. “I think we should head home.”

“Yeah,” said Siana as she followed him, hand-in-hand. High and Yulia were waiting for them outside, beside the carriage.

“Oh, here they are,” chirped Yulia, “We were wondering if you would take longer. We were just about to grab some coffee.”

“Are you feeling okay, Lady Legarde?” asked Hugh.

“Yes, I am absolutely alright,” said Siana. “Thank you so much for your help, Hugh.”

“My pleasure,” said Hugh, “It was my duty and my job. If it weren’t for you both cooperating, it would have been more difficult to win the case. Lord Legarde being able to bring in the viscount’s butler and your statement made all the difference.”

Siana frowned and turned to Alan. “Alan, why didn’t you tell me about it?” she asked.

“About what?” said Alan.

“About Anthony, Viscount North’s previous butler.”

“Oh… right.”

“You should have told me!” said Siana, “Do you know how worried I was that you might have been injured? That Viscount North might have done something to you…”

“I know,” he said, “But I wasn’t sure if I could convince him to come with me or not.”

“You should have still told me!”

“I am sorry,” said Alan, “I wasn’t feeling like myself in the morning and everything happened so quickly. It must have slipped my mind.”

Alan looked sincere but Siana’s annoyance was still apparent. She turned to Hugh and scowled. “And you too!” she said, “That was really overboard.”

“Sorry,” said Hugh.

“You must have known about this the whole time,” said Siana, “You didn’t mention anything even when you saw how worried I was!”

“Oh, hahaha,” said Hugh.

“Stop laughing!” Siana snapped.

“I apologize,” said Hugh, “I wasn’t sure if Lord Legarde would manage to bring him in, so I couldn’t tell you.”

“You seemed so nonchalant.”

“That’s because Lord Legarde trusted me to—”

“Your explanation changes every time,” said Siana, folding her arms, “You said you weren’t sure. Now you say he trusted you to keep quiet.”

“My apologies, Lady Legarde,” said Hugh, “I swear on my honor that I wasn’t trying to deceive you.”

“I am sorry too, Sia,” said Alan, “It wasn’t our intention at all.”

They apologized so profusely and sincerely that Siana forgave them. Everything had gone well in the end anyway. They had won the trail. That was the most important thing right now.

* * *

Riding in the carriage with Yulia, Alan and Hugh, Siana let out a gasp as she looked out of the window.

“Sia, what’s wrong?” asked Alan.

“Over there, Viscount North and his lawyer,” she said gesturing towards the window. Everyone stared outside of the window to get a glimpse of them as the carriage rolled on. Siana had seen Viscount North raging and screaming at his lawyer. The lawyer bowed his head and took what came, with a despondent look on his face.

Hugh, feeling relieved at that, sighed. “To think I almost was at the brink of that,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Just saying that if we had lost the trial today, we would be there, angry and frustrated,” he said.

“And who would be in the place of Lord Viscount,” asked Siana, amused.

“That would be Lord Legarde, of course,” said Hugh.

“Alan?” said Siana, “That can’t be. He wouldn’t shout at you like that.”

Siana really couldn’t imagine Alan, red in the face, screaming at Hugh like Viscount North. So, she laughed at the image.

“You don’t believe me,” said Hugh with wry smile, “Lord Legarde can be quite intimidating when he wants to.”

“Don’t defame Alan!” said Siana.

“I am just telling the truth,” said Hugh. “It is because you are in front of him, so he looks mellow.”

Siana scoffed. Hugh chuckled and emphasized to her how intimidating Alan was as a client. The level of thoroughness and toughness he expected.

Alan chuckled. “Stop, Hugh,” he said, “Talking about me right in front of me, eh? Even if you say it a hundred times, Sia won’t believe you.”

Alan leaned towards her and put his head on her shoulder. Siana nodded in agreement. Siana had never heard Alan raise his voice at Hugh. But she remembered how Hugh had paled when a few days before Alan had declared that he could not be trusted.

“Well, I, for one, believe you, Hugh,” said Yulia, sympathizing with Hugh. She looked out the window. “I can already see new leaves sprouting. Won’t be too long before the flowers blossom.”

“That is true.”


They nodded in agreement as they looked outside the window as well. The branches were dotted with small green leaves, just sprouting.

“Can I open the window for a bit?” asked Yulia.

“Of course, go ahead.”

Yulia opened the window to allow a gust of cool wind to waft through it. It seems like just yesterday when we were playing snowball fight, thought Siana recalling the fateful winter day. Siana closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt good after a long while. And it was all thanks to so many people who had supported her and Alan.

* * *

As soon as they arrived the Legarde’s mansion, Yulia packed her luggage and gathered her horsemen. She began preparing to go back home.

Before boarding her carriage, she turned to them one last time. “I am leaving now, Sia,” she said.

“Do you really have to leave today?” asked Siana. “You could spend the night and leave early tomorrow.”

“I have overstayed my welcome,” said Yulia with a smile, “I think it is better if I go back. I have stayed longer than I planned to. My husband will be waiting for me.”


“It’s alright, Sia,” said Yulia, “Don’t feel disappointed. It’s not like we aren’t going to meet ever again! I will come visit you often, and you can too!”

“Yeah, but…”

Siana couldn’t help but feel a loss at seeing her friend leave. Because of the case, she hadn’t really spent quality time with her friend. The anxiety and stress hadn’t let them spend their days comfortably.

“And Lord Lagarde?” said Yulia.

“Yes, My Lady,” said Alan.

“Please take good care of my Sia,” she said.

“As you wish,” said Alan.

“Yulia!” cried Siana in embarrassment.

Yulia didn’t bat an eye. “The next time I see you, you will be in your wedding dress. Maybe I can take you shopping to choose a dress.” she said with a smile.

“We have already arranged the dress and gifts,” said Siana.

“Oh my!” said Yulia, “Then I can see you soon in your wedding day!”

“We will look forward for your visit,” said Alan.

“Thank you, Alan,” said Yulia, “You are trustworthy.”

“Farewell, Yulia,” said Alan.

“Have a safe trip,” said Siana.

Yulia smirked at the couple and boarded the carriage.

“All right, I’m really leaving now. See you next time, Sia.”

“Farewell, Yulia.”

“Have a safe trip.”

Yulia smirked at the couple seeing her off as she boarded her carriage. The carriage drove off leaving only a cloud of dust behind where Yulia had been. Hugh turned to Alan and Siana.

“I, too, shall get going,” he said.

“Thank you for all your help, Hugh,” said Alan gratefully.

“Yes,” said Siana, “Thank you so much for everything you have done.”

“You’re welcome,” said Hugh, “I will come soon for another visit, Lord Legarde.”

Alan nodded. “We will be expecting you,” he said.

Alan and Hugh shook hands and bit each other farewell. Siana looked at the two men exchanging their farewell. After Hugh left, she turned to Alan. “What’s that about?” asked Siana. “He is going to come again?”

“Yes,” said Alan.

“For what?” asked Siana.

“It’s a secret…,” said Alan with a smirk. Siana scowled at him. “Just kidding,” he said hurriedly, “I will tell you. Let’s go inside first?”

Siana nodded. She was too tired because of all that happened today. After being greeted by the Primo and the servants, they made their way upstairs. Alan closed the bedroom door after him.

“So, tell me now,” said Siana.

“Hm,” said Alan, “Can I shower first?”

“I know, I know,” said Alan, “But it will take some time to explain everything. I am a bit tired. Can I shower first? Then I will tell you everything. I promise.” He shrugged off the coat that had Sian’s powder stain on it.

“You change into something comfortable too,” he said, “It’s been a long day. Relax a bit. We have plenty of time now.”

Siana bit her lower lip anxiously. She felt a little bad for pushing him but perhaps he knew that already. Alan shed his vest off next, looking at her with a smile on his face.



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