Chapter 57

Chapter 57

“Or should we wash up together?” asked Alan.

“What!” exclaimed Siana, blushing.

“Why are you so surprised? We’ve done it before,” said Alan with a smirk. Siana blushed a deep red. He was right they had washed together before.

“I know…,” stammered Siana, “But…”

“But what?” asked Alan.

“Are we only going to be bathing?” mumbled Siana. She had fallen victim to his deceitful words before. He would say, “You should take a bath, or you will catch a cold…” and it would lead to other things.

“What else would be we doing?” asked Alan.

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” retorted Siana sharply. This had happened thrice before. She wasn’t going to fall for it this time.

“Didn’t you say you’re curious about why Hugh is coming back?” said Alan, “I will tell you while we wash up together.”

“No thank you,” said Siana, “I will wait till you finish.”

“Are you sure?” teased Alan, “I might be too tired afterwards and might fall asleep.”

“I am sure you can just talk to me no matter how tired you are,” said Siana.

Alan shrugged his shoulders. You would have finished telling me everything by now, thought Siana, instead of teasing me like this. She sighed. She didn’t want to fall for his tactics, but she was too curious. I am also tired; I am sure I will fall asleep earlier than him. Maybe we can just talk while we shower…

“I will come shower with you,” said Siana, “But promise me one thing.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“We will only shower, nothing more,” said Siana. “You keep your hands to yourself.”

“Of course!” said Alan.

She was surprised at his earnest reply. She didn’t think he would agree to her like this. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that his smile was shady and suspicious. Siana brushed the thought away from her mind and got ready to go for a wash. She felt wary because Alan was already naked before even entering the bathroom.

Siana wondered if she should just wait till tomorrow to hear him out. Whenever they had showered together, either she had been angry or aroused. Today, she was clear-headed and tired. She felt a belated regret at having agreed to shower together but Alan, who had already shed his clothes down to his skin, gestured to her.

“Hurry, Sia,” he said, “Take your clothes off and get in.”

“Uh… yeah,” mumbled Siana. She forced her gaze away from him and took a deep breath. I am an idiot, a fool! She felt so stupid and flustered. She heaved a sigh and slowly started to undress. She was too shy for these things. She was not as confident as Alan to just shed her clothes and walk in naked, so she wrapped a towel around her.

“Sia, come over here,” said Alan.

The bathroom was already a blur with the steam. Perhaps the bathtub was already filled with hot water. She hesitated a few seconds before slowly placing one foot in the tub to see the temperature. She felt that the tub was wide enough for one person, but it was a bit cramped for two. She had no choice but to cuddle close to Alan.

She sat awkwardly for a while before realizing that this wasn’t going to work. She was trying to get out of the tub when Alan wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her close.

“Where are you going?” he asked, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“What?” said Siana, “No…”

“Then why are you trying to leave?” he asked.

“Just because…” she trailed off. She knew it was weird for her to act all awkward when they had done this before. Trying to avoid bathing with him so suddenly indeed looked unusual. But what could she say to make it less awkward? He won’t believe me, she thought.

She searched for something to say but Alan didn’t push her further. He just rubbed a bar of soap between his hands to work up some lather. Siana was relieved. Thank the god,s we will just be bathing.  She exhaled a sigh of relief, but his hands went down her back. She could feel the soap lather on her back.

“Uh, Alan?” he said.

“Yeah?” he said.

“I thought we promised to only wash?” she said, “And that you would keep your hands to yourself?”

“Of course,” he said.

“Then why are you doing whatever you are doing?”

“Well, we never said we couldn’t wash each other,” said Alan.

What?! He is doing this so that he can caress me into a frenzy and make me ask for it. Siana figured out his strategy. She regretted ever agreeing with this. She directed a glare at him. Alan’s hands didn’t stop. It lathered her back, then came up to her waist and went to her chest.

She thought he would caress her there, but his hands matter-of-factly lathered her chest gently. Siana’s body shivered at his touch. Her lower region throbbed in anticipation. She gasped and exclaimed.

“I can wash myself!” she said.

“It’s okay, Sia,” said Alan, “I can do it for you.”

“It’s fine,” said Siana pushing him away, “I can do it myself!”

As Siana tried to push his hands away, Alan leaned in close so that his face was very close to her. “Am I not even allowed to wash you, Sia?” he said.

Behind the wet blond hair plastered across his face, his eyes shone. His face looked red from the steam. Even Siana’s face was red with all the heat. As she gazed upon his face, all her resistance disappeared. Suddenly she realized that she couldn’t refuse him any longer. She didn’t want to. She chewed at her bottom lip. Alan’s hands moved on her body. He grazed the side of her chest an =d soon, they were on her chest, making her shiver and tremble.

As he caressed her skin, Siana gasped. The insides of her thighs throbbed and dripped with liquid. She would have begged him to do it if she could. But she was embarrassed. Besides, she was so tired that she was sure her body wouldn’t be able to exert itself so much.

Alan became impatient with his caressing. With his chin on her shoulders, he whispered to her. His hot breath on the nape of her neck tickled her. “Sia, let me do it,” he said, hoarsely.

She didn’t need to ask what he meant. She could feel his erect member poking inside her thighs. She felt herself stimulated by that touch. His body against her willed her to spread her legs. She would have done it gladly, but she stopped herself.

“Ah, um…no…mm,” she mumbled. As his thing rubbed against her butto*ks, it aroused her more and a moan threatened to escape her lips.

“Sia, why do you resist?” he said, “Your body wants me; you’re hot and ready but why do you still hold yourself back?”

“You, ahh…”

“Sia, let me do it.”

His voice pleaded with her and his body was taut with the want of her. Siana tried to fight it as she felt the same. But Alan stimulated her so much that she couldn’t refuse him for much longer.

“Ahhh, you’re, really bad…,” muttered Siana, “You know I, uhhh, can’t stand it when you touch me like that.”

“If I say I know, will you let me do it?” asked Alan softly, nibbling at her earlobe. Siana tilted her head to face him.

Both gave in to their desires and the sound that filled the bathroom was of water splashing and sweet moans.

* * *

It was still daytime after they had done it. Siana enjoyed the warm sun filtering through the window as she stared at Alan with resentment. Her inner thighs were sore, and they throbbed. Some time had passed since they had been intertwined in the bathroom and moved to lay down on their bed, tired.

Unlike her, Alan looked happy and relaxed. He played with her hair. He is always so chirpy after we do it, thought Siana. She had eventually given in to his pestering, but she couldn’t blame him either as she had begged him for more. Still, it made her very angry.

If I wasn’t curious about what you said to Hugh, I would have never… oh right! She had completely forgotten to ask him about his conversation with Hugh. She raised her head from the bed. She had to ask him about it now,

“Alan?” she said.

“Hm,” he responded and turned to her.

“So, what did you talk about with Hugh earlier?” she asked, “Why will he come to visit us again?”

“Oh, that?” he said, “I am thinking of suing Viscount North.”

“You are going to sue him?” asked Siana, surprised.  “But why?”

“He put a lot of strain on us, especially you,” said Alan, “He should get a taste of his own medicine.”

Siana nodded. “But what will you sue him for?”

“Oh, there are so many reasons,” said Alan, “To name a few, he defamed our marriage with his outrageous accusation. That is a violation of our privacy. Also, for mental stress that he put you through before and after marriage. I will make it so that he can never show his face around here ever again.”

Siana didn’t know what to think about it. For whatever Viscount North has done, it will serve him right to put him through this. Siana resolved that she didn’t need to feel pity for such a vile man. Siana nodded at Alan. But she was curious about something.

“There is something I am curious about,” she said. “The man who took a stand for us earlier. Anthony was his name, right?”

Alan nodded. “Viscount North’s former butler,” he said.

“How were you able to convince him to be a witness?” asked Siana.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean he was Viscount North’s butler,” she said, “Why did he suddenly decide to help us?”

“You know he was fired by Viscount North, right?” said Alan.

Siana nodded. She remembered how Viscount North had shouted when he saw Anthony in the courtroom.



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