Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1


The princess was a beauty. 

It was a bit difficult to see her with how she leaned down, but no one could mistake it that she was indeed beautiful. Her long, black hair was brushed down and her skin glowed. Everything about her look naturally ethereal. Her lavender eyes looked at the countless nobles. Her nose was petite, and she had small, full lips. She hadn’t yet outgrown a babyish innocence and plump cheeks but that did nothing to diminish how beautiful she was.   


She was only fifteen years and wore a dark red color. It was a peculiar taste.

I did not really have anything against the color red. I like red as dark as blood. Although, black is better. The dark red gown she wore had strange patterns. 

It didn’t look suitable for a fifteen-year-old especially when it contrasted jarringly with the dark green dress of the blond queen and black attire of the king. 

 Concubines usually wore red. It seemed other people were also as unsettled as me; I heard low murmurs from around me. The murmurs weren’t loud and clear enough for me to understand what people were saying. 

Grandfather smacked his tongue next to me. I glanced at him. He stopped smacking his tongue, but I could see he was displeased. I raised my eyebrow at him, and my grandfather grinned.

As the king descended down the stairs, everyone straightened up. He spoke. Actually, the attendant beside him relayed his message.  

“I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who came to the Princess’ 15th birthday party. As all of you know, today is the day when she officially makes an appearance as a successor to the throne. The Princess showed various abilities from early childhood that show her to be fit for the throne. So, I too am very proud of her. I want all of you to congratulate her.” 

The successor to the throne. Since the King doesn’t have other children, there shouldn’t be any uncertainty about the succession structure, but the presence of the Grand Duke’s still caused some discomfort for everyone. Was the King’s speech aimed at the Grand Duke? 

I shouldn’t worry. This has nothing to do with me. I am going to leave the politics of the matter to Alex and father and just enjoy my life. I need to figure out things for myself as well. I don’t want to marry and become a burden to Alex.

Cheers to a useless life! Cheers to becoming a burden to others! 

I could just live like this, couldn’t I?

The Princess mixed with the people. The King and Queen headed to their seats, while nobles flocked around to greet them personally. Obviously, the princess drew the most attention. It was her first official appearance into the social circle. But I had expected more people to flock her way. I had thought that people would be over themselves to greet her.

“I can’t quite understand it,” my grandfather muttered to Alex.

“Neither can I,” Alex replied. Grandfather ran a finger through his long, white hair. Now I knew who grandfather looked like! It had lingered in my mind and I had been unable to put a finger on it. The older Shawn Connery (with more hair)! 

“The late King was a very wise man.” Grandfather shook his head slightly. 

“Since there’s no guarantee that a child will resemble its parents,” I shrugged my shoulders.

Grandfather raised his eyebrows and a smile formed on his lips. “You children only inherited good things from your parents.” 

“My face?” I tilted my head as I said this, my grandfather burst into a laughter. 

“That’s right, your face is like that too. Our baby has become so eloquent in the time that I haven’t seen you.” 

“Aaron says I’m making his life difficult.” 

Aaron hurriedly raised both hands. “No, I haven’t said such a thing…”

“What are you going to do later, when you can’t even handle your only younger sister? You have to meet a good woman so that I can adopt you and make you a Duke.”

Aaron’s face paled. Grandfather had no children other than my mother. That’s why women pursue him so that they can provide an heir and secure their own future as well. 

Duke of Seymour. That would be big. Grandfather seemed to have made up his mind of taking in Aaron as his own.

“Alice, if you find a decent guy, maybe I could give you the title.” 

Trying to avoid the talk, I shook my head. “Oh, no. I can’t…”

I am not interested in marriage or children, was what I wanted to say. Please don’t pass me those terrifying responsibilities! If I had been the naïve, simple Alice, I would have been ecstatic of the prospect of finding a nobleman and inheriting the title. I would have been euphoric of throwing parties and putting on a good show. But now, the mention of marriage left a bad taste in my mouth and made my whole being shudder in disgust.   

There was no way a good man existed who would love me and be a good husband. People weren’t that simple and innocent.

My brothers are good, but they are family. You can never know a person completely. I didn’t even know how they were with others. It was no simple matter to raise a family. It was too complicated and too much work. No thank you! I will heartily refuse.

TL: We’re glad to announce that we will be translating this novel again. From hereon, the narrative will be changed from third person to first person based on the original Korean text. The earlier chapters will slowly be edited to adapt this change. Look forward to this novel! ~keopi

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