Chapter 68.1

“You said you were working in a company, right?”

Penelope nodded at my question.

“What happened to you? How did you die?” I asked.

Penelope paused for a moment before responding. “I think it might have been a car accident. I don’t remember clearly, but the last thing I remember was going home from work. How about you?”

“Ah, me too…” I said. “What about your family from your previous life? Do you miss them?”

Penelope looked up thoughtfully before answering. “I remember them faintly, but thankfully, I don’t miss them dearly. I do wonder what my life would have been like if I had continued with them, but since I have my own family now, that memory seems like a distant past.” Penelope smiled warmly at the sleeping child next to her. The child curled closer to her mother.

Penelope’s story reminded me of how difficult it can be to live a ‘normal’ life. Many people take it for granted and think that it is a given—but they are wrong. Those who know how difficult it is are the ones who have had it. And those who haven’t had it, they don’t talk about normal life.

I liked Penelope’s innocent view of the world and how she accepted it for what it was. She seemed to think that everyone else lived in the same kind of world as her, but I believe that her kind of people are good people.

“Wait a moment,” Penelope said as she gently picked up the sleeping child and walked towards the door. It seemed she was handing the child over to the maid. As I sipped my tea and processed the conversation, I realized that there were a few key issues that needed to be resolved.

The Grand Duke, who was originally a villain, didn’t seem to have any thoughts of being one in the present. One problem down.

The murder was the reason for the impending riot, so I needed to find a way to solve it. That was a must-do.

Aaron was a possible protagonist, and it seemed that the Princess already knew the story. That was why she was so obsessed with him. I wasn’t sure why he was so obsessed with her, but I would let it be if there was a chance he would become the husband of a queen. Another problem solved.

Ethan Duplo. I didn’t really care about him as long as he didn’t pose a threat to me. Another problem solved.

So, the last problem was the Princess. Was the reason she was so against me because I didn’t die like in the original story? Since Alex and I had to die for Aaron to become a guard knight?

But Aaron seemed to have become the Princess’s guard on his own, and since I have no intention of interfering in their relationship, this problem is also solved.

However, there was the matter of the Princess and the King trying to kill Leon, which poses a problem. That man is a trouble magnet.

Is the only solution to kill the Princess and the King? This would lead to Grand Duke Glouster taking the throne and perhaps resolving the conflicts in the story.

But… if I become queen, I may have to flee someplace else to escape being found by that man. The thought of becoming queen… oh my goodness!

While I was ruminating in panic, Penelope handed the child to the nanny and sat down with a sigh. “I think a child changes people. I really didn’t like children in my past life. I thought I wouldn’t have one even if I got married.”

I blinked at her. “But do you like her now?”

Penelope quietly laughed at my question.

“It feels weird to say I like her. It’s tiring and annoying sometimes, but she’s also adorable. I keep thinking that I’ll protect her no matter the cost.”

I still didn’t know what to make of all this information, but there was still more story to discover.

“You said there’s another man?”

“Ah, Cyrus. If Aaron is the strength and Ethan is the brain, then Cyrus is the money. He was someone who could be popular but for some reason he wasn’t. Maybe there’s a problem with the story itself…””

Penelope kept on talking while in thought.

“Cyrus is a merchant-I remember clearly. Probably because my current husband is also a merchant. But in the novel, it said Cyrus’s merchant business is quite big, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. My husband doesn’t know about Cyrus at all.”

“What do you mean by he’s in charge of money?”

“He helps Eleanor with financial support and advice. The palace is facing financial difficulties. The tax collected from the nobles was little and the palace doesn’t have many sources of income. The predecessor kings had also wasted a lot of money. In the novel, Eleanor made Schway into palace property and used Cyrus to trade with foreign countries to earn money.”



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