Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42.1

In the novel, Ethan falls for Eleanor from the beginning. After she ascends the throne, Ethan stays by her side and loves her even more.

Ethan didn’t seem to be in love for now. But he had earned his place in the royal palace as the princess’ friend. Maybe in time, he would fall for her. That was how the story was supposed to go anyway or so Eleanor thought.

“Your Highness, what is she up to?” Ethan’s voice brought her back to the present.

“I think the girl wants to become the queen through the Grand Duke’s claim to the throne.”

Ethan was confused. Eleanor grabbed his arm. “Let us talk in my room. We need to stop it from happening. That can’t happen no matter what. We need to get Aaron on our side by any means. Help me.”

“Of course, Your Highness. I will do whatever you need me to.”

Eleanor exhaled in relief. Yes, Ethan would help her. And if she could get Aaron to her side, everything will fall into place. She only needed to endure this till then.  


Fortunately, nothing of importance happened in the Glouster estate in the following days. I examined the reports the d*mned Duke had given me. According to it, the number of dead prostitutes had increased significantly. The Underground District must be in a state of panic. I wondered how many were killed by the real culprit and how many were by the men who were copying him.

It was appalling how many people copied without thinking. Worst of all, they were killing people using the same methods as the real killer. How was it that these ‘copycats’ weren’t caught yet? If these killings started happening in the aristocratic area, quick action will be taken. If they catch the culprit he would be thrown into jail or given a death sentence.

Would the Underground District cause a riot then? Wouldn’t they rather be happy that the killer was finally locked up

Since the only riot I remembered was the one I learnt in history, I did not know much about them. I hadn’t even been born then. I wondered how riots exploded to make it so difficult to subdue.

I had no idea how riots could be managed. I needed someone who knew about things like this. I got up from my bed and headed to the next room. As soon as I knocked, Sam opened the door.

“Hi, Sam. Is my brother here?”

“Yes, My lady. Please come in.”

Amy followed me. Alex was leaning back on his chair and gestured for me to sit down.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I have something to ask you. But where’s Aaron?”

Alex furrowed his eyebrows. “He had been glued to the princess since yesterday. I guess the princess is terribly upset. Her maid died suddenly.”

“That’s true. But I still don’t see a reason for Aaron to follow her around like some lost puppy.” I shrugged. We were going back to our estate tomorrow. Perhaps I can ask Aaron directly in the carriage.

Aaron wouldn’t meet the princess as much after we return to the Wishburn estate unless he goes to visit the royal palace. But there was no need for Aaron to be in Schway. He wasn’t even registered at the academy

“You never know what might happen. I know that there are no wild beasts in Schway but I am not going to let you walk around alone like last time, Alice Maria Warwick.” Alex glared at me.

I wanted to laugh. It was sweet that Alex was so protective of me. He was always like that. At least one of my brothers remained the same. But I had other things to worry about for now.

“You are aware that pr0st!tutes have been murdered in the Underground District?”

Alex nodded. “I know only as much as I read in ‘One Week in Schway’. Why do you ask?”

“I have a feeling that if the case is left unattended, the killer might slowly move to the Theresa District and target the nobles. Our famous ‘uncle’ thinks so.”

Alex frowned. “Can you stop calling him ‘uncle’? Every time you do that, I feel like there is a vast age difference between him and us. He is only six years older than me.”

“Well… he is nine years older than me. Don’t you think that is ‘vast’?”

 “I can’t think of anyone else who can handle you. Most importantly…”

Alex tapered off. He looked at me and then looked away. Whatever he was thinking, he thought better than to say it. He waved it away. “You were saying? If the killer reaches Theresa district…”

“The killer might target the nobles. At least a couple of them will die before anybody does anything.”

Alex frowned and fell deep in thought. I leaned forward. “Alex, if nobles die, the guards will react, of course. I don’t know how fast they will be able to catch him but it is apparent that the action and retaliation will be much quicker since it concerns the nobles. But will that be enough to cause another riot in the Underground District?”



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