Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43.2

Aaron slammed his fist on the table. The Rice siblings jumped. I frowned at this sudden change of Aaron’s attitude. Even Alex looked surprised.

“If anything happens right now, he will be the suspect! Can you guarantee nothing will happen to her in the near future? Why don’t you understand?!”

I looked at him levelly. “Well, you just said that others won’t suspect him because it would be too stupid for him to be rash. And now you are saying he wants to poison the Princess. Can you make up your mind?”

Aaron’s eyes flashed. He gritted his teeth. I felt as though he was going to hit me. But if he does, Alex won’t stay still. Besides, I could take care of myself. I wasn’t scared of getting hit.

I continued, not sparing Aaron time to reply. “You said that humans differ from animals because of their capacity for logic and reason. Where has that logic and reason disappeared now? Do you think the nonsense you are spouting right now is based on logic and reason, Aaron Jasper Warwick?”

Aaron flinched at my cold tone of voice. He blinked. It was a relief to know that he was aware of how illogical he sounded at the moment.

“People don’t always act based on logic and reason. Not every action is motivated by them. You need to take emotions into consideration too,” argued Aaron.

I chuckled. “Alright. Tell me, what kind of emotional turmoil did the Grand Duke have to kill the Princess’ maid so brutally?”

“I told you! He did it to tamper with the Princess’ food!”

“Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that he murders the Princess. Why do you think he would do that?” I asked Aaron.

“Because he is next in line for the throne!”

If the Grand Duke wanted the throne,” said Alex. “He would have taken it years ago. He could have even snatched it away before the Princess came of age. It would have been much easier to do it then.”

Aaron blinked again as if he was just coming to his senses. Alex put a hand around his shoulder. “I think you are getting yourself worked up over nothing,” said Alex. “Go to your room and rest. Sort your thoughts out. If you really find logical evidence, I will think about it too. But right now, you seem to be getting emotional. We can’t claim anything without proof. We are here as the Grand Duke’s guests. If we disrespect him without any conclusive evidence, we will only be tarnishing the Warwick family name. You know that.”

“Yes, I do,” said Aaron in defeat and headed to his room with a confused look on his face. Josh followed him.

After they left and the door closed, Alex and I faced each other. What on earth is going on with Aaron? It’s not even the Grand Duke who killed the girl, it was me! I did kill her because of him… but that was…. I didn’t like it when someone tried to hurt people I care about. She shouldn’t have poisoned him! As for him planning to get rid of the Princess… Pfft… pigs might fly before that ever happens. I am not saying I know him that well but I would definitely kill anyone who tried to harm Aaron and Alex. There wasn’t much difference. 

“What on earth happened to him? He is never like that.”

“If I didn’t know better, I would say he is bewitched,” I simply said.

Alex frowned at my words. “Is there any other form of magic in the royal family?” he asked. “Did you hear about anything of that sort from the Grand Duke?’

“Absolutely nothing,” I said.

Alex nodded and rubbed his chin. “Right. That can’t be magic…”

If I believed in magic, I would have wondered, too. Aaron isn’t the type to lose his cool like this. He always researches everything meticulously before coming to a conclusion. He always tried to find logical evidence to support any kind of claim.

I decided to think more when I got back home. This was too much. We were returning tomorrow anyway. I really wanted to go home and rest and do nothing for a while. Nothing. No tortures, or interrogations, or any such troublesome things. No visits from potential young men either.


Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered as soon as I got home. Or, should I say they came true a bit too much?



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