Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46.2

Something important would be disturbed. Something, something… a crucial feeling – it’s this distance I’m desperately imposing between me and  this man. That would change.  

I leaned my forehead against his and closed my eyes. He really didn’t look like he was struggling at all with me. And it didn’t feel uncomfortable for me either to be hugged like this.

“Alice?” he said my name. 

I am Alice Maria Warwick. And this person…


The moment I whispered his name, his hand tightened and his hard member pressing between my things became much stiffer. Without a second thought, he pushed me deeper into the wall and kissed me. His tongue came into my mouth, tasting mine in a dance as his lower body rubbed against mine. I could feel his hot rod stimulating my bottom beneath the dress, grinding up and down, moving in slow circles and pressing hard again so that my legs parted slightly. 

My heart beat loudly. Before I knew it, my hand climbed up his shoulder, wrapped around his hair and pulled it. There was a certain kind of strange desperation in my movements. His lips clasped and fell, his tongue dug in and out, tasting every inch of me. Only the sounds of our lips, the soft m*ans, the heat between our bodies and his taste were in my mind. My stomach felt hot; my breath came in pants; my whole body burned with heat.

“Ah, Ah… Haah…” sounds came from my mouth, unbidden. My arms and body trembled. I could clearly breathe, but at the same time it felt like I was drowning. Never had I been so distracted with a kiss before, or closed my eyes in a strange complete surrender to this pleasure. It has only been with this person…

Suddenly, the pleasure from his stimulations felt unreal, and my vision burned white. Only an intense pleasure that mingled with the heat, and his strong presence as he held me, existed.  For a moment, I didn’t have control over my body. My body felt as if it  was struck by lightning. When I came to my senses, I was breathless, disoriented, there was no strength left in my bones. He was still holding me up, kissing my lips languidly, as if to wake me up. 

“Lord, the Warwick brothers are looking for the lady,” Archer’s voice echoed faintly.

“Divert their attention. It’ll only take a minute…” The Grand Duke’s – no, Leon’s voice, was husky. 

As if it had a mind of its own, my body reacted to his voice. “Ahh…” I circled my arms tightly around his neck, and my legs even tighter around him. I wanted him closer. I could feel his heavy breathing in my ear.

“Alice…,” he growled. He licked my ear, then went down to my earlobe and bit it sharply. I gasped and lightly scratched his scalp with my nails. He let out a rough breath again.

“A year, that’s ridiculous… I’ll keep you in this castle for ten – a hundred years, until I die. Only me. I won’t go out anywhere. I won’t care about anything, I’ll only see, taste, touch, and have you,” he said roughly, his voice a low baritone in my ears. :I don’t need anything else. You want this, too, Alice? If you want it, say yes. I’ll do the rest. I’ll do everything to make you say yes.” 

The thrilling, sweet sensation was still flowing through my body. Never have I ever felt this way from anyone else. This warmth like hot honey, this sensu*us thrill. 

“Alice, say yes…,” He whispered urgently, almost desperately. I adjusted myself higher, and rubbed my nose against his.

“I can’t…” My voice was as thin as a spider’s web. “I can’t. I have a family this time. Mother, father, my brothers who love me.”

In my previous life, I was free, I had no shackles. If I had to suddenly leave one day, I could just do it. That’s why I didn’t really care about my death. But it’s different this time. If I die, mother and father would be shocked, and so will my brothers. If I suddenly disappear, they’ll try to find me by all means. I am not going to do that to them. Didn’t this man also say that pleasure was some kind of an addiction? I didn’t want to get addicted.

He chuckled and buried his face on the crook of my neck. I could feel his warm breathing on my skin. 

“That’s why I’m proposing, Miss Alice Warwick,” he said. “Please marry me. Then you can live in this castle with me without worrying about your family.”

I shook my head. “If I have to get married, I plan to marry a wealthy trash, kill him and live leisurely as a widow. Or I just want to live off Alex if I can.”

He finally took a deep breath and straightened himself up. His face was flushed and his lips were slightly swollen. The ribbon that was keeping his hair in place was gone; his locks were messed up. It looked like that of a black lion’s mane. 

He smiled. “I’ll marry you at all costs. But, well, I’ll let you go now. If I take a little longer, I think Archer will hit me on the head from behind and take you to your brothers,” he only said. 

My eyes went over his shoulder. Archer was standing about three meters away from us with a cold face, his arms crossed.



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